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Destiny Versus Love

The air was coated with the scent of lavender; the incenses and candles added to the serenity of this occasion. It was a perfectly warm summer's day. Everything was perfect for this wedding. Sango was the most beautiful bride Inuyasha Village had the pleasure of wedding. Miroku was a very lucky man. After all they had been through, it was amazing that they had lived to be wed. The future seemed endless and even though they wanted this moment to last forever, they were ready to start the rest of their lives. Miroku was grinning ear to ear. His mind was without a doubt on the consummation that would take place later on. Kaede presided over the ceremony. Inuyasha watched with a mixture of sorrow and content. He wished that Kagome was there to see this. There was good that came from all that pain and death. He also missed Kikyo; thoughts of what they could have been plagued him. He knew they always would. Kikyo was at rest. Kagome was back in her own time. Everything was as it should have been. By sunset the couple was husband and wife.

By nightfall, Sango and Miroku were alone in the house he prepared for her. Although she was scared, Miroku took her hand and showed Sango the love and ecstasy only a husband can give to his wife. They'd never been so connected. He'd taken her to a celestial high.

When Kagome returned, immediately she and Inuyasha were wed. Inuyasha remembered it being like his friends' except it smelled like cherry blossoms. Coincidentally, his wedding night didn't sear offspring; just as Sango and Miroku's marriage didn't. Even Kagome's futuristic help of timing was to no avail. Inuyasha's hazing didn't help their situation either. However, beyond their fertility, life for them was easy. They blended into village life well. It was the same monotony that left them unprepared for Miroku's death.

The devastation of being barren and Miroku's death gave Sango suicidal thoughts. It was devastating losing that connection. She couldn't see a life without Miroku. The life they had was perfect; the future they saw was even better. She missed him and wanted to be with him, even in death. Without Inuyasha she wouldn't have made it. Like before he took the weapon out of her hands and chastised her to see the light. It took almost a year, but Sango began to live again. She could even live without the careful eyes of her friends. She moved into her own hut.

It seemed like their group was getting smaller as time continued. All that remained from the Inu-tachi was Inuyasha, Kagome, and Sango. Shippou was still training to become a great fox demon. Mastering his magic, he started to come home less and less. Eventually Shippou totally disappeared from Inuyasha Village. Before they could slip into monotony again, Sango had her 20th birthday.

Chapter 1: Sango's 20th Birthday

Inuyasha sat on the top of one of the forest trees as their scent reached his nose again. These were the days his powers were more of a curse than a gift. He closed his eyes and tried to think of something else. It didn't matter. Their images flooded his mind, taunting him. He couldn't catch a break. Everything he was feeling he knew would last all spring. 'Damn mating season,' he thought.

They sure weren't giving him an easy time. Even their daily routines looked erotic. At the moment, Sango and Kagome were washing clothes. The water made Sango's yukata cling to her body. Her yukata, though modest, seemed to exemplify Sango's physical beauty. Modesty could go only so far with curves like hers. And Kagome, thanks to her modern upbringing, never felt out of place wearing sometime short. She had her priestess garbs rolled high enough to escape the water. He loved seeing her long creamy legs. Even after years of marriage, she was still irresistible. They were beautiful, wonderful, fruitful women. They were laughing; music to his ears.

Kagome and Sango carried the clothes back to the village so they could dry them. Sango looked to see the half demon staring at them like prey. She had goosebumps. "Hey Kagome, what's up with Inuyasha?"

"I don't know. He's been acting really strange lately."

"Is he sick?"

"No, I don't think so, but I'll ask Kaede or Myouga about it. They might know something. But enough about Inuyasha, do you realize what tomorrow is?!"

Sango smiled. "I know."

"It's your 20th birthday! Aren't you excited Sango?" Kagome was glad to see Sango about to celebrate her birthday. For a while she was soulless. She could relate. While she was gone, she'd lived roboticly from the heartache of her separation from Inuyasha.

"Not really, but I'm happy you're happy Kagome."

"You never know Sango something wonderful could happen tomorrow." She nudged Sango with her hip. "In fact I have a feeling that it will."

Sango gave her a small smile before looking back to see Inuyasha sleeping in the tree. She shrugged and focused on her clothes.

Inuyasha was having the same dream again. Lately, it was about a mystery woman. She would twirl around him saying his name. "Inuyasha…" Inuyasha would reach for her through an intoxicating haze. She'd slip out of his grip and laugh. Away from his grasp the woman would strip slowly, teasing him mercilessly. Beautiful long hair, tanned skin, she'd glare at him as if to defiantly say "what are you looking at?" Even though he couldn't make out her face, her eyes was the thing that struck him most. They were eyes that were as sharp as a killer's, but yet soft enough to show him her soul and let him in… He'd seen them before. "Mark her." his inner demon would say. "Mark her. Do it now!" The mystery woman would grin. "Go ahead." She'd cock her head to the side leaving it to his will. "Mark me, Inuyasha." Then it would flash. Inuyasha would be making love to the mystery woman while she screamed. "Take me Inuyasha! Mark me now!"

Inuyasha woke up with a more than obvious erection. He hated this. Mating season had always affected him, but never like this. This meant one thing. It was time for Inuyasha and his destined mate to become one. There was no doubt in his mind that his mate had to be Kagome. Kagome had told him that in her time, age 20 was when humans held their Coming of Age. Demon and half-demon bodies put off uncontrollable lust until their mate was fully grown for optimal offspring. Kagome would turn twenty in a couple of months; his body must have been preparing to mate her. They made love plenty of times, but this would be different. This might solve why they didn't have children.

