Epilogue: Years Later

Tonight? (Four years later…)

Sango tucked in her toddlers and kissed them both on the forehead. They didn't even stir. Finally, they fell asleep. The baby girl in Inuyasha's arms too. She took the girl and placed her on the end farthest away from them. Inuyasha silently celebrated triumph. Their children were asleep! She smiled and rolled her eyes. This small victory made her happy too. Sango crawled next to him and laid her head on his shoulder. Inuyasha put his arms around her waist. It felt good to hold her like this.

The longer he held her the more he started to notice that she smelled amazing. He held her a little tighter and placed her on his lap. Sango gasped and blushed. "Inuyasha" she whispered "we just got them sleep"

"Just don't make too much noise then."

Sango burned hotter. She was so adorable to him. The face she made when he kissed her neck made him want her more. "Sakurako's right there."

"She's sleep, plus I think it'd be a good idea to give her a sister to play with, don't you think?" Inuyasha's eyes were dark ruby as he said this.

She shuddered. There was no way she could be quiet when he looked like that. "It's late. I'm tired."

"You'll sleep real good, when I'm done." He whispered as he pushed forward putting her in his favorite position. Who knew when they'd get another silent night?

Kizu's voice hit Inuyasha's sensitive hearing. "Daddy, I got to go pee!"

Inuyasha swore under his breath, looking at the woman under him. Sango sucked his neck and matching his look. He wanted her badly. Not now…

Since Inuyasha didn't move, Kizu thought he wasn't heard. He decided to shout! "Daddy, I got to go pee!"

This woke up their other toddler, Kaze. "Daddy! Kizu's gotta pee!"

Inuyasha punched the ground in sexual frustration. Their daughter instantly woke up from the disturbance. She started wailing. "I'm coming!" he growled. Sango patted Sakurako on the back scowled at Inuyasha for waking her up. Inuyasha pointed at Sango. "Don't fall asleep."

Sango blushed as Inuyasha left. After Kizu was relieved, his twin had to potty as well. Inuyasha put them back to bed and looked at him. "Is that it?" They nodded. Inuyasha placed his forehead on theirs. They nudged their faces on his. "Good, don't get back up." From bad experience, they knew what that meant.

Inuyasha practically dashed back to bed! He didn't hear Sakurako so he was excited. He was sure it meant Sango put her down for bed.


Inuyasha's daughter smiled at him with her big purple eyes. Sango was still holding her, but she was knocked out.


Kaede's Death (Seven years later…)

It was a tiring day and they still had yet to get to the village to pay their respects to Kaede. Their kids were silent. Usually the atmosphere with Inuyasha's family was happy and loud, but not today.

Surprisingly, it was Kagome who sent word to them that Kaede had died. She arrived on Kirara with the bad news. She was thinking with luck they could make it in time for the burial of Kaede's ashes. The villages looked at them with a mixture of contempt and curiosity. Rin ran up and greeted them. "Hi! Oh my goodness, it's been so long!" Kaze and Kizu looked at her with puppy eyes. She had long hair with flowers in it, a very pretty face, and her feet were covered in dirt. She was their ideal first crush.

They ran into both uncles since they came to pay their respects to the fallen priestess. The boys had fun riding the nekomata while Sakurako loved petting Kirara in her kitten phase. They argued over whose turn it was to get her. Sango won.

Inuyasha glared at his brother. Sesshomaru brushed him off. "Four pups already little brother? Distasteful" Sango gasped and looked at her stomach.

"You asshole, she didn't know yet!"

Kizu looked at his mother. "Another baby?"

"I hope it's not another stupid sister…" Sakurako stuck her tongue at him.

It was sad when they were about to leave. It was rare when they saw their uncles. Kohaku was always on the run and Sesshomaru was Sesshomaru. Inuyasha could sense Sango getting more somber by the minute. She hated death and had much regret when it came to Kaede. When they camped for the night she tried to keep a straight face as Sakurako told her that Sesshomaru took the flower she gave him and that Kirara should wear a bow on her tails. "Mommy, what's wrong?"

