The Unease Inside

Warning: Character death. Has the potential to be read with slight Twilight bashing though I didn't intend to bash it when I wrote it. I enjoy both Buffy and Twilight and I was aiming for a more realistic approach when considering Buffy's reaction to her sister falling for a vampire who could very well harm her.

Dawn dreams about him. His eyes are a sizzling gold, so bright that it is unnatural and almost creepy. His hair is thick, messy, brown. He is beautiful in his own way. His skin is pale and when her dream self reaches out to run her fingers quickly over one of his arms, she gets a chill.

She wakes soon after when the artificial light in her dream bounces off his fangs.

He can't be a vampire, can he? Not Edward.

She tosses and turns the rest of the night and is hesitant to go to school when morning comes.

She tells herself she is being stupid. It's a new school in a new town and she should have jitters. She should feel nervous. She doesn't believe that is all that it is though.

The unease inside of her is too strong.

She tells Buffy. She doesn't want it to be another day of 'the big sister coming to the rescue' but she can't bring herself to face Edward again. Her opinion of him has changed. No longer exciting and exotic, now he is just someone she fears without a logical reason to.

She doesn't see Buffy that night and the next day Dawn, returns to school.

The seat beside hers is empty.

She doesn't dream about him again.