The Next Day…

"Happy Birthday Sango!"

"Thank you Kagome."

Kagome hugged her friend and gave Sango her present. Sango smiled. "Open it."

Sango observed the pretty shiny paper in fascination. This could have been her gift and she'd be happy. Kagome's futuristic devices never failed to impress her. She ripped it like Kagome told her, but saved a piece so she could look at it later. "Wow!" Sango said. It was a silver locket in the shape of a heart. She'd seen Inuyasha with a gold one just like it; hers was smaller. Sango unhooked the clasp. Sango's eyes widened and she looked at it closer. The first shot was of the whole group. The other was a loving shot her and Miroku. Sango's eyes widened and shimmered with unshed tears. he could look at him forever now. She didn't fully lose him. She closed her eyes and allowed the tears to fall.

Kagome hugged her tightly. "I know Sango, I know." She cried some too. She was glad she'd waited until Sango was stronger to give her this gift. Kagome wanted Sango to know that she hadn't forgotten Miroku either and remind her she wasn't alone. She loved Sango.

Inuyasha was in the woods trying to stay away from the girls. He smelled Sango's tears. 'Did someone make her cry? Who the fuck made her cry? I'll fucking slaughter them.' He calmed himself down. He was definitely overreacting and for Sango no less. He smelled Kagome's scent which calmed him down like it always did. He relaxed.

Sango put on her present and thanked Kagome. They both had to go home, but she had fun on her day with Kagome. The moon had risen hours ago. Sango was curious. She hadn't seen Inuyasha all day. She wondered where he was. Then she saw a flash of red. She stopped and grew defensive. "Inuyasha?" It was him. Inuyasha jumped down from the tree and slinked toward Sango. His eyes flashed from red to orange. His grin was, though she hated to admit it, like Miroku's, but a lot more demonic. The growl was he made was almost inaudible, but she still heard it. Sango backed up slowly. She turned around and walked away from him swiftly remembering not to run in his presence. Dogs loved to chase. He wasn't himself and she didn't want him to catch her. When she was safely out of his sight she broke into a sprint. She didn't stop until she got into Kaede's hut. Kagome, Kaede and Myouga jumped. "Something's! Wrong. With. Inuyasha." she said in-between pants.

Kagome stood up and wanted to investigate. Sango stopped her. "Kaede do you know what could be wrong with Inuyasha?"

"Nay child. My knowledge of demon behavior is limited."

"What about you Myouga?"

Myouga rubbed his chin. "Well it could be because of mating season."

"Mating season?"

"Don't you humans know anything? Mating season is the season where demons have an uncontrollable desire to… you know. During this time a demon will take a mate. Mates are destined before birth. Master Inuyasha must be feeling the effects of mating season."

"Oh…" she said wistfully. Sango turned to Kagome. "Congratulations Kagome."

"Whether or not Master Inuyasha has Tessaiga or not, he'll lose control in the presence of his mate."

"I should be fine then." Sango ran her fingers through her hair. She'd lost her ribbon in the forest. She would get that when heading to her home. "I'm going to head home."

Sango ran out the hut and into Inuyasha Forest. 'His mate huh? So I should be safe. Unless its something else. I'm being watched...' Red eyes followed her every movement. Sango looked on the forest floor, trying to ignore her pursuer. She kept telling herself that there was no danger. He'd sped up. Sango found her ribbon and bent to get it. She was pumbled to the ground.

"What the hell?!" She reached for her dagger. Even though it was Inuyasha, she would fight him.

"I've got you, mate." said Inuyasha in a raspy voice. His claws long, his fangs lengthened, and the marks on his face were as bold as ever. Sango tried to stab him, he pinned her flat on her back. The low growl he emitted told her to stay still. Sango did, but only so she'd have the opportunity to throw a smelly pellet at him to disorient him. Inuyasha chuckled. His eyes were powerful scarlet; they shone with malice, lust, and unruliness.

"Mate?" Sango asked confusedly. It finally registered what he'd said.

"My mate" Inuyasha said huskily.

"Inuyasha, you are definitely not yourself right now. I-"

Inuyasha kissed her violently. Sango's eyes widened in shock. His oversized fangs nicked her lip. Inuyasha licked the small patches of blood and continued attacking her mouth. She tried to get away, but the look in his eyes paralyzed her. She wailed, but it was covered up by his lips. He smirked in satisfaction. The demon relished the scent of her fear. He liked the power he had over his mate, HIS mate. Inuyasha broke the kiss and cocked Sango's head to the side. He came crashing down and bit her. Sango screamed.

Kagome and Kaede were preparing for tomorrow when they heard Sango's scream. The priestesses of Inuyasha Village grabbed their bows and ran to the forest. Kagome prayed her friend was okay. Then she arrived. She dropped her bow. She came across the worst sight in the world. Inuyasha had marked Sango.

Inuyasha's scarlet eyes turned back to normal. Inuyasha looked at Kagome. But he didn't know what to say, what could he say? Inuyasha didn't understand it himself.

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Next Chapter- Sango bares Inuyasha's court mark, Inuyasha tries to understand what this means.