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A lone figure sat on the hokage monument, more precisely on the fourth hokage's head. A black cloak covered his body from prying eyes. He had pitch black spiky hairs with some fringes hiding his left eye. This was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the sole heir of the Uzumaki and Namikaze clans, two of the most secretive clans in the elemental countries.

The Uzumaki originated from the whirlpools country. For outsiders, they appeared to be a simple clan. Unfortunately for them, Iwa, the hidden ninja village of earth country wiped them out at the start of the third secret shinobi war. The only survivor of the massacre, a girl named Uzumaki Kushina, fled to Konoha, the hidden village of fire country. Kushina then became a ninja of konoha and a very good one at that. Not overly known like some of konoha's legends, but she was deadly. She married the fourth hokage — Namikaze Minato — before dying, leaving behind two twins, a boy and a girl. Unfortunately the girl, like her mother, was poisoned. She was able to survive the unknown poison but not enough to get out of the coma she was in. But that is a story for another time.

Coming back to the Uzumaki, they were a very secretive clan. So much that none, outside the clan, knew they had a bloodline, more precisely a doujutsu. The reason it was never discovered was that the pupils didn't change upon activation. The eye only had one level yet it held so much potential… It allowed the user to analyse anything they saw, especially the chakra manipulation used whenever someone casts a jutsu. An accomplished user could easily understand and replicate a jutsu if he so wished. That made them excellent in creating new techniques, as they could clearly see the mechanics behind it.

The Namikaze clan was along the same lines but even more secretive. They existed long before the Uchiha and Senju. They helped build konoha, but erased their implication from history and kept to the shadows. Like the Uzumaki, they were reduced to only one member because of the wars. That last member being Namikaze Minato, the yondaime hokage. The latter died fighting the Kyuubi no Yoko twelve years ago.

Like the Uzumaki, they possessed a secret ability, which granted them the name Kekkaishi. They could create kekkai — or barrier as they called it — to use against demons, and the like. This wasn't all of course. The ability revolved around the manipulation of time and space. This information would have labelled them a high threat to anyone. Using this ability, the yondaime was able to KILL a bijuu, something that was deemed impossible before then. To this day, no one knows how he did it, only that he was surrounded by a somber energy sphere that disintegrated everything it touched.

Another secretive aspect of the clan was their legacy. Indeed, every Namikaze had one duty above all else: to guard an important object under their compound. That's why no outsider ever stepped inside the compound. Not counting the numerous security seals surrounding the place.

Still standing on the hokage monument, Naruto looked at the beautiful sight that was Konoha, sighing and lazing around. The chuunin exams was due to start in a week in Konoha. This event also marked the first time outsiders will learn of his existence. Something that was hidden by the village… until now.

Assuming the other countries are not already aware of my existence. I wouldn't be surprised if they were, considering the amount of spies crawling over the village. He told himself while scowling in distaste.

He had graduated a year and a half ago, one year in advance, and was now twelve years old. After graduating, he had been assigned to a jounin named Maito Gai, and two teammates : Tenten and Rock Lee. They took their training seriously, but much of his training was done in away from prying eyes. It wasn't that he didn't trust his teammates… well not really. It is just that he didn't adhere to their methods.

'What with one of them specialising in Taijutsu, and the other in weapons, such foolishness. No one should ever specialise in this world, unless they want a one way ticket to hell.' He had of course told them just that, but like stubborn five years old, they didn't listen. 'Add to that, a stupid jounin sensei encouraging such behaviour. Really the shinobi world has fallen so low'.

If you haven't noticed by now, then know that Naruto is very disheartened with today's shinobis. That is why he didn't use the same methods for training. He didn't neglect any of the shinobi arts, instead, did his best to train all of them to the best of his capabilities. That is why others thought of him as a genius, but for him, it was just the result of hard work, and a lot of determination.

He began his training at the tender age of five, and since then, hadn't stopped. He first started with chakra control and building his reserves. After that, he learned the academy justus. By his 6 birthday, he had already mastered the Bunshin , the Kawarimi and the henge no jutsu. Still, his supply of chakra was too small to be any good in the field, so he hid the fact that he could already graduate in favour of more training.

Because he couldn't start his physical training — being too young —, he used the time to master his mother's doujutsu: the bunsekigan or analytic eye. Around the same time he worked on his stealth, figuring it'd be a good advantage over the current ninjas.

