Ye ask, Ye shall receive. I watch the last few episodes of Season 5 I had missed, and I got a little kick, so I decided to do this. It's not my best work.

I don't own anything. Neither Supernatural nor Harry Potter, no matter how much I wished I did.

Summary: Harry didn't know what he had gotten himself into. Being possessed by an angel is like being chained to a comet – Jimmy Novak. Being possessed by the devil was Harry's own version of Hell.


Words: 1057

Date: 02/05/10

Flashes Before Your Eyes

He didn't know how large it was.

How much bigger than him the situation was.

It wasn't just Death Eaters against the Order, Purebloods against Muggle Borns.

The armies of Heaven and Hell were battling each other using the Earth as their battle field.

And he helped Hell.

He was stuck, forever, in a cold dark room...naked...ashamed...there were things with him, but he couldn't see...wherever he shifted he remained in the same horrible place. This was his punishment.

This was his own version of Hell.

He couldn't get out. He was alone. All alone.

He couldn't remember how to get out. How he got in. He was bad. He was really bad.

He begged. He begged and he screamed. He would help Lucifer get another Vessel. A better one. Only if it would just stop.

If the angel could hear him, he never answered.

He could hear his voice though, flitting in the background. Conversations the angel himself was happening. Death. Destruction. Famine. Pestilence.

Harry was wrong. He was so wrong.

He could see Luna's face before his eyes. All he wanted to see. She would be so disappointed in him.

That poured salt into his already festering wounds.

"Harry Potter is one of the most powerful magical beings in the entire world, little brother. Tell me, how is it so wrong to gain such a powerful temporary vessel?"

Temporary? He was dying. He knew it.

"He is falling apart before our very eyes, Lucifer" a gruff voice joined in Harry's swirling head. Brother. What brother? Angel? He'll help. He'll make it stop.

"Not just physically, Castiel. You see his body can contain me longer than most temporary vessels. His magic...I have never felt such power within a mortal. But his mind? He's literally been driven insane. Right now, Castiel? He's begging you to help him"

He can hear. He knows. Lucifer.

"Oh yes, Castiel. Harry is very aware of what I do. Most of the time. It's easier to block out his insane ramblings than I thought it would be. He's one of father's greatest creations"

"I will not allow him to pull him to perdition"

"I already have"

There were gunshots after.

There were moments, brief moments, when Lucifer's hold weakened. Barely, when he was injured. When he felt. Harry could see. Shimmers and blurs through his own eyes.

The bullet to the head let Harry see the world once more. Lines of humans, blank, controlled. Already lost.

A man stood beside him. His age. Staring at him in disbelief. Shock. Fear.

No one had looked at him like that in years.

"That hurt" that wasn't his voice. That wasn't his voice. But he felt the blow he delivered upon the man. The ache rested in his own arm for hours after.

The man survived. Thankfully.

Maybe he could find a way to stop Lucifer.

There was silence for so long. Nothing. Lucifer blocked him out. He blocked him out.

It was Hell where he was, but he begged for noise. He begged for death.

What felt like millions of ants crawled across his skin. No matter how much he scratched, no matter how much he scraped off his skin until he bled and was almost blind with pain, the aches didn't stop.

They never stopped.

Lucifer was active. Killing. Harry could taste the blood on his face. His magic left his body in bursts, like the heartbeat beating frantically in his chest as his body grew weaker and weaker. As Lucifer stole more and more of his power. His life-force.

"Come now, Harry. Get my brother out yourself"

"I'm sorry, Gabriel. Harry isn't available at the moment" Gabriel. Angel. So many angels. Angels are meant to be good, why won't they help? Why won't they stop him?

"I know for a fact harry can hear me, Lucy. Surely he can come out for a chat...oh, wait. Harry can kick you out of him. How much are you torturing him, brother? What do I have to do to get him to show himself?"

"Gabriel...I will not allow my vessel to regain control. I doubt he could"

"How about...if I mention...Jamie?"

His eyes burned, they burned and the shimmers cleared. A short man; middle aged, brunet. Cocky smirk on his face, as his vision cleared better than it had in what seemed like hundreds of years.

There was metal in his hand. Rage. Anger. Hate. He snarled and stabbed the sword through his stomach. Blood burst over his hands. The brunet smirked in triumph, but disbelief burned in his eyes as he clenched Harry's shoulder in pain.

"There you are...hope at last"

"Don't you dare say his name" Harry spat and the angel burned beneath his hands.

It was quiet again. Lucifer was careful. He drowned out near all conversation. The wall was higher. Stronger. Tougher.

That brief second where he killed Gabriel would be the last time he saw the living world. That memory would haunt him into the afterlife, Hell and beyond.

Hope? Hope for what? Lucifer had won.

The world was over.

Something was happening.

Something big.

Blow upon blow fell upon him. But it wasn't just him.

Lucifer was in pain.

Harry laughed. He laughed like he had never laughed before, the sound reverberating around the dark room.

"Come on, you bastards! Come on!" he yelled, his voice hoarse, croaking from no use.

"Come on, you bastards! Come on!"

Flashes before his eyes. A man in a trench coat. A tall man with long dark hair. The man with the gun. With a cocky smirk and a cocky wink in his direction.

Then there was peace. There was silence. His body relaxed for the first time in forever.

He could see clearly. Lying sprawled across the floor. The man in the trench coat standing above him. Harry blinked. Once. Twice. But he could still see the wings glowing, albeit, faintly behind the man.

Hands cupped his face, a gruff voice. "Rest now, Harry Potter. You face salvation"

He was flying. He could lights bursting behind his eyes but he welcomed it. It was over. He was finally dying.

The lights finally faded and he was filled with such content in the bright afterlife ahead of him. He wasn't in Hell. He had been saved. He looked ahead and his heart soared.



Make up how they killed Lucifer in your own heads. I like to believe they will kick ass, and Michael will bow down to Castiel!

Ha-ha! Harry kind of met the Winchesters and Cas. Well, in his head anyway. And inside Lucifer's head isn't a nice place to be. And I think anyone who realised they just ended the world (especially harry) would be incredibly racked with guilt and almost suicidal, if not mad. Hopefully, I did ok with his insane ramblings.

Good news, he overpowered Lucifer slightly. Bad news, he killed Gabriel. Good character, I was outraged when he actually died in the show.

But happy ending! The boys killed Lucifer, Harry got to go to heaven despite saying yes ('cause he fought Lucifer and did save the world from Voldemort) and reunited with Luna.