Sango realized what Sakurako asked her. She touched her face. It was wet from crying. She couldn't hold it in. "I'm sorry, baby." Sango burst into tears. The boys' eyes were wide in shock. They shrunk behind Inuyasha not liking Sango's distress. Inuyasha embraced her and tried to calm her down. Sakurako started crying too. This was the first time she'd seen her mother cry. Inuyasha pulled her in his arms too. Eventually, the boys came over too.

It was a sad day, but they got through it together.

Coolest Parent (Nine years later…)

Kaze and Kizu looked in awe as Inuyasha slayed multiple demons with Tessaiga. It had been so challenging and he had to use the Windscar (which they were obviously named after) and Kongusouha. Demon parts rained from the sky, but they didn't care. Inuyasha sheathed his sword as his sons ran up to him.

"That was so badass!"

"You were so fucking badass!"

"Naturally." Inuyasha said cockily

A growl was heard behind them, before Inuyasha could take out Tessaiga, "HIRAKOTSU!" Sango threw her Hirakotsu and cut the ogre in half. It disintegrated into the wind. Sango caught it and winked at Inuyasha.

Sakurako's eyes widened and she talked a mile a minute about how cool her mother was. She almost dropped her their baby sister in her excitement. Sango soaked up the praise; Inuyasha 'feh'ed it off. "-and there wasn't even a icky finish!"

Kaze and Kizu folded their arms. "You're so stupid Sakurako, that's the best part!"

Five's Enough (Twelve years later…)

They never really said much. There was never any need for that. It was obvious how much love and passion they shared. Sometimes they would scream arguments that were loud, profane, and violent. There was never an apology uttered, but a silent or passionate resolution. Their biggest argument caused Sakurako to be born nine months later. Kaze, Kizu, Sakurako, Koharu, and Inumaru: they were so precious. Even more now that they were asleep. They never imagined their family growing so much. They looked at all five of their kids before going to bed.

Randomly, Sango kissed him on the cheek and said, "Five is enough."

"No arguments here."

Inuyasha's Nap (Fifteen years later…)

Two teenage boys looked at each other in horror. They always were a mirror of each other, they did everything together. They always got punished together. Today, they knew that they were about to die together. This was bad; each of them had half of the hirakotsu in their hand.

"Damn it, this was your fault!"

"My fault? I'm the one who told you to put it back!"

"Yeah, but you grabbed it and I told you to let go."

"You're such a dumbass!"

"You can't call you're big brother a dumbass, I'll kill you!"

"Grrr…" before the younger twin was about to pounce on his brother, he twisted his head around so he could see a couple of wolf demon preteens talking to their sister.

"Sakurako, you're so beautiful. When you're older, you can have my cubs."

"No, I'm gonna mate Sakurako!" She was surprisingly not annoyed.

They took their pieces of the hirakotsu and threw it at them. "Get away from my sister you shits!"

"Oww okay"

Sakurako walked toward her brothers. The diamond hirakotsu on her back shined in the light; it was bigger than she was. She still handled it without a problem. She looked at them annoyed. "I suppose I should thank you two."

"No shit." Said Kaze, the oldest

"Nobody asked you for your assistance! I needed a moving target…"

"You dumbass! That thing's made out of adamant! You could have killed them!" scolded Kizu the younger twin

"How stupid can you be?!"

"Don't yell at me!"

Inuyasha was laying on a tree above them. His eyes were closed; but the more they talked, the more it was getting harder to ignore them. Kouga leaned on the base of the tree Inuyasha was trying to nap on. "You know if you had raised them here, they wouldn't be as loud."

"Shut up! All of you!" Inuyasha barked. They flinched. Sakurako stuck her tongue out at them and went on her way. Kaze and Kizu gesticulated beating her up until she stopped looking.

For a minute it was silent; but, then Sango screamed. "WHERE'S MY HIRAKOTSU!" The color drained out of Kaze and Kizu's face and they ran in opposite directions. Inuyasha growled knowing thirty seconds of sleep was all he'd get.

Big Brother Moment (Twenty Years Later…)

Inumaru, the youngest of Inuyasha and Sango's children, was running with all the demon children. Kaze had brought him and Koharu, Inuyasha and Sango's youngest daughter, there to play. Inumaru definitely was doing so. Seeing him pin one of the wolf cubs after catching him from a chase made Kaze proud. His baby brother was strong. Koharu was sitting out looking at the ground.