Of course such training method couldn't be expected from a boy his age. So the question was where he found the necessary information. And the answer was the vast Namikaze's library, which contained every subject possible, considering the clan had been alive even before the ninja era.

By his seven, Naruto had mastered the bunsekigan to an incredible level. The doujutsu granted him the ability to see the body even better than the Byakugan. While the Byakugan could see the tenketsus of the target, the bunsekigan could, not only see them too, but also weak points in the target's body, like old wounds, weak bones. Those parts glowed yellow under its eyes. But that wasn't all, he could also see the shape the chakra took whenever someone cast a jutsu, be it Ninjutsu or Genjutsu.

His stealth training also progressed well, already being able to reduce his chakra to civilian level. His chakra building and control exercises also paid off considering his reserved had increased to the level of a genin, while his control was equivalent to a high chuunin, having mastered the leaf floating and tree climbing exercises. Seeing his results, he proceeded to train in ninjutsu's theory, seals, and taijutsu. Of course he kept building up his chakra control and reserves.

By 8, his reserves were comparable to a high genin, with a control ranging from low to mid jounin level, having mastered water walking. Like all members of his family, he was very proficient in seals, and had progressed to novice level. There were four levels in seals: Beginner, Novice, Apprentice and Master. With each level, the difficulty increased exponentially, so he knew that at the pace he was going, he wouldn't be able to attain even apprentice level before graduating the academy. So he began searching for ways to increase his training speed.

For the ninjutsu's theory, he was able to learn, understand and master the twelve hand signs used to shape justus. Thank to his bunsekigan, he understood perfectly the workings of the signs. What they did was manipulate the chakra outside the body, for it to take a precise shape. Each hand seal gave a precise shape to the chakra. But that wasn't all. He made a very huge discovery when he looked at the shape formed by the chakra when he used the bunshin no jutsu. The shape looked similar to the shape taken by seals, and using the latter as a basis, he was able to devise a language akin to seals. Using this language, he found himself able to read the final shape of any jutsu like a book, and then understand everything about it.

This was huge, because he could now understand everything about a jutsu with but a look. He could find its objectives, strengths, weaknesses, elemental nature, and so on. He could even significantly reduce the number of seals needed to cast the jutsu, because its most important aspect was the final chakra shape created by the mixing of all the hand seals. In other words, if he found a shortcut, he could reduce the seals number. He also started working on manipulating his chakra outside his body using just his concentration. Thus begin his meditation's exercises to increase his mental control.

That same year, he was supposed to enter the ninja academy. Not that he had been very thrilled, as he guessed — correctly — it'd cut down his training time.

By his 9, he had immensely improved, thanks to a discovery he made earlier in the year. Indeed, while searching for a way to increase his training speed, he came across the kage bunshin no jutsu. A jutsu that allowed its user to create a clone with half his chakra. What made the technique so special was its ability to transfer back to the user, everything his clones learned, except the physical stuff. Unfortunately, it used way too much chakra, thus remained unattainable for Naruto with his little reserves. Even jounin couldn't create more than five at a time, for a long period or for training purpose.

But he didn't gave up and instead studied the manipulation of chakra done by the cross shaped seal of the jutsu. The results were stunning to say the least. He had assumed the manipulation of chakra behind the cross shaped seal would be simple, but this was far from the truth. The shape created by the seal was extremely complex with layers upon layers of information. Fortunately, thanks to his doujutsu, he decoded it completely, and was then able to copy the aspect of the jutsu he was interested in, like the part that made the knowledge return to the original and the independence of the clone thoughts.

Then he learned the Tsuchi bunshin or earth clone, before modifying it to implement the parts he took from the kage bunshin. Before, the earth clone used three hand seals, but now, it used seven. His tweaking over, his newly created earth clone could now send back to the original, everything they learned except the physical stuff. They also weren't dependent to the original, and could properly function at more than 5 miles from the user.

Another test later and Naruto discovered he could sustain 50 advanced earth clones for a training day. It could have been higher if he had mastered earth elemental manipulation.

Using this new training method, he was able to increase his chakra control to a staggering low Kage level, although his reserve didn't increase much and he found himself with low chuunin chakra level. His progress in seals were astounding to say the least, and were close to Apprentice level. At the same time, he trained in a taijutsu style called the 18 Dragon Palms. It was a style that relied heavily on palms strike and speed. But could be even more devastating than the Jyuken if mastered.

