It has been three weeks, four days, nine hours, twenty one minutes and thirteen seconds since I executed the plan to make Kim uncomfortable in all aspects, to make her confront me, then she will fall in love with me. So far I have failed, epically. Paul said to just kiss her already but then again that's also forcing her. I don't want to do that, so here I am in class sitting behind her staring at her hair like some freaky stalker, and surprisingly I'm okay with that. Kim's hair is amazing and it smells beautiful, like honey and almonds.

"Mr Thail! Could you please answer this question? What camera angle would this scene require?" the teacher said smugly knowing I wasn't paying attention.

Think, Jared, remember something!

"Panning, Miss" I answered.

"Pay attention!" she said after her expression turned sour, must have got the question right, heh. Kim turned around and gave me her breathtaking smile and held her hand up.

"Hi-5, Jared, she totally got pissed!" I hit her hand gently, but then snaked my fingers in between hers, she looked at our hands and then up to my face then our hands. Kim sighed and turned around and let go of my hand. Sadness seeped over me when the small action happened. Why couldn't she just keep her hand there?

After the bell rang the whole class basically sprung out of their seats and bolted out the door, quite frankly I don't blame them the class is by far the most boring class ever to grace the earth, no exaggeration. I watched as Kim took her time packing her stuff up, she took her time every lesson I think it was to avoid the pushing getting out of the door. I really would not like it if she happened to be squeezed into a pulp.

"Kim?" I said lightly "Do you want me to carry your books, you don't look too well". And I was right she didn't look very well at all.

She looked at me, smiled and handed her books over, "I don't have the energy to argue with you"

"Good, you should never have to argue with me" I laughed.

"It's me, and I'm stubborn so odds are that I will argue with you"

"Whatever, are you sure your not gonna collapse or something?" I asked.

"No, I'm fine, I just feel a bit dizzy"

"Do you want me to carry you as well?" I offered.

"No, I would crush you! I'm fat" she said bowing her head.

I began to shake, I couldn't believe she just said that! She was basically a twig, barely any fat on her!

"You're like forty kilograms! You most definitely are not fat" I scolded.

"I'm not I'm far from it, I don't look anything like those cheerleaders or the girls on television, why are you even talking to me if I don't look like that?" she asked.

"I'm not shallow" I growled.

"Really? Then how come you never took notice of me?" she snarled in return.

"I don't know, you were quiet and it wasn't because you didn't look like them. To be honest you look better than them anyway" I said.

"Yeah, well I don't believe it, I think you might be a bit blind, get your eyes checked buddy!" she said.

"Why don't you believe me?" she said slowly.

"Because, I just don't your Jared Thail for god sakes!"

"And because I'm Jared Thail that has something to do with why you won't believe me?"

"Well yes" she said, sitting down at my lunch table.

"That's stupid!" I said frustrated.

"It may be but I don't care alright it's stupid that you pay so much attention to me, i don't deserve it"

I began to shake "What do you mean you don't deserve it!? You are the most gorgeous person inside and out and you deserve everything good in this world, don't ever listen to anybody who tells you different, don't ever. Your self worth is so high through the roof it's unbelievable!" I said cupping her face in my hands.

"Sure whatever" she said looking down at the table.

All through lunch that last couple of sentences ran through my head, why did she think all that about herself? I don't know but I'm most definitely going to give her a confidence boost. I looked over the table and Paul and Abby were all over each other, literally. I looked over to Kim and she looked up at the roof and to me, she looked green.

This girl was really sick; she looked at me with a weak smile and the next thing I knew she was falling back. I caught her in my arms just before she hit the cement and I freaked out, she was unconscious i think. Abby and Paul pulled away from each other at that moment and I picked her up and cradled her in my arms, she eventually woke up from her faint.

"I'm taking you home" I said picking her up and walking off to the office, all the students followed us with their eyes as I walked out of the cafeteria.

"Mr. Thail? Is she okay?" the office lady said as I walked up to the counter.

"No miss she hasn't been feeling well all morning and she just fainted, do you think she could sign out early and go home? I will drive her home" I asked in my sucking up to the teacher voice.

"Most definitely, You are a fine young man" she smiled.

Ick office lady has a crush.


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