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After weeks, people finally started to forgive me. Some people glared, some just ignored me. I mostly hung out by the beach. The splitting process still showed, deep red marks, strange patterns, and my one side was still stiff. My cheek had a wicked white scar running down the side, a mark of what I did. A reminder of the horrors I had caused. Chiron was still trying to avoid him. Anantaboga we killed and sent to Tartarus. Thankfully with Kronos's fall the army fled in fear. Annabeth told me the arrow that she shot me with was cursed, but there was still one thing I had to do. Annabeth wanted to come with me, even though I had the curse of Achilles walking was still a struggle. Argus was going to drive us in.

"Percy, it's time."

I looked behind me and saw Annabeth walking up to me. Her air was pulled back into a ponytail.

"Are you mad at me?"

I asked my voice shallow and didn't hide my pain. She sat at my side and rested her hand on my side, just where she hit me with the arrow. I sighed and got up.

"Percy, I'm not mad, I know you were fighting in the end, that's why you dropped the scythe."

I smiled and we walked towards the van. We rode in silence. Argus was slightly afraid still, but that didn't matter. When we pulled up to the familiar apartment complex fear grew in my gut. Not like commanding water, but it was like urging me to go away, I knew it was only my mind. We both got out and Annabeth led inside. The doorman gaped at me.

"Percy…your face…."

He remembered me; I touched the wicked claw mark on my cheek. I walked past him to the elevator. The scar continued down to my thigh, it thickened on my ribs showing where Kronos was forced out. Annabeth followed to me to the elevator, she climbed in and hit the floor. I didn't know which one, ironic isn't it? Stupid elevator tunes went on giving me a horrible headache, as soon as the doors opened it vanished and in its place was wide open fear. She walked out and I followed stiffly, she eyed how stiff I was.

"Are you nervous? Or is your side locking up?"

She said concerned.


I replied. She smiled and giggled slightly. I walked with her and she stopped at a door. She knocked twice and feet moved to the door. I took a deep breath. Annabeth signaled for me to get out of view. I stepped away and next to the door. The door opened and the person looked at Annabeth.

"Why, hello Annabeth!"

The women said cheerily, my breath caught.

"Hi, it's nice to see you again; I have someone who wants to see you."

Annabeth said happily.

"Who could be that?"

A deeper voice asked he too walked over. I took a deep breath, and stepped into view.

"Hey mom."

I said. They looked at me and I saw dozens of emotions. Happiness, sadness, concern, love, and mostly fear. They took a step back. Paul getting in front of my mom, I looked at him confused.

"Annabeth, what did you tell them in my…absence…"

I said, not wanting to scare them. She shuffled her feet, I looked at her icily, and it came easier now.

"I told them everything before we…went to arrow practice…We needed moon lace for, an arrow."

I knew what she was talking about. They knew. They looked into my eyes afraid, they I realized why.

"Wait, you knew about…the incident…"

I said. Paul raised his eyebrows. I saw my mom grab a weapon. I raised my hands.

"Is there any reason why you are about to throw a knife at the son-you-deserted-for-four-years-in-a-row-without-telling-me-when-you-would-be-back?"

I asked, kidding slightly. Annabeth walked forward noticing the knife.


She said. I knew she knew the reason for this.

"She thinks you're still Kronos."

She said it happily. How could she be happy about that? That was horrible! I felt myself flinch than shiver remembering.

"Mom chills. He's gone."

I said calmly, I twitched again and closed my eyes.


Paul asked hesitantly. I sighed and opened my eyes.

"Please don't make me remember that time. And I came here for a few questions."

I said calmly. My mom still looked at me worriedly.

"Why did you abandon me?"

I asked, a part of me fearing the answers. My mom looked at her feet.

"We went on a vacation. We were gone for only a month, we looked around, went sightseeing. Then I stayed with my sister. When we got back, you were gone. We thought that you left because you were ready to live on your own."

I kept my face expressionless.

"What did you do during that time?"

Paul asked me.

"Simple, I ran to Colorado. I did nothing. I slept in the bottom of lakes, robbed when I got hungry. After a while, I stopped seeing people. I never heard from camp, and they forgot about me. This went on for years, I never heard from you or camp. I thought Grover and Annabeth forgot me, and I was angry."

I said looking at my feet. My mom had a face of shock on.

"Perseus Jackson, how long was you like that?"

"Four years."

I said without thinking. She turned pale and gaped at me.

"What then?"

Paul asked, intrigued by this.

"Well Kronos started talking to me, and I saw Apollo and got mad because he was calling my dad. So I ran to the bottom of a lake. Kronos said that I would get payback so I joined him, than he kinda took over my body."

I said. My temper rising. My mom gave me a hug; I leaned into her, remembering the good old times. This was my first hug in years…


"Yes dear?"

"Thanks, and I love you."

She hugged my tighter. I leaned into her and smiled.


Paul yelled at me surprised. I jumped back confused. He was looking at my cheek hard.


"That scar? How?"

He said. I put my hand over it and looked at Annabeth. She was looking at her feet sheepishly.

"Well, when Kronos had my body, Annabeth shot me with a cursed arrow and physically ripped Kronos out of me."

I said. My mom looked at me shocked.

"Getting rid of a titan for a tiny scar like that is a good deal."

Paul said shaking his head, I looked at him surprised.

"Just one scar? No way, Annabeth gave me a huge scar."

I said I raised my shirt; the scar was giant running down half my body. My mom backed away and Paul made a choking noise. I shrugged and put down my shirt. She shook her head. I asked her if we could stay the night and she said yes. I was shocked, I was gone so long, and I forgot simple things. Annabeth had to teach me how to use a toaster all over again… We went back to camp the next day. People started to forgive me, soon the only memory of that night was the wicked white scar embedded in my face for as long as the dawn rises.

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