By his 10, he had finally mastered chakra control to a level even surpassing Tsunade of the sannin thanks to the clone training and his relatively low reserves. He was an accomplished Apprentice in seals and would soon reach the rank of master. His stealth training had done more than he could hope for. Being able to completely mask his entire existence, even from sensor ninjas, was no small feat. He could stand beside someone yet he wouldn't be sensed unless the person was directly looking at him. Additionally, he learned the skill sensor ninja used and could now find anyone he knew in a mile radius.

It was around that time he started learning genjutsu's theory, pursuing his desire to learn everything he could. Most of all, he hadn't forgotten his dream of healing his sister, so he planned to devote a lot of time to the medicinal arts.

By the time of his graduation, which was at eleven years old, he once again increased his chakra reserve to a mid chuunin level. He had mastered his seals studies, and was now a master of it. He did the same with the Dragon palms, and was now learning the Piercing Dragon, a style that relied heavily on the lower limbs, and fight in mid air. He learned the way of the medic nin and was now a certified field healer.

The most important thing about that year was that he created several seals. Among them were two very special seals. The first one was the Gravity seal, which allowed the user to increase the gravity around their body. The second one was the Density seal, which increased the air resistance beside the user. The two combined would increase the speed and strength of the user tremendously. He was a ninja, who heavily believed in speed after all, like his father had, before him.

After his graduation, he was assigned to Team 9 with Maito Gai as jounin sensei, and Rock Lee and Tenten as teammates. The team had been genins to this day, which was about a year and a half. During that time, he trained his speed and strength using his seals and now he was at a level of a high jounin when it came to it. His chakra level increased to low jounin. Alone from the prying eyes of his teammates, he learned and mastered his elemental affinities which were Wind and Earth.

Using his clones for training, he mastered them to perfection. Which also increased the number of clones he could create for his training. His medical abilities increased extremely well, to the point where only Tsunade of the sannin surpassed him — so his fellows claimed —. He also mastered the second taijutsu style he learned, the piercing dragon.

Finally, he started his training in his kekkaishi bloodline. The training was very complex and was used by generations upon generations of Namikaze. It involved much meditation, and focus training, as the power and resistance of the barrier he created, were directly linked to his will and focus. As of today, his barrier could resist a B-rank jutsu at most. But overall, it was very good.

Right now, his overall level was about high chuunin to low jounin, do to his lack of experience. But that was when he fought fairly or in a direct fight. Using his speciality, which lay in the shadows, he could even give a sannin a run for his money.

Naruto looked at konoha, before sighing. 'How the mighty have fallen. To think that such an once powerful village would let others trample on them. Soon, I will return it to its glory and then I'd unleash my plan!' he thought before sinking into the ground as if he was made of earth too.

Suna was one of the five great shinobi villages, although considered as the less powerful of the five. An explanation to this status was the lack of water and food readily available for the villagers. Suna being situated in an arid and sandy area, it was understandable. Another reason for their status was the village lack of number in term of ninja as they favoured quality over quantity unlike other villages. They greatly invested in the training of their young ninjas, which was the reason behind the concept that suna genin are usually more powerful than the other countries' genins.

If their status wasn't enough, a little over 4 years ago, the Daimyo of wind country reduced the amount of missions he gave them. Those missions were lost to Konoha.

That didn't sit well with them, as they were then forced to reduce their staff now that they had too many ninjas for too little missions. This in turn, decreased their power significantly.

It came to a point where they couldn't take it anymore, and when the traitorous Sannin, Orochimaru, came to them, proposing them a very interesting and daring plan to attack konoha, they leapt at the opportunity. Succeeding in their endeavour would allow them to regain their Daimyo's trust and power. As a side-effect, deal a huge blow to konoha, and obtain their deserved revenge.

The plan was rather simple : use the chuunins exams to launch a surprise attack on konoha. The latter would, not only be surprised, but forced to protect every noble that came to watch the finals, unless they wanted to lose face in the eyes of the public. After all, no one would want to hire a bunch of ninjas to protect them in this wild world, if they couldn't even protect their guests in their own village.

But before that, they had to understand Konoha's security measures as much as possible. Which is the reason for the current gathering in the war council room. Early that day, the intelligence division received an important information about their future target. One that could very well change the tide of the soon to be invasion.

Inside the room were gathered the heads of various departments, including the elders of the village. Among them were the Sabaku children and their sensei Baki, a powerful and well known jounin. This team was present because the information pertained to their future mission in konoha. The room was silenced when an indescribable masked ninja appeared. He bowed to those present before the head of the council, which was the kazekage, spoke.

