The 10-days-Bonus Ticket

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Author (crazyness manifesto *cough*) note: Finally, after I said to everyone in Franky House Scanlation that I was wrting this crazy dream of mine, here we are!

I have to clarify something: this story was born in my insane mind after ch.154, but it took sometimes to write, because english is not my mother language (bear with error, everyone, and forgive me, please...I'll do my best to improve!^^). And if something is similar to the later pages of ch.155, you are right, but it's really invoulountary: I was on the mountain when the chapter was out (it was a shock when I find the similarity...ò_ò), so... I hope you enjoy this.

Dedication: to Yumiko, Sperrow, Scorpio Moon, 'cause you are my "sempais" and give me confidence to try and and Elle of FH, 'cause they're the best sister-in-comics and sister-in-choco! ^^


" It's not really that great..." Kyoko blushed and tried to avoid the dazzling smile

" Why do you say that, Mogami-san? " Ren tried to sound reasonable, the turmoil he was feeling leaked just a bit with that smile

" Because it's something that someone like me, a mere kouhai, dare to give to you, my great sempai Tsu..."

" Mogami-san" Ren interrupted her with a stern tone, that forced Kyoko to stare directly in Ren face.

And then, again, she felt her demons dieing, but strangely she couldn't tore away her gaze from his. Her heart was beating so loudly that she kept thinking he was going to hear it, and felt even more embarassed.

Everytime that smile pierced her soul she would find a way to escape it, for her own mental sanity, but now she was caught off guard and she wasn't able to back away.

It was Setsu fault: she was so confortable around her nii-chan that even Kioko was starting to relax around Ren. How that was impossible, if she was already accustomed to Cain?

The Demon Lord was a good dream, in comparison!

So, under Setsu spells, she had given Tsuruga-san that coupon and he snapped through Cain mask and paralized her with that smile.


" You can't do nothing! Nothing at all! You're so useless than I've to keep remind to myself you're my sister, or else I would have already kick you out" an extremely angry look was followod by a long puff of his cig, that was snatched back by an as much angry Setsuka " What hell are you saying? I was forced to be near you, stupid frog-eater bro!"

The killer glare just made her realize her own word " Are you? Then, you can get the first flight to New York, I don't care" he turned away.

" Brooooo! Stop right there!" the rebellious look was gone and now she was pledging, she had gripped his arm and was looking in his eyes worried and sorry.

Even if he was rude towards her, in truth he barely could resist her, so he gave a small sigh and tore away his gaze.

Ren could feel the warm hand on his arm and he was struggling with every inch of himself to keep his true feeling in check.

" I can do it. I can do whatever you ask me. I promise. Just don't push me away, please..."

Cain gave his sister an evaluating look " Really? But I'm not the type who trust so easly..." he didn't even finish his sentence that she was gone.

He stared guilty and worried at the vacant space where she was standing just seconds ago, but Setsu was already back with a red paper like a coupon.

" I was lying and I know you can see through my lies, nii-chan. It isn't that I can't do your task or request, it's a matter of appereance, you Know, my looks... I've to behave in certain ways or I won't live to the others expectations. But you have the priority, nii, I don't want to be away from you. So, please, don't drive me out..." big teary eyes gave the final blow, but she continued, obvious at her victory " I will cook whatever you want. I will behave in the set and I won't flirt with the film crew members..." she corrected herself "I won't flirt with no one just to upset you or get your attention, bro. I promise. Here" she put in his hand the coupon " the proof of my resolution: take this, is a 10-day-Bonus ticket. I will do everything you'll ask me. Everything, bro. Just don't push me away..." and then she took the risk to look in his eyes and she froze when she had seen that smile...

*End flashback*