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"KIMBERELEY ANNE GRAYSTONE! If you don't get down here as soon as possible I will drag you down by your feet!" A shrill voice sounded into my dream, the wonderful voice of my mother. There really was no reason as to why I needed an alarm to wake me up; her voice was like a boom box.

"Five more minutes mum!" I yelled back at her, she interrupted my dream, the dream where I was even more invisible than I already was. I liked being invisible, my self-confidence was so low that I could barely stand being out my front door, outside was like forbidden territory. I was embarrassed by everything and everyone that would even take notice or be seen with me within a five mile radius. I'm sure even teachers are embarrassed to even have me in their class. I'm not sure exactly as to why I am like this because I've always had supportive parents and a good child hood.

"Now Kim! You're going to be late as it is!" My mother screeched.

"Fine! I'm up! Are you happy?" I yelled, opening my door.

"Yes! I am! Hurry up or I'm not taking you to school you can walk, in the rain!"

"Yeah, yeah you'll definitely make me walk in the rain!" I replied sarcastically.

I made my way over to the duchess in the corner of my room, I sat down at my seat and began to brush my hair, it was long and had to pay alot of attention to it, my hair is black and wavy and goes down to my waist. My skin tone was a little lighter than all the natives around here, my mother is Quileutte and my Dad is American, so i got the wavy hair and blue eyes from himself and his family. Not that I didn't like my hair all my eyes, i definitely wasn't complaining. But it made me look different to everyone else, which made me stand out. I like being invisible. I don't like anyone taking notice of me, even when someone compliments me; it makes me feel uncomfortable when someone looks at me. Like they are judging me.

After I finished brushing my hair, I walked over to my dresser; I put on my black skinny jeans, long sleeved purple shirt and my red and purple converse. Once I was happy with my appearance I walked downstairs grabbing my lunch and putting it in my school bag along with my books, and ran out the door and getting into the car. Mum was already in the car and shivering while putting her hands in front of the heater.

"Took your time" she complained.

"You didn't wake me up early enough"

"I shouldn't have to; you're a big girl now! Set the phone on your IPod or phone or something"

"Yeah, okay, whatever" and that was the end of the conversation, until we reached my school which wasn't a very long trip.

"I'm working all night, So I'll see you in the morning sweetie, and your father is out of town for two weeks, think you can handle the house by yourself tonight?"

"Most definitely" heh, typical always out of town, I know dad is having an affair, and mum is too. Why can't they just be honest and get divorced or something. It would be so much easier, it's been like this for two years, and is just plain annoying. I closed the door and walked off to class. I ran into my best friend, who was by far one of the prettiest girls in school. Her hair is past her shoulders and is brown. Like green eyes and has the skinniest, curviest and toned body ever seen. Seriously, she could be some model, she ran up to me and bear hugged me.

"Omg Kimmie! I haven't seen you since two weeks ago" she gasped "I have so much to tell you! You know Paul? Like hot Paul, he got hotter! And guess what! So did Jared, they are like way taller, and guess what I was down at the shop the other day and Paul came up to me and kept staring at me and then he asked me out and now we are officially dating!"

"Hey to you to Abby, as for the getting hotter part, that's impossible and what makes you official" I asked, hoping to challenge her on something but she always had an excuse, reason and explanation to everything, literally.

"Well it true! You wait till you see! And uhh facebook official duh!" she laughed, everything was official when it was on facebook.

"Okay, I believe you then" and I left it at that, she grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards homeroom. I walked in and all eyes set on us, fantastic. I began to shake, whenever I was in front of alot of people i would always get scared. Then I set my eyes on Paul and Jared, well at least who I thought were Paul and Jared, a steroid version of them. A very hot, steroid and buff version. And to be quite honest i liked it, okay maybe because I was in love with Jared, but still.

I sat down in front of the boys and Abby took her spot she turned around and began flirting typical, so i didn't look like a loner or unsociable. I turned around and looked up, and so did Jared, he was smiling and then our eyes connected. It felt like everything finally settled and I just wanted to be close to him right then and there, it was such an odd sensation. And somehow I couldn't pull my eyes from his. His eyes were like a well, dark, consuming, unexpecting and amazingly deep. I could feel Abby and Paul's eyes on us but neither of us could pull away from each others gaze. It was like our universes just collided and I now had a feeling that things were going to be alot different.

"Hi" he smirked.

Oh god

Jared Thail is talking to me!

Jared Thail!

Oh my gosh!

What am I going to reply?!

Breathe just breathe!

So what do I do? Something incredibly stupid, snap out of the stare and turn around completely ignoring his acknowledgement towards me.

Stupid, stupid me!

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