"It has come to our attention that you have received an important missive concerning konoha ?" he asked without preamble. The anbu nodded, and upon being given the signal to elaborate, he opened a scroll and looked at the audience.

"As you certainly know, we had been able to plant several spies in konoha. But none of them were able to obtain this information until recently." He paused to give everyone time to digest what he had already said.

"It'd seem that the yondaime hokage …" at which everyone flinched, as they remembered how powerful he was "… had a son." (1)

Like a broken dam, yells came from everywhere. The screams were that of surprise, fear and even disbelief. None of them had liked the yondaime for the simple reason that he was the only ninja to ever attain the SS-rank with a flee on sight order. His power was so great that he could wipe out several platoons of ninjas in the blink of an eye. This was just how scary the man was.

Additionally, he was the first and only ninja to kill a bijuu. And the most powerful one at that.

To this day, no one knew how he did it. Only that the ability he used was either a bloodline or a secret jutsu he created, as he was rumoured to be an inventor of a sort. Stacking these information, the idea of him having a son, was just… just… unthinkable. Such a thing would no doubt be the catalyst of another shinobi war. No village worth its salt wanted the rise of a ninja of such caliber again. Controlling him would be such a nightmare…

"SILENCE" yelled the kazekage, silencing everyone, before returning his gaze to the masked ninja.

"Is it possible your man made a mistake?" he coldly questioned the spokesman.

"Unlikely Kazekage — sama."

"I see!" His head lowered, the Kazekage took his time to analyse the situation.

Meanwhile, Baki and his team harboured a frown on their faces.

"Neh, baki — sensei, why are everyone so frightened at the idea that the yondaime hokage had a son? It is not like it'd change anything neh?" Temari the elder daughter of the kazekage wondered.

Baki looked at her before answering. "You wouldn't understand because you haven't witnessed that man in action. The yondaime, just by himself, brought Iwa and Kumo to his knees. That was just how powerful he was. He could have wiped out those two villages but decided not to. When the shinobi world learned of his death while fighting the Kyuubi, they rejoiced, because him alive meant that Konoha could conquer any village, even if all of the great villages were allied." He paused to confirm that his students were listening.

"Him having a son means somewhere out there, a boy holds the potential to become just as dangerous as he was. I wouldn't be surprised if he was trained from an earlier age to be as powerful as the yellow flash. And heaven forbid, if his son learned the technique that made his father famous, or the one he used to kill the Kyuubi, then our operation is doomed to fail." He finished grimly, conveying to the genins just how dire the matter was. At least two of them anyway, as the third one with red hair, simply shrugged.

The kazekage looked again at the anbu.

"What else did the spies learned about him?" The masked ninja peered at the scroll for a moment, before answering grimly.

"The spy wasn't able to learn much more, as he came across this information only because Konoha intents to show him off to the world." That made everyone in the room narrow their eyes.

"Though he did learn that the yondaime indeed had a bloodline that allowed him to kill the kyuubi, and rumours has it that his son is learning how to use it." That did it, as several council members shouted in anger and fright. It was easy to understand their distress, as their plan was based on the fact that no one in Konoha could stop the rampaging Ichibi once it was unleashed. But with the presence of the yondaime's son, and his apparent ability to kill a bijuu, they were in a very dangerous position.

And apparently the sabaku children realised it too, if the widening of their eyes was anything to go by. But the masked ninja wasn't finished and after the calm was restored, he continued.

"the spy was also able to determine the likely person, using the participants in the chuunins exams." he looked at the Kazekage who muttered 'go on'.

"The participant who fit the criteria and age is called Naruto. No first name was available, which further increased the spy's suspicions. Age 12, which also confirms the apparent birth of said heir. He began the academy at 7 and graduated at 11, as the rookie of his year. His current team is composed of Rock Lee a taijutsu specialist and Tenten, a weapon specialist with their sensei being Maito Gai."

He paused a moment for everyone to digest what he just said before continuing.

"He is rumoured to be a prodigy just like his father. He doesn't favour any shinobi arts, as he was exceptional in all of them. He is even rumoured to have delved in seals just like his father. One thing to note is that, he was far stronger than the Hyuga genius — Hyuga Neji, who is now a very well known chuunin — as Neji graduated second in the academy, behind him. The only reason he's still a genin is that his sensei wanted them to take the exam in Konoha."

