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Spoilers: Season Five: Takes place after Brain Storm

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14 Days on Earth

Day 1- Back at the SGC

Rodney sat on the edge of a table with a look of smug satisfaction as he watched Cameron Mitchell and Samantha Carter question Malcolm Tunney about his space/time bridge. He only wished that the other genius knew he was watching this interrogation from the room next door. "Serves him right. He'd be lucky if he could publish anything ever again." He was going to say more but he was distracted as Jennifer started to run her fingers through his hair.

Jennifer sighed as he started in on the topic again. "I thought we weren't going to go down this road again?"

"Oh." He pouted and sighed defeated. "But...It's...Just that. If he had just listened to me in the first place none of this would have happened. You wouldn't almost have died. You have no idea how scary it was to see you like that."

Keller shook her head and smiled as she stood in front of Rodney, placing her hands on each of his knees and pressed her lips to his forehead. "I have an idea."

Rodney looked up at her confused. "How...Oh, yeah." He pointed to where the small surgical scar was on his head.

Jennifer nodded. "Watching you deteriorate like that was the one of the hardest things I had to watch." She looked into his eyes, thankful that they had the chance to be here with one another. "After a while I never thought I would get this chance." She slid her hands up his side and came to a rest on his face.

"But we are here now." He looked up at her with a wide grin. Rodney thought he was one of the luckiest man in any galaxy to have this woman in love with him.

She nodded. "That we are." Keller lowered her head so that her lips were less than an inch from Rodney's.

"You know someone can walk in at any moment?" The temptation to kiss her was overwhelming. It was taking all his willpower not to erase the distance between their lips. Rodney rested his hands on Jennifer's hips and started to pull her body closer to him.

Jennifer let herself be pulled, but when his hand touched a small spot above her right hip she winced a bit. "You know what is going to leave a mark?" She teased him.

"Sorry." McKay pouted. "I didn't mean to bite you... that hard. The plane hit turbulence... "

Jennifer smirked, playing with his hair again. "You are just going to have to make it up to me."

"You know I can kiss it and make it better." Rodney lifted her shirt slightly and started to kiss the mark on her hip. He had forgotten all about Malcolm being interrogated next door.

"Rodney!" She laughed, trying to pull away but Jennifer was not trying very hard.

Sam had finished questioning Malcolm and she now had a few questions for Rodney. She figured he could fill her in on some of the things Tunney could not answer. When she opened the door she had to tilt her head to figure out what Rodney was doing to Jennifer. Carter had heard that the two Atlantis department heads had gone to Tunney's presentation together, but she did not expect this.

Sam cleared her throat before the two went any further with whatever they were doing. "McKay, we are done with Malcolm. I just have a few questions for you."

Jennifer jumped and moved away from Rodney. Her face was very red and the room suddenly got uncomfortably warm.

Rodney opened his mouth to speak but no words came. He could not look Carter in the eye. "Sure." He squeaked. He was not sure whose face was brighter; his or Jennifer's.

Keller finally spoke up. "I have to catch my plane." She looked at Rodney and then back at Sam.

"I'll be right outside. I will give you two a minute." Sam said. She would give the two a couple minutes to say goodbye.

Rodney laughed nervously. "Why do I feel like we got busted by teacher for making out in the bathroom?"

"Because we did get busted expect it wasn't the bathroom." She shifted nervously on her feet. "I should really get going for my flight. When do you leave?"

"I was supposed to leave in an hour, but I have to finish up my report. They put me on flight later tonight." He smiled sheepishly. "I'll call you when I get to Jeannie's house."

Jennifer nodded. "Talk to you then." She stole a quick kiss from him. "See you in a week."

"See you then." While on the plane they had made plans to spend one week with their respective families and then their last week would be for them. Rodney pulled her in for their last kiss for a while. "Have a safe flight."

"Bye." Jennifer left and could hardly look at her ex-boss. "See you soon." She tucked some hair behind her ear and hurried away.

After Jennifer rushed past her, Sam returned to the room where Rodney was trying to finish composing himself. "I didn't see this one coming."

"Excuse me?" Rodney tried to get his hair back in place.

Sam smiled. "Interesting match." She shook her head. "Good for you Rodney. Don't hurt her like the last one. " She had gotten friendly with Jennifer in the year she had spent on Atlantis.

