The second and final chapter of Yours. It might seem repititive, but it's kinda supposed to be. It's the same scen as the first chapter, only from Ageha's POV instead of Yukari's. It's still in secondperson, obviously, and to be honest I don't like it as much. Oh, well. Read and review please, you know the drill.

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He's occasionally aggressive and has a bad attitude at times and can think of a witty remark faster than you can even think. He's gorgeous and strong and talented and just a smidge insecure, and you love it when he worries about you. He really does love his mother, even if he denies it, despit the fact that she sucked as a mom, and he admired his father so much and he adores his little brother.

He's everything you ever wanted.

But you didn't know that then.

All you knew then was that he made amazing dresses and he stood up for his values and he wouldn't back down from a challenge.

And you knew that he would he would save you.

He made you angry, insecure, something, and you were storming out. He wasn't through with you, that was for sure, and he grabbed your arm.

He didn't expect you to pull away.

You fell into the mannequin, you started to panic. He could see that much; your eyes gave it away. He watched you fall for half a second.

And then everything around you went black. All you saw was him and he was running faster than you'd ever seen anyone run, and you barely registered that you were reaching for him at the same time he was reaching for you and then you were in his arms, your head against his chest.

And it felt right.

You had never felt this way before, but strangely the feeling had a name, and right away you knew.

In that instant, you were whole.

And it scared you.

He tried to cover it up by rushing to Kuromine-san's aid, but he was shaken and you were shaken and you were shaken and you know he felt it too.

Looking back, you realize how stupid you were to keep your feelings for him bottled up for so long.

You look at him now and realize: he's all you ever wanted, and he's all you'll ever want.

He's yours.