"Lastly, he is an accomplished medic nin say to be almost on par with Tsunade of the sannin." At that everyone widened their eyes even further, clearly stunned by the information. While the kazekage was silently analysing everything he heard, while fuming on the inside.

'How have we missed this until now? It'd seem that Konoha still has many tricks under their sleeves. That aside, considering the abilities presented, it looks like he favoured medicine over everything. But why is that? Such talented ninja wouldn't favour this an art just like that. He must have a reason for this.'

He looked again at the masked ninja.

"Is there a reason for his focus on medicine?" The audience seemed surprised, not having thought of such peculiar choice of career.

"There is kazekage — sama. Apparently the boy has a twin sister who has been in coma for the last twelve years. So the spy theorised that it objective is to heal his sister."

Hearing this, the wheels turned inside the kazekage's head. "Is there any way to gain access to his sister?" The coldness in his voice reminded everyone just why he was said to be the most ruthless kazekage in history.

"None Unfortunately. After an assassination attempt on her, which ended in a failure, the boy removed her from the public hospital and is now taking care of her by himself. Rumours has it that she is safely tucked in the Namikaze's compound, which is not only in an undisclosed area, but also inaccessible by anyone not of Namikaze's blood." Finished the ninja much to everyone disappointment.

But the kazekage wasn't deterred by that and gazed at the Sabaku's team.

"Team Sabaku, your new mission during the second part of the chuunin exams will be to learn everything there is to know about the boy, and if possible …" He looked at specifically at the red headed boy. "… kill him. Am I clear?" He finished harshly, to which they responded in the affirmative.

"You're all dismissed until further notice." The kazekage said before standing and going out of the chamber in a foul mood.

Unknown area close to Fire and Rice's borders

At the same time, two people were holding another meeting. One of this people was the most sought after traitor of konoha, the snake sannin Orochimaru. In front of him was his right-handed man Yakushi Kabuto. The object of their meeting was also concerning the recently revealed heir of the Namikaze clan.

Kabuto had just finished informing orochimaru of the Namikaze heir and to say the sannin was furious would be an understatement. He was gnashing his teeth, silently fuming.

'So even in death that bastard of Namikaze spits on me? Not only did he took away my rightfully position as hokage, but now I learn that his child is alive and kicking. Damn him to hell. If I could, I'd raise him from the dead just to kill him again.'

Kabuto gave his master a moment to calm himself, before continuing his report. "While I couldn't learn much about him, I did discover a peculiar ability of his. It'd seem that he's able to sense people around him like a sensor ninja. This was confirmed when I found myself unable to get close to him without being detected. So you should approach him with great caution, if that's your goal."

Orochimaru didn't seem to have heard him as the snake sannin was deep in thought. Waiting for his reply, Kabuto recalled the time he tried to spy on the boy. It was during one of the Namikaze's team training session. Because of Maito Gai's presence, he was forced to approach with great caution. It had been difficult but in the end, he had been able to fool the jounin's senses, getting close enough to the team to observe the training session.

Despite this success, he quickly found out that Naruto was aware of his presence. This was confirmed when the boy had looked pointedly at his hiding position. While Naruto had stayed impassive, he couldn't help but feel like the boy was mocking him, finding it laughable that he tried to sneak behind him. Yet Naruto never mentioned his presence to his teammates, a fact that had troubled him greatly. The boy was simply too hard to read, he had concluded that day.

"Were you able to ascertain his relationship with the upper members of the village?" He heard Orochimaru's question, to which he promptly replied.

"I was. There is a subtle disagreement between Sarutobi and him. From what I was able to gather, his views of the shinobi world are more aligned to those of Danzo. This could explain the close relationship between the two."

Orochimaru chuckled a bit. "So Sarutobi wasn't able to convert him to his view? At least he's more intelligent than his father if he was able to escape the sandaime's brainwashing. Two preys instead of one for the chuunin exams… this is getting better and better kukukukuku." He laughed creepily before sinking underground, leaving behind a sighing kabuto.

'At last he's gone. With him around, I always feel like my life is in danger.' Thought kabuto before going back to Konoha, his meeting already forgotten.

In konoha: Namikaze's compound

A week passed since then, and it was finally the day of the chuunin exams. While other competitors were resting for the exam, Naruto was sitting in a special room, in the Namikaze compound, training. He didn't care about resting because he knew every stage of the exam, thanks to his spying activities. He knew that for the first exam, nothing physically tenuous was involved so he wasn't that worried. Being a man who valued knowledge, whenever he could, he'd spy on anyone to acquire new information. Be they allies or enemies.

