"Suspect Interview"

She couldn't believe it. An arrest warrant. A sodding arrest warrant. Issued the day she left London for Oxford. Just what was Alastor Moody playing at?

Hermione slammed the Prophet shut, growling. She looked around, hoping that no one would actually turn her in. Tom's sister was sitting across from her at the little café table, reading her own copy of the newspaper. Moments later, her eyes widened, and she looked up at Hermione.


"Don't ask."


"I've no idea, Amanda."

"He's the reason you're here," the older woman said, looking at Hermione carefully. Their age difference was thirty-five years between them, but they had got on well from the word go, when Hermione turned up in the Knight Bus, having bribed Stan and Ernie not to tell anyone where they had taken her. What would they think now?

"Yes," Hermione admitted. "I fell in love with him, but we had an argument. And now he's… I mean, isn't this just drastic?" she asked, throwing the paper onto the table in disbelief.

"Yes," Amanda said, suppressing a grin. Arrest was no laughing manner, certainly; but the young woman's reaction was amusing. And this was definitely an… unusual way of finding your girlfriend. She could see why Hermione would be perfect for Alastor Moody, and knew that this was just the kind of thing he'd do.

"That's her!" someone shouted, and Hermione turned, her eyes widening immediately. Suddenly, she found herself bound. Amanda leapt to her feet, trying to intervene; but Hermione was taken away in the blink of an eye.

The room was stark. One table, two chairs. One door, two people. Hermione was magically tied to one of the seats. The only other person in the room was the arresting Auror. Apparently, Stan had told the Auror department that he and Ernie had taken her to Oxford's wizarding village, and thought that she was a dangerous criminal. Therefore just doing his civic duty.

She sighed, unable to sink lower in the seat due to the tight ropes holding her up. A loud, familiar voice was heard outside, and she felt her anger flare up.

If she had been blind, deaf, and dumb, she still would have known the moment he entered the room. A shiver ran up and down her spine, and her breathing slowed.

"You can leave us," Moody told the arresting Auror quietly. Hermione heard footsteps retreating, and the door close.

And then he sat in front of her.

"Hello, Hermione."

"You dare have the audacity to use my name!" she hissed, recovering her fury. "How could you pull such a stunt, Alastor?"

"'Alastor', is it?"

"Don't you dare turn this on me! You had me arrested. Branded me a criminal."

"I only wanted you for questioning," he said calmly. "About the day you arrived at St. Mungo's. You attended to me while I was a patient, and yet you're not a healer there."

"You know full well what I told you," she replied, scowl still in place. "How could you do this to me? Did you know that they threatened me with Azkaban?" Tears welled up in her eyes, as Moody's expression grew dark. "Look. I travelled back in time. There was some kind of curse put on the entrance to St. Mungo's in the twenty-first century, where I come from. It sent me back thirty years. I did no harm; in fact, the opposite. In my time you had a wooden leg, damn it! And I've prevented that. And this is how you repay me?"

"They threatened to take you to Azkaban?" he asked, his voice dangerously quiet.

She stared at him. "You haven't been listening?" A sigh. "Yes. They said that if I misbehaved, or put up any kind of fight, they'd take me straight to Azkaban and throw me into a holding cell there."

"They had no right; no authority." Hermione jumped when he slammed his hand on the table. It sounded painful, but either it sounded worse than it was, or Moody was too distracted to notice. Just as suddenly, he leant forward. "Are you all right? Did they hurt you? I did only say that I wanted you for questioning. I guess they thought that, considering it was me, it was probably more sinister than it appeared. I'm so sorry." He ran a hand through his hair. "I'll take them to task about this, I promise." The hard look was back in his eyes. "Stay here."

"What choice do I have?" she muttered as he left the room.

Some minutes later, Moody returned.

"They send their apologies," he said, resuming his seat across from her.

"Why didn't they come themselves?"

"Because they're… indisposed."

"What? How?"

"They're in St. Mungo's," he said, a smirk tugging at the corners of his lips. Her eyebrows shot up.

"What did you do?" she whispered.

"I? Who says that I did anything? Now…"

"Do I have to stay here?" Hermione asked, nervous. Moody blinked; and, for a moment, she thought that he looked hurt. But it passed.

"Well, I did question you, even thought I didn't take it all in," he said, the last part of the sentence so quiet that Hermione almost missed it. "Yes. You may go."


"I said," and he stood as he raised his voice, "you may go, Miss Felix." He waved his wand, and the ropes disappeared. "Go on." She was frozen in her seat. "Go!" he shouted, and she shot out of the chair, knocking it to the floor. She ran from the room, and he sighed.

"Idiot," he said to himself. "What have you done?" He pulled out the box with the ring in it that he was going to give her. He'd bought it in Diagon Alley's jewellery shop this morning as soon as he'd heard that they knew where she was. The last two weeks, he'd had his eye on it, wishing that he could have had a chance to get it for her. Now he'd had her so close, only to let her go.

No, he thought. I didn't let her go. I made her run away from me.

"I can't lose her," he said decisively. He looked up, pushing his hands away from the table, and ran out the door as well.