"Um, thank you. I think." Rodney did not know how to respond to that. "I have no intention of hurting Jennifer. Besides it's only been one date." He tried to make it seem like the date was no big deal, but he was not doing a good job of it.

"Yeah right. That was more like fourth or fifth date action."

"Well enough of that." Rodney wanted to change the subject. "So what did Malcolm have to say? How did he get a hold of my paper?"

Sam sighed. "The file was accidently sent to him."

"What is going to happen to Tunney?" He was curious what is going to happen.

"He is not going to be publishing anything anytime soon. " Carter smirked. "Nor working any science related jobs. "

"How did you manage that?" Rodney was curious and quite happy about that.

"It was either that or prison time. He really does not seem like the type to do well prison." Sam nodded.

Rodney shrugged. "That is what you get for stealing ideas. He would never be able to cut it as a member of my staff. He obviously can't come up with his own ideas." He crossed his arms over his chest.

"Malcolm said he was the one who was able to shut down the bridge." Sam looked at Rodney. She had expected him to have done it.

McKay huffed. "Oh, really? I was the one that came up with the coding and the idea to open the second space/time bridge." Rodney was getting mad. Still taking credit for my work. That bastard.

"What were you doing when he was shutting down the bridge." Sam pointed out.

Rodney blushed. "I had something else to do." He really did not want to get into his reasons with her.

Sam was intrigued as to what could have pulled him away from being able to brag about saving the day. "Like what? It is not like you to back away from having the chance to brag about saving everyone."

McKay rolled his eyes. "I had to save Jennifer. She was trapped and if I didn't get to her when I did she would have died." He looked up at the military woman.

Carter was impressed. "Wow, McKay. I'm impressed." She had seen the change in him during her year on Atlantis and now a year later he had changed even more.

"Funny." He pushed himself off the table. "I need to finish my report so I can start my leave." Rodney started to leave. "If you have any other questions for me I will be in your lab."

7 hours later

Rodney was glad to finally get out of the SGC especially from the teasing he was getting from Sam about him and Jennifer. Now he was stuck in the airport in Salt Lake City, his connecting flight to Vancouver was delayed due to weather. McKay was mentally cursing that the Daedalus was on its way to Earth and the Apollo on its way to Atlantis, forcing him to travel the normal Earth way. Looking, at his watch Rodney knew was quite late in Wisconsin, but he hoped Jennifer was still up.

Jennifer was about get into bed when she heard her cell phone ring. She knew exactly who was calling. "Got to Jeannie's?"

He smiled to himself when she picked up. "Not exactly. My connection in Salt Lake got delayed. So I'm waiting for the weather to clear. How was your flight?"

"It was okay. " She laid back on the bed. "Was about to turn in for the night."

"Oh." Rodney frowned. "I'll let you go then. I just wanted to hear your voice." He admitted.

His admission made Jennifer blush. "Is that so? Now that you heard my voice what are you going to do?"

"There is nothing I can do." Rodney answered. "You are too far."

"It will only be a week. I have something of yours to help." She said with a cryptic smile.

"Really? What would that be?" He was intrigued.

Jennifer smirked to herself, wishing he could see her. "I stole one of your t-shirts from your bag. I have it on now. It is the only thing I have on."

Rodney laughed. "Now I wish I could have stolen something of yours." He never felt so at ease so quickly with a woman before.

"You wouldn't look good in one my shirts." She teased.

The conversation continued on its playful flirty way for a half hour until Rodney's flight started to board. He let out a sigh. "They are boarding." He was disappointed that he had to go.

Jennifer sighed. "If you must. Have a safe flight. Call me when you get in."

Rodney liked that she said that. There was something in the way she said it that made him feel warm inside. "I will. Talk to you soon." He was getting ready to hang up.

"Bye. "Jennifer drew her knees up to her chest, feeling the comfort of wearing his shirt.

"See you then." The week could not go fast enough for him. "I'll miss you." Rodney said before he hung up. It had been a crazy day and he was exhausted. As he boarded the plane, Rodney had to pinch himself to make sure this was not having one of the dreams he had of the doctor since her arrival on Atlantis. "Not a dream." McKay looked at the mark left by pinch.