He sat in a lowland with some small trees. Surrounding him were hundred of flying crows. Though he kept his eyes closed in concentration.

'Hum, one hundred and 6 crows surrounding me.' He thought, with his right hand in the ram seal. A moment later, he opened his eyes and started moving his right wrist. The movement was so fast, only a blur was each movement, one of the crows was confined within a green square barrier. Despite their panicked and erratic movements, none of the birds escaped. And after only twenty seconds, every crows had been captured.

His task done, Naruto slowly exhaled before rising from the ground.

"Alpha, end of the training, waiting for the results." He voiced, seemingly to himself. A moment later, the surrounding area vanished, leaving Naruto standing in the middle of a white room. Suddenly a voice was heard above him.

"Subject: Naruto Namikaze;

Result of test number 10:

Accuracy : nine out of ten

Speed : five Kekkais per second.

Strength : ten out of ten

The subject is allowed to advance to level 11 for further training."

Naruto smiled a little at that. 'Finally, it's over. Another step closer to reaching father's level. And then, I will surpass him.'

He stared at the room once again, still surprised by its capabilities. The Namikaze being master of seals, designed this room in a way that it created a sentient artificial intelligence. The latter's purpose was to provide the perfect training method and exercise to the Namikaze clan members. More specifically to correctly learn how to use their bloodline. The room also sorted the exercises in gradual levels. This way, the trainee was sure to get the training adapted to their level.

While Naruto didn't know the last level of this program, he knew that his father last recorded level was 25. He was using this as a basis to know which level he needed to reach until he deemed himself strong enough.

With his training completed for the day, he went back to his room to cloth himself. He wore black anbu pants, with a black sleeveless muscle t-shirt. Above it was a black jacket. Finally he had a fingerless glove on his right hand. That was to hide the symbol of a Namikaze's heir that was on his palm. He didn't want anyone to see it, considering the number of people out there who would recognize and understand its meaning.

Finally ready for the day, he stepped out of his compound and moved toward the rendezvous point he and his team agreed upon.

In front of the ninja's academy

Lee and Tenten were waiting for their third teammate Naruto, in front of the academy building. While waiting they thought about their accomplishments since they became a team. First was Tenten. She was probably the weakest of the team but despite this, she was still very powerful by genin standard in her opinion. But she also knew that Naruto found her and Lee weak. And he had made his thoughts well known.

She specialized in weapons fighting, something her teammate disagreed with. But what could she do? Unlike clan members, she didn't have special abilities. She was average in genjutsu and taijutsu, thanks to Gai. But that was it. Because she was an orphan, she was forced to train by herself, considering Gai was a taijutsu specialist — not really her strong point —. She had always wondered why she had been placed in such a team — the jounin sensei couldn't train her — and she had come up with the answer that the higher ups didn't think she would amount to anything, and didn't want to waste resources on her.

She still remembered Naruto's parting words the first time they trained together:

You always say that you want to be as powerful as Tsunade of the sannin. Do you think that she became that powerful by specializing so much in one area ? Nevertheless, you really should be more cautious about who you want to emulate, always saying that Tsunade is the best, and yadda yadda. It could come to bite you in the end.

Even now, she still didn't know what he meant by that.

In regard to Lee, he was a taijutsu specialist. Born with the curse of not being able to use chakra for ninjutsu, he has been mocked and ridiculed by his peers in the academy and was called dead last. This left a profound mark on his psyche, more than he knew at the moment. Since becoming a member of team 9, he was given special training by Gai, and had progressed extremely in taijutsu.

Of course, he knew that Gai was favoring him, and also that some of the techniques he learned were surprising good to counter the style his teammate Naruto had shown, but he didn't think much about it. Something he disliked though, was the way Naruto kept putting him down. Always saying that he should have become a samurai with his mentality. He hated it so much to a point that every time he saw Naruto, he wanted to ram a kunai in his head. Indeed, his hate was that high.

Unfortunately, he wasn't ready to fight against someone like Naruto. He knew that in a fight, Naruto would destroy, no question asked. After all, his growing resentment made him quite aware of Naruto capabilities. That's how he noticed something scary about his teammate, something that sent shiver up his spine every time he thought about it. And that was the way Naruto fought. Which he concluded was like a true shinobi. Silently, stealthily, and without mercy. A style completely opposed to his, and a thousand time more effective.

