Split in two

Special thanks to everybody who cheered me on! I'll admit the first chapter's grammar was horrible so I'm fixing that up! Love you all! ~Oceanbreeze7

Months passed since Annabeth broke up with me, years actually. My mom and Paul Blowfis left to go live somewhere in Europe. My only home was Half Blood Hill, and I had left even that. I only had Riptide and the clothes on my back. I looked at the ground. My eyes stung with tears I would not shed. Why why why did life have to be this way. I pretty much slept in the bottoms of lakes, peaceful calm. It was the only reminder of my old life. I was someplace in Colorado, as far away as I dared to go. After all, Hades was in California. When I met monsters I simply killed them in rage. Sometimes I even drowned mortal; yeah I knew it was wrong. I had to be careful. If I was on the news, some demigods might recognize me. My family didn't want me. Annabeth didn't want me. Not even Grover. I hated them. How could they leave me like this? I kicked a rock and let it fly. I had even once IM them, I watched and they never noticed. Yeah, I saw Annabeth laughing with Grover, not sad at all. Why did she have to break up with me? Why? I was hanging out by a small lake. A few people lived here but nobody I knew. When I was hungry I stole from restaurants. When I was tired I slept in the water. When I was thirsty, well that didn't really matter. I was a wreck. I didn't bother to shower or brush my hair, who was I going to see anyway? I was to only to live in the place of despair. A few times I felt like killing myself but I had the curse of Achilles. No quick deaths. I sighed and walked through the little park. I visited SeaWorld a few times. The dolphins loved me. The sharks lay with me but I couldn't fill the hole in my heart. I felt anger and grief towards Annabeth, no I don't care for her. Let her live as lonely as I.

"Hey kid, need a ride?"

A man in a red convertible said pulling next to me. I glared at him and started running. Apollo. I never looked back, I heard the man sigh and pull out his cell phone, yeah sure call my dad, see if I care. I ran back to my little lake and swam in the water. I made a bubble and laid on the bottom. I cried myself to sleep. I then slept on the bottom.

Persues...your own family hates you. You live in guilt and are weak. Join me and we can destroy them...

I heard a voice like knives scrapping across rocks.

"Didn't I already destroy you?"

I asked within my dream. I heard laughing

Only my host is gone. But together we can destroy the one who shattered you...together we will rule...

I was actually tempted. Kronos sounded like he actually cared. Annabeth shattered me and I want payback. I want payback at Grover, Nico, even Thaila. They never cared or felt a thing for how I was. The life Kronos offered sounded better than the one I had now.

Yes...Persues they will respect you, honor you...

So tempting but my mind said no. but my mind also betrayed me to Annabeth. Kronos was right I should join...

"I'll do it."

My voice was muffled by the water, but he heard, gods, what had I done?