Hermione reached the Atrium in record time. She took a breather at the fountain, glaring at the statues of the witch and wizard being looked at adoringly by 'lesser' creatures. She growled at the sight, and the memories it brought back. Memories of Voldemort finally being defeated, at the cost of a great many lives, when he was thrown into the water by the spell Hermione was able to use when Moody distracted him by saving her. Once the evil wizard was in the water, she, Harry, Ron, and many others all used a spell which created an electrical charge. They used it on the water in the fountain, and Voldemort was electrocuted.

Ironic way for him to die, really. A Muggle death. But it had been effective. Very effective.

Her shoulders slumped, needing the movement after having been strapped up for so long. She stood shakily, and made her way over to the Apparation point, never noticing that she was being followed. She thought that her 'Moody tingle' was just a result of their final confrontation.

Moody was relieved to see that Hermione was sitting at the fountain. She hadn't gone yet. He was using a Disillusionment Charm—one of his specialties—so that she wouldn't see him approach. When she stood, he was only a few feet away from her. As soon as she was at the Apparation point, he took a gentle hold of her sleeve, glad that it was loose material, not clinging to her skin. He surrendered himself to the Side-Along Apparation, and found himself in her rooms at the Leaky Cauldron.

She left, presumably to tell Tom that she had returned, and he took the opportunity to remove the charm, and sit at her dressing table, straddling the chair so that he was facing away from the mirror. He wanted to see her face when she entered the room and saw him there.

He wasn't disappointed.

First, her eyes widened, followed by her jaw dropping. She closed and opened her mouth a few times, before stopping the movements by biting her lower lip. His gaze lingered there for a moment, before returning to her eyes.

"Hello again," he said. "I… I'm sorry I shouted at you." She didn't answer for a number of seconds; but he let out the breath he was holding when she did.

"I forgive you," she said, noticing the long exhale. "Is that why you're here? Did you… did you follow me?"

"I came with you," he said.

"Oh. I should have noticed. How careless of me."

He noted the dull tone. "Hermione, it's all very well for you to forgive me for that; but I wonder if it's possible for you to forgive me for how I behaved when you told me who you really where, and where you were from?"

"I forgive you for that, too," she said. "After all, I was at fault, too."

"I would have contacted you, but…"

"But what?"

"Well, I went to the Hag and Hippogriff on the Wednesday, just as we had planned," he began. "Yes, I got over it that quickly," he added at her look of surprise. "I waited, but you never showed up. It was then that I realised you wouldn't want anything more to do with me, so I left you alone."

"Oh," she said quietly, clutching at her trembling arms. She hated how his very presence, never mind his words, was affecting her.

"But I couldn't do that anymore," he said. He let out a bark of laughter as he stood. "I cracked after four weeks. That's never happened to me before." He knelt before her, pulling out the ring box. He opened it, and held it out to her. "Which is why I want you to marry me. Soon, preferably. Now, if it was possible. So, will you marry me, Hermione?"

She didn't say anything. Not liking the silence, he filled the gap with more words. "You make me do things I wouldn't usually do. Brought out another side of me, one that I'd buried away." He continued to look at her hopefully. Only once had her eyes flitted away from his face, and that was when he produced the ring in its velvet-covered, satin-lined box.

"Then you were gone," he said. "You were gone when I finally went to the Leaky Cauldron. I tried to tell myself that I was there for a drink. I wasn't. It was then that I realised… I realised that I'm in love with you. It hit me when Tom told me that you were gone. Having you arrested was the only thing I could think of to do!" He was getting agitated by her continued silence. "And then those idiot colleagues of mine didn't even do their jobs properly, instead scaring the woman I want to marry!" He forced himself to calm down, not wanting to frighten her yet again. "Please, Hermione. Please marry me." He held the box closer to her.

Still the silence continued, with only one marked difference:

She nodded.

Moody slowly stood. Maintaining eye contact the entire time, he pulled the ring out, and slid it onto Hermione's ring finger. He raised her hand, and kissed it, never breaking the gaze that held him. He pulled his lips away from her skin slowly, but could resist the temptation no longer. Keeping a gentle hold, he used her hand to pull her into his embrace, and then lowered his lips to hers for their first kiss.


Yesterday evening, Alastor and Hermione Moody, both aged 149, died of heart failure after a marriage of 125 years. They married when they were both 24 years old, one week after the famous defeat of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Both were key players in the Final Battle, being part of the team who destroyed the evil wizard in a showdown at the Ministry of Magic.

The famous moment of death by electrocution in the fountain is notorious for the triumphant battle cry that Mrs. Moody let out when the statues in the fountain were destroyed by the force of the joint spell. The relationship was made known when she and Mr. Moody kissed in front of everyone else in the Atrium.

Their five children, eight grandchildren, nineteen great-grandchildren, and twenty-six great-great-grandchildren are holding the funeral service in Oxford, where Mr. and Mrs. Moody lived in the Muggle community, on the elegant Felix Estate, named for Mrs. Moody.

Mr. Moody's former colleagues from the Auror department, and Mrs. Moody's former colleagues from the Leaky Cauldron, and later Moody's Magical Manuscripts, the line of bookshops started by Mrs. Moody, are invited to the funeral service. Flowers are optional.


So what did you all think? I wanted to end on the kiss, but I felt that it wouldn't satisfy you, my readers, so decided to give them an obituary. I warn you: I'm doing this (or perhaps something similar) for another story of mine, as I don't want to draw either of them out, particularly as I've next to no life experience, and certainly not when it comes to having children.

*Shudders at the thought of unleashing mothering skills on the world*

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