On several occasions he tried to copy Naruto's skills, like moving without leaving any traces, but he couldn't achieve it. Something that naruto laughed in front of his face. 'One day I will make him beg for mercy for everything he did to me' he thought viciously with a cold smirk. Something, that didn't go, unnoticed by Tenten who frowned at that.

They were about to enter the academy without naruto when say person appeared in front of them, silently as always.

"I didn't make you wait too much I hope." Naruto with emotionlessly. His teammates simply shrugged before they made their way to the examination's room.

A few minutes later

Tenten and Naruto were waiting just behind the door of the examination's room, for Lee. Just a moment ago, they came across team 7 composed of Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura and Sai. After a little altercation with some chunins, Lee asked them to go ahead, and that he would follow. Of course Naruto immediately knew that he wanted to fight the Uchiha, a big mistake in his opinion. That is why he sent a clone to spy on them.

That is how he knew that his fight against the Uchiha was rather short with Lee easily the winner. He was extremely disappointed by the level of the Uchiha, considering the rumors he had heard from the villagers, but now, he vowed to never trust villagers and anyone for that matters without checking the information first. Unfortunately something happened during the confrontation that bothered him…

At that moment, Lee came back, before stopping in front of them. And he was immediately berated by Tenten

"What took you ?" she wondered, glaring at Lee who raised his arms in defeat.

"Ma ma ma Tenten — chan, I was just testing something"

"And you couldn't test it before the exam ?"

"Naaa, but now everything is fine, we can go kick some asses, neh Naruto?" he finished looking at Naruto smiling. But the boy could tell that it was faked, something that made him narrows his eyes.

He turned without even glancing at Lee, walking towards the door, but just before opening it, he addressed Lee.

"I knew you were stupid but this is the icing of the cake. You used the Kage Buyo against an Uchiha while he had the sharingan activated. What do you think happened?" At that Lee's eyes widened

'Oh shit, I forget about the copying ability. Damn I just gave him my technique' thought a frustrated Lee, before looking back at Naruto as if he had a revelation. "Eh, how did you know about my fight with the Uchiha ?" he asked, which shocked Tenten. 'He fought the Uchiha ? Is he mad ?' she thought.

Naruto, still not looking answered "It doesn't matter how I know. What matter thought is the fact that you gave away information about me." He replied icily, while turning around to look at Lee in the eyes.

"I don't care if you give information about yourself to possible enemy, but when you start giving them on me, then it concerns me."

Each words were said with such a flat voice that even Tenten was frightened. Despite this, she couldn't help but notice that Lee wasn't cowed in the least. 'What happened to you Lee ? You've become like this ever since our last mission in Rice country' she thought sadly.

"This led me to believe that you had an ulterior motive in giving him that information. Like you wanted to attract attention towards me?" Said Naruto. At that moment, Lee's eyes squinted a little, almost unnoticeably to anyone. But unfortunately for him, Naruto wasn't just anyone and saw it.

"I see!" he said slowly, before reaching a pocket on his jacket, and retrieving a black scroll with the Lee's initials on it. That stunned his two teammates, having an idea of what it was.

"You remember when I said that I was looking into you disability to find a way for you to use chakra?" Naruto questioned a stunned Lee who nodded. "Then you will be glad to hear that I finished it sometimes ago. I was just waiting for you to give me a good reason to give it to you. But after what you just did…"

Suddenly, Naruto sent chakra in a special spot on the scroll. Immediately, said scroll bursted in flames, before leaving only ash. This happened in front of the shocked eyes of both tenten and Lee.

"I hope for your sake that we aren't put against each other in this tournament…" Said Naruto whirling around and leaving the two still shocked teens.

After a moment, tenten too left, leaving Lee alone. Soon though, the shocked look transformed into a wicked smirk. 'As if I care about what you think of me and that stupid scroll for that matter. Someday I will make you pay. And this day will come sooner than you think.' He thought before following his team inside the room while touching his chest, smirking at what he felt just above it. If someone were still in the same room, they would have felt the sinister chakra that was emanating from Lee just for an instant, before it completely disappeared.

Authors Note:

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(1): This sentence is similar to the story Kurei from Adrien Skywalker. A very good story, like all his stories anyway. Just to advise anyone so there won't be any problems later on.