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Bella was finally pregnant with their baby. His baby.

They'd tried for a few years; the first, not really serious, the more recent involving charting temps and testing things she never realized her body even did.

Finally, on a cool spring Saturday, the second line appeared. They commemorated in bed, sweaty and naked, panting and loud. Rejoicing. Celebrating the life they'd created together, finally.

Nine months later, a beautiful baby was born; Renesmee. She had hair just like her father, an indescribable earthy tone, and her mother's full, pouty lips. She was beautiful and so, so loved.

"Can you believe we did this, Edward?" Bella asked, her eyes focused on the infant.

"She's gorgeous."

The tiny baby's fingers curled around her father's finger as she nestled herself against Bella's breast and fed greedily. Bella and Edward sat together in the hospital bed, a small kiss shared between them as Ren continued to coo and eat happily.

Four months later, during a rather intimate moment, Edward felt something odd.

"Stop," he whispered. "Stop for a minute."

His tone scared her, and Bella immediately ceased moving at all. She wasn't even sure she wanted to move to breathe.

"What's wrong?"

Her voice was nervous and scared, and there was a tinge of hurt behind it. Had she somehow hurt or disgusted him, she wondered.

Continuing their path, his fingers worked in a circle around her breast. The closer they got to her nipple, the harder it was for Bella to hold in the moan; his touches were so light, so tender and loving on her skin.

Noticing his furrowed brows framing a look of concentration, she repeated herself. "What's wrong, Edward?"

"There's a..." He searched for the words. He was a doctor, after all, he should be able to tell her this easily. "There's a small lump."

"What?" Instinctively, Bella pulled back and began to touch her own breast. "Where?"

Trying to remain calm, Edward placed his hand over hers. Slowly, he guided their fingers to where he'd felt it.

When she looked up from her skin to his face, her eyes were filled with tears. They began to spill over and he pulled her close to him.

"It's okay, baby. It's probably a clogged duct. Don't worry."

He tried to soothe her, but as he spoke, he realized he was trying to soothe himself, as well. It might not be okay, he knew that. But he prayed. For almost the first time in his life, Edward Cullen prayed.

Bella saw her OBGYN the following week. There were tests, needle biopsies, and finally a diagnosis.

They held hands together in the medical building Edward was familiar with, since it was attached to the hospital he worked at. He knew and respected Bella's doctor. More, he trusted her.

"It's cancer."

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