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Today I was in the hospital, outside the ER room in the waiting area, today was the final straw, I couldn't handle anything anymore, and life is horrible. I had everyone with me, Quil, Emily, Sam, the pack and some of the Cullens. Earlier tonight I wanted to go out and see Quil then My Dad didn't like it so him and my mum got into a huge argument and he beat her, then dragged her in the car and drove off to try and find me. On the way my parents crashed and their car was wrapped around a telephone pole.

"Miss Young, I'm sorry, but your parents have passed" the doctor said empathetically.

I burst into tears and everyone tried to comfort me, but it wasn't helpful. I ran out of the building, Quil ran after me he caught me and picked me up and took me back to his place. I slept in his bed and he slept on the couch, but while he went back downstairs and fell asleep I rang a flight company. I packed my savings and any money I had, which was quite a large amount, over ten thousand. Also over one million in the bank from inheritance money. I got in my truck which was still at Quil's and drove to the airport abandoning my truck and boarding my flight. My flight to Australia, I couldn't stay here, I had to leave here, any memory I had. I needed to leave. I needed to get away.

What would my life turn out to be?

So I don't know about it, please tell me if I should continue :)


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