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There once was a little crab named Sebastian. The end.

I'd like to thank everyone for the amazing amount of support and inspiration they have provided – seriously, guys, this story wouldn't be the same without your incredible input. Especially massive thanks to my fiancé, Pedro, who is amazing and who, like me, is an incredibly incredible, gifted writer. We're trying to get his first book, The Hells of St Clements,published at the moment; it's a real page-turner – when young Jaque, a penniless stable-hand, dies from his severe type-two diabetes, leaving his beloved Serafina to raise their twins, Moses and Genevieve, alone and she is forced to turn to prostitution to pay for their school fees, I cry real tears. It's a truly moving, eye-opening piece, exposing the real-life hardships of the poor living in modern Paris (France). I heavily recommend you look out for it, in bookstores soon, fingers crossed!!!