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Bella couldn't contain her enthusiasm at the thought of two weeks in such a beautiful, lush, alive location with her husband. She'd miss her daughter dearly, she decided, but that's what Skype is for, right?

The moment the hotel room door clicked closed, a "Do Not Disturb" sign safely hanging on the outside, she gave her husband a predatory smile. Which he returned.

When she practically leapt across the room at him, he laughed and held her in his arms. This moment had been building between them for months. They'd each looked forward to alone time, but it was more than that.

In the days after her treatment, it wasn't as if Bella and Edward hadn't been intimate; after the time she walked in on him pleasuring himself, then promptly stepped in to help, they'd each given a helping hand from time-to-time. It was unspoken, however, that they wanted to regain this special connection with each other during a moment of privacy and grown-up away time.

Esme would have been glad to take Renesmee to the park or a movie, or even dinner and a movie, but they each intrinsically knew they needed more time. More space. More privacy. More.

"I've missed you so much," he whispered into her hair. "Not just this, but you. I can see that light in your eyes again, and fuck, I love you so much."

Edward didn't swear often, and Bella was caught off-guard by his words. And perhaps more than a little turned on.

When she bent and put her hands on the hem of her dress, he placed his own over them. "Please, let me?"

Nodding, she smiled and waited for her turn to undress him. It was one of the things she loved most; slowly revealing his body, inch by delectable inch. She had it all memorized, even when she hadn't seen the whole glorious package together in, she suddenly realized, years.

Once her dress was gone, she guessed he must've felt the same way, because he stood back from her. She hadn't chosen her most sexy bra and underwear set, but it wasn't ratty and ripped, either. It was comfortable, meant for the flight, but it turned him on nonetheless.

Standing back from her, he leaned against the dresser and drank her in. The hesitation she might have felt as a teen was gone, and she leaned slightly against the edge of the bed, letting him look.

Her new body scared her, and she wondered if they would feel the same when they moved together. The last time they'd made love was when he found the lump; would it be awkward? Well, she decided, you couldn't not have sex with your spouse for a few years without it being awkward.

Reaching out to him, she found the edge of his shirt and pulled it over his head. Instead of going straight for the kill on his cargo shorts, she lingered, her hands remembering the landscape of his chest. As she touched his skin all over, his breathing picked up, and he closed his eyes. He was so lost in her touch, so electrified by the heat and pure emotion shifting between them. Unable to wait, he moved his lips forward to hers, each set moving together slowly. Bella's hands found the waistband of his shorts and deftly removed them.

When he was nude in front of her, it was her turn to stare. She couldn't keep the wide grin from her face as she looked at him, nervous and giddy anticipation of really indulging in her husband again bubbling to the surface. Although she wanted everything, wanted to do everything with him that night, enjoy every sensation she knew he was capable of providing, multiple times, she needed him joined with her the most.

As if he was reading her mind, he pressed her back, his body right against hers, until the backs of her knees touched the plush mattress. Fingertips traced her ribs, then around to the bra clasp, which was quickly undone. Bella, her mood still playful, wiggled a bit and laughed as the mostly-lace garment slipped off her body and down her arms to the ground. Edward pulled her panties down tortuously slowly, then looked up at her from bended knee.

"Will you marry me?" he asked.

It was the last thing she expected him to say. Her eyes flooded.

"I... you... we're already married, Edward."

Her verbal fumbling was adorable, he thought as he grasped her left hand between both of his.

"Yes, but right now, this week, will you marry me again?"

The tears spilled down her face and onto her bare skin as she nodded. "Yes, of course. Anything."

Edward placed kisses on her feet, her ankles, calves, thighs, one longer, slower kiss at the apex of her thighs, and then up to her belly. He seemed to pause, to hesitate, at her breasts. Here, he paid special attention, which surprised Bella. Licking slowly, he made his way from the bottom, full part of her breast, over to the nipple. On the reconstructed side, he seemed to go even slower, even more reverent. The last kiss he placed on her body was just above her heart.

"Scoot back," he said quietly, hands helping to guide and lay her down.

The moment their bodies rested together, she could feel just how much he wanted her, and she wanted him to know it was the same for her.

"Edward, it's been too long. I've waited too long. Please, love," she begged. As she spoke, her hips rolled up into his gently, not demanding, but pleading.

Her hand sought him out and guided him to her, both of them stealing one final moment to kiss and lick and touch each other before pushing their bodies into the frenzied dance they'd enjoyed together so many times.

Finally, they could take no more, and he pressed in to her, then waited. His forehead touched hers, and he let himself go. Let the tears fall. Let their reconnection quietly and invisibly stitch itself back together as they sighed and shared the air between them.

The tears of relief quickly disappeared and gave way to sheer pleasure, for both of them. Edward had forgotten how good it felt to be so lost inside of her, maybe even had blocked it from his mind for his own sanity. She'd done similar, convincing herself that she could live without this aspect of her life, only to be startlingly reminded of it as he began to move.

Bliss and perfection was the only way to describe their coming together. Edward moved with precision and certainty, thrusting deeper than she thought she'd ever felt him before. It was better than the first time, better than the last time, better than any time she could recall, because it was them, alive and together again.

The way it was meant to be.

Thank you for joining me on this journey with these characters. I've enjoyed writing this immensely.