I Love You Stan Marsh

By Shadowgate

A/N This is a sequel to Making Amends with Friends and if you thought that story was insane this one gets even more outrageous.

I don't own South Park. Matt Stone, Trey Parker, and Comedy Central own it.

It's 4PM and Stan Marsh is sitting home still sore because his girlfriend has so many anger issues.

Someone rings the doorbell and Sharon gets it. It's Wendy and she is in tears and so apologetic over what she's done. Randy and Sharon seem irritated with her but realize she's truly sorry so they let her in. She rushes up to Stan's room.

Wendy yells "Stan oh I'm so sorry I've just been so fucking angry lately about the stress I've been under for the past month. I've had to deal with Cartman's bullshit and my parents have had me under stress. I got into Facebook way to fucking much. Stan I'm so sorry."

Wendy gets on Stan's bed with him and holds his head in her arms.

Stan had to ask "are you going to see a counselor and I don't mean Mister Mackey the fucking moron?"

Wendy answers "well I don't know but I do know I have a week to think about what I've done to you and Principal Victoria made that clear because that's how long I'm suspended from school."

Stan decided to put forth an obvious idea. He said "Wendy why don't you hang out with me and Kyle after school and do fun stuff instead of being so obsessed with serious stuff? It's great you make straight A's but you need to have some fun things in your life."

Wendy starts crying and says "Oh Stan" and hugs him tight.

Stan goes on to say "I accept your apology. In a few weeks we can go to Castle Bonita just you and me and Kyle. Kenny was shot last week and we don't want Cartman with us."

Wendy said "Goddamn right we don't want Cartman."

Downstairs Randy was shocked when Sharon told him she let Wendy in. He was so shocked he tripped and hit his head against the wall. Sharon and Shelly had to laugh.

Wendy came downstairs and told everyone goodbye. As she walked home she was soon confronted by Kyle and Kenny.

Wendy said "oh Kenny you're back."

Kenny said "yeah and you really kicked Stan hard. Goddamn!"

Kyle just gave Wendy a mean look. Wendy felt like she wanted to disappear. Kyle yelled "WE'VE TAKEN THIS FACEBOOK SHIT WAY TO SERIOUSLY."

Wendy shot back "well it is serious. Hey how do you think that poor boy Kip feels now?"

Tears began rolling down Kyle's eyes.

Wendy went on to say "of course life can be painful online and off Kyle."

She snubbed her nose at Kyle and walked off.

Before she got home she saw Butters hanging around.

Butters yelled "Hey Wendy will you befriend me on Facebook?"

Wendy got irritated and said "well Butters if I don't will you get grounded?"

Butters started to shake.

When Wendy got home she immediately got on her computer.

Wendy was horrified by the friend invites she got.

Her three new invites were beyond shocking.

One was from a guy named Proud Rapist who said he'd love to meet up with her behind Walgreens. She immediately declined his invite.

The next one was from someone named Psycho Badboy and he sent her pictures of nude dead bodies. She was so shocked she threw up all over her room.

She developed a bad headache and wondered if she was going to pass out.

She cleaned up the best she could and then she got back on her computer. She was so mad she could not even see straight. She accidentally clicked on Delete Account and then she was sucked right into the computer.

She screamed loud and was so shocked to see herself in a dark place and confronted by a giant digital image of herself.