Chapter 39:

Honey Battle

The house was deadly silent after his question. It seemed almost as if someone had pressed pause during a movie. None of us said a word or moved an inch. The only things that were moving were the few feathers that were still falling. My eyes began to itch and water but I just couldn't make myself blink.

"What happened here?" he repeated again, his voice calm but with that undertone that all parents carry.

"I'll tell you what happened, all of them" Emmett said, motioning to us "Covered me in honey, stuck feathers all over me and then launched me into that stupid machine"

"Technically, you fell into the honey, the feathers fell on top of you and the skateboard flew you up into the machine" Edward pointed out.

Emmett faced morphed into rage as he picked up a huge glob of honey and launched it at Edward. Edward moved just in time, the honey barely grazing his ear but of course, the only person behind Edward had to be Carlisle.

The honey hit him straight on, splattering all over his face. Everyone fell silent again, including Emmett, as Carlisle slowly wiped the honey off of his face. He rubbed his forehead once before opening his eyes.

"I don't even know where to start" he said.

"What do you mean, ground them for a year!" Emmett yelled.

"Emmett, you've pranked all of us 100 times and have broken about 2,000 precious items of Esme's and you get scolded and grounded for maybe a week. Does what you said really make sense?" Jasper asked.

"So" Emmett said, jutting out his chin which made me roll my eyes.

"First of all, where in the world did all this honey come from?" Carlisle asked, looking at Alice.

"IT wasn't me, I had nothing to do with this prank" she stammered. "I swear on all my clothes!" she yelled.

"It, umm, came from the grocery store . . . the honey I mean" I stammered.

Carlisle turned to me, his eyes surprised. I blushed brightly under his gaze and began fidgeting. Of course, that causes me to move my foot which always wants to just keep moving past the ground. I slipped on all the honey and landed face first in it, honey splattering over me and into my hair.

"Bella!" Edward was at my side immediately, helping me up.

"I'm fine" I said, wiping the feathers and honey out of my eyes. "Ugh, this feels disgusting" I said, motioning to the slimy yet sticky honey.

"You were involved in this too . . . you devious little devil!" Emmett said, surprised as well. "You make everyone think you're innocent by always tripping and providing constant entertainment but you're really an evil mastermind!" he said causing all of us to roll our eyes.

Suddenly, an idea hit me.

"Honestly Emmett, I am innocent. I would've never thought about doing this if it wasn't because of Dr. Mental" I said, looking pointedly at Carlisle.

"Yeah, and what are the chances that I would've kidnapped a psychotic therapist if I had never met him in the first place!" Alice chimed.

We all turned to him and he seemed deep in thought.

"Okay, you guys aren't grounded" he said finally.

"WHAT! What type of justice is that!" Emmett yelled.

"I believe its fair justice. For one, Jasper has a point; you're constantly pranking them and breaking things. Besides, Bella is the sweetest, smartest, most innocent girl I have ever met so I highly doubt she or Edward for that matter, would do this whole thing" he said motioning to everything.

"Without a seriously valid reason for doing. Though, they shouldn't have gone this far" he said, eyeing us until we dropped our eyes. "You didn't play fair back at the therapist's office either. I believe you mortified Bella beyond the human possible rate" he said making my face burn once more.

"And, though you may think differently Emmett, I do not enjoy grounding you guys, I would frankly prefer not have to so yes, they are not grounded" Carlisle said causing Emmett to pout noticeably.

"Oh, and I've seriously just about had it with honey so if I ever see this substance again" he said, picking up a glob of it. "In our house, there better be a seriously valid reason or there will be consequences" he said making us all laugh even though he was, in a way, threatening us lightly.

"Besides Emmett, I can't ground Bella, she's not my daughter . . . yet" he added causing me to smile. "But," he said, causing my smile to disappear. "They do though, have to clean up the whole house, I want it spotless" he said to us and we nodded.

That was totally justified. As I looked around though, I realized it could take a very long time to clean. Honey was covering every single surface and even dripping from the roof. The feathers . . . I don't even know how they got in some places but this was going to be a very long clean-up job.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to attempt to get all this honey off" Carlisle said as he walked upstairs.

"Why, you look so sweet" Jasper called causing us to laugh, including Esme.

Carlisle rolled his eyes slightly but couldn't help the laugh that escaped his lips to as he headed dup the final flight of stairs.

"Emmett McCarty Cullen, you better get me a new pair of jeans tomorrow or so help me god I'll withhold sex for a week" Rosalie called from the banister.

"WHAT!" He yelled his mouth dropping. "Come on Rose, it was an accident!" he yelled as he ran up.

We all snickered as we heard his pleading echoing through the house.

"THIS IS YOUR fault!" Emmett yelled but then whispered at the end as he remembered Carlisle and Esme.

He leaned down and scooped up a glob of honey, launching it at Edward. This time, Edward wasn't fast enough and it hit him straight on.

"So, that's how you want it" he said but his voice wasn't really angry and he hurtled a glob at Emmett.

Emmett ducked just in time and it hit Alice.

"I just bought this blouse!" she whisper-yelled as she launched honey at Edward.

Somehow, that projectile hit me instead.

And then, not just 30 seconds after they almost got grounded, all the Cullen kids broke into a honey fight. I didn't even try to launch any honey; I would just end up on the floor, hit with honey before my projectile even got close. So, I had to do fit with hiding and running to try to avoid honey globs. At some point, Carlisle and Esme came down but when they saw the fight going on, they rolled their eyes and laughed before heading back up.

"You guys better clean all of this up later!" Carlisle called through the house.

The fight lasted about an hour more before it stopped, with everyone covered in feathers and honey.

"Well, now you guys get to graciously clean this up" Emmett said as he headed inside the room to get cleaned up.

"Emmett! STAY OFF THE CARPET AND AWAY FROM THE BED . . . I SWEAR IF YOU HUG ME I WILL PERSONALLY CASTRATE YOU—" Rose's yelling was cut off by a sequel, laughter and then pounding.

"Come one love, we better get started" Edward said as he came back with huge metal tubs.

I nodded as I began shoveling the honey off the floor and into the tub closest to me. Edward took care of the more complicated areas and it took us only about an hour to get all the big globs of honey out of the way. Of course, Alice and Jasper disappeared just when we started, offering no help what so ever.

"You know, even with how things turned out, I don't regret doing this. It was so funny" I said as I laughed.

"You silly girl" Edward said as he wrapped his arms around me but he was laughing too.

Edward took apart all the machines while I began mopping the house to get all of the sticky honey off of the floor. I was pretty quick at it, having cleaned up the house for a majority of my life. When Edward finished, he helped me quickly finish and in no time, we were done.

"Ugh, now I have to go home and somehow attempt to get all of this honey out of my hair.

"It'll take you over 2 hours Bella, trust me!" Alice yelled through the house and I groaned.


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