Kaze sat next her. "Why are you being lame?"

"Go away."

"Nope, no can do. Not until you tell me what's wrong."

"You and Kizu are really strong. Not only that, you guys have tons of girls falling for you."

"So you wanna be a strong man that girls like?" Kaze asked confused.

"No, dumbass! Sakurako's amazingly gorgeous, strong, and has tons of guys after her. Even Inumaru's stronger than me. Everyone's faster than me. I don't think I have any demonic powers whatsoever."

"…Lucky you then."


"Demon powers suck. Especially when you get older. Kizu already has a mate, a fox demoness he can't stand. We don't even know the woman Sesshomaru's mated. Sakurako is probably going to be paired up with some dumbshit meathead. I'm scared myself about what kind of woman I'm matched with. I hope you're a normal human so you can skip it."

"I hope it doesn't skip me!"

"That's stupid. Since when were you the stupid sister, Koharu?"

Koharu folded her arms. "That's the only way I can find love, like mommy and daddy. Nobody's going to look at me unless they have to."

"Stupid, no sister of mine is ugly!" Was her self esteem that low that she'd want to be forced to a stranger? Kaze would slap sense into her if she said yes.

"Sakurako had guys asking to mate them at my age! If I'm beautiful like her where's my-"

A wolf demon jumped between the two. He had spiky black hair, deep blue eyes and a smile like his uncle Kouga. He looked the human equivalent of eighteen, and was the object of every teenage demoness's desire. He smirked at Koharu. "Hey gorgeous…"

Koharu's eyes were wide as saucers. Her blush looked like it was trying to cover her freckles. Kaze glared at him and punched him in the face. The wolf prince flew back a few feet. Kaze grabbed him by his arm and pulled him in a private location. "What the fuck is wrong with you, she's 12!"

"Calm down, you inu-brats are the loudest pieces of shit ever. I heard your dilemma and thought I could help out."

"By flirting with my baby sister?!" Kaze was going to hit him again.

"By giving her confidence. She's a cute girl. Eventually she'll see it. Do you think she felt beautiful when you told her? Please…"

Kaze listened to his reasoning and shook his head. It was stupid. He rolled his eyes, girls were stupid. He remembered hating Sakurako at Koharu's age too. Kaze laughed a bit. "Good looking out."

"Always." He rubbed the wound. "I help you, you help me… So, when is Sakurako coming back down?"

"I'll kill you!"

And… (Twenty-Five Years Later…)

Their house was empty. All their kids were grown and left the nest. It was a good feeling. They weren't that old themselves; and, they could do as they wished now. They got to know each other the way they couldn't in the beginning. Each day, they grew as a couple and one thing remained constant.

They were made for each other…

The End

(A/N) Aww, I enjoyed writing this. This will not be my last Inu/San fic. And this will not be the last of my lemons with demon Inuyasha. I liked doing it in oneshot format. I have class tomorrow and I'm soo going to hate myself in 3 hours.

This is what their kids looked like. Kaze and Kizu are identical twins. They have black hair which looked like Inuyasha's if it was in a ponytail. They looked more like Sango, but still have Inuyasha's features, like his complexion and eyes. They have duel blades on their backs when they grew up. I drew so many pictures of them, but they sucked. I wish I could put them on DeviantArt. Sakurako is very attractive and temperamental. She looks like a blend between Izayoi and Sango. She has hair like Sesshomaru, just jet black. She has purple eyes and a hirakotsu made of diamond. She is a demon slayer like her mother and travels with Kohaku. Koharu is very shy and insecure. All her older siblings are great and she has no extreme strength, special power, or speed (Sakurako's extremely strong, imagine how much a diamond hirakotsu must weigh). She's not even popular. She looks like a female Kohaku (hence the name), but with Sango's brown hair and eyes. Inumaru was the only one with the inu family's trademark silvery white hair and amber eyes. That's why she named him Inumaru. He's happy and active. It's like he has all of Inuyasha's power, but none of his struggles. All of them curse badly and have violent tendencies.

I should probably get over myself and upload the picture. A sequel to this is coming. His Hidden Agenda. It's actually a sequel to more than this story, Possession too.