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"Attacks, Specials or Transformations"

"The Z-rays shine again"

Chapter 1: Here we go again!

Part 1

The City of New Townsville, a city with a million stories! Most stories involve a group of special teenage girls, girls with powers and abilities beyond anybodies imagination, girls who through the power of science became the city's protectors from evil, monsters, and all sorts of unnatural disasters, these girls were known as…

"The Lovely Fighting Science legend! Powerpuff Girls Z!"

First was Hyper Blossom the red yo-yo spinning Powerpuff Girl, a peppy girl who appears to be the leader often being the clever and crafty strategist of the Trio!

Second was Rolling Bubbles the blonde blue bubble wand twirling Powerpuff Girl, the sweet, kind and peace loving girl who never turns her back on any body in need!

And Third Powered Buttercup the Green Brunet hammer swinging Powerpuff Girl, the Tomboyish fighter who always ready to defend the weak!

It has been months since the girls defeated the evil manipulating demon known only as "HIM", the one villain that the girls had considered the toughest of all. After sending Him in to space the girls thought their live would be a little easier however they were about to find out, that beating Him was only the beginning!

Inside an abandoned old building lived the girls most stubborn villain, a green monkey with an ambition almost as big as his brain and ego, this was no ordinary monkey this monkey dreamed of ruling the world, and with his strange abilities to make weapons and machines he thought he could do it, the villain was known to all of New Townsville as "Mojo Jojo"!

"I can't believe those smelly girls beat me again!" Mojo said as he cursed at himself "No matter how big, how strong, how scary or how powerful I make my machines….. THOSE POOPYPUFF GIRLS ALWAYS BEAT ME!"

Mojo's frustration and anger grew as he thought to himself "Mojo can't do this alone, but every time I team up with those wannabes they mess up my plans then blame and kick me around." Mojo sat and thought of his current situation "I need a army I can trust, an army of more monsters that will obey Mojo and with that army I can crush those Punypuff girls once and for all!!!… but how am I going to do that? They sent all the black rays that created Mojo and the other monsters in to space, along with that no good traitor Him!"

Mojo felling sad and defeated sat down pondered this "It's not like I can make a device that can locate the black and white rays." Mojo said before looking up and smiling with his toothy evil grin "Of course I can heh heh heh heh ,MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA!"

The next day!

The birds were singing, the sun was shining and the city was peaceful, quite and fun. However one young purple haired green eyed teen girl thought differently.

"I'M BOOORED!" she yelled as she threw her game controller down on the floor "There's nothing to do!" she complained as two other girls came in to the room of the Utonium Labs, a scientific laboratory and home of the Utonium Family, where all new chemicals and machines were developed to make a better tomorrow for New Townsville and the world.

"Don't worry Buttercup, I know how you feel" said the red haired pink eyed girl with a big red bow in her head "Trust me I wish something new and spectacular would happen too!" the red head was cut short by her friend a blonde pig tailed blue eyed girl

"Yeah but Blossom , Grandma always says "be careful of what you wish for!" OK ?" Bubbles proclaimed

"Don't worry Bubbles I know" Blossom continued "It's just the same thing over and over again every day!"

Buttercup then turned to her friends and took where Blossom left off " I know we get up, go to school, a random monster comes out, we save the day, then we go to bed!"

As the girls sighed and talked three new figures walked in, a tall slender man with dark blue eyes and hair followed by a young boy who was basically a miniature version of the man and in his arms a small robotic puppy.

"Now girls." the man started "I know it's boring but it's also your responsibility to protect New Townsville regardless how tedious and annoying understand."

The girls looked at the man and knowing he was right nod their heads "Yes Professor Utonium" the girls stated without enthusiasm .

"That's good" said the boy "Hey Blossom, isn't it your turn to make breakfast!"

"Yeah" yelled the little robot happily "I love the way you make pancakes!"

Blossom giggled at the tiny duo "Ok Ken, ok Poochi!" Blossom said as she patted ken on the head and walked to the dinning area "I'll get right on it"

As Blossom smiled and began getting her ingredients Poochi looked at his friend as he stared and blushed at the red head

"Hey Ken" the dog stated getting his attention with a devious smile "When are you gonna tell Blossom? You know about your little crush on her."

Ken began to panic as he closed the dogs mouth as Blossom looked back only to see Ken smile at her, she then smiled back and continued her cooking.

"Are you crazy?" Ken yelled quietly "I can't tell her now!"

"Ok then when?" Poochi asked

"Umm… soon" Ken responded as Poochi sighed

For sometime now while Ken was hanging out with the girls he always seems more comfortable round Blossom! When ever it's talking about his problems, helping out in the lab or just hanging out, Ken slowly but surely began feeling good around the red head and thought of her as more than just a big sister!

Meanwhile as Blossom was preparing to ad the mix into the pan she noticed the calendar hanging on the wall and realized something.

"Hey Guys!" Blossom Yelled "Do you know what day it is?"

Bubbles thought then answered "Umm I believe today is August 1st"

Buttercup crossed her arms as she thought about it "So, what's the big deal?"

Blossom was shocked to see almost no response from her friends "GUYS! Today is exactly One year since all this started! Our Powers, the Monsters, and everything that happened to us and the city after that!" she explained.

The entire group was left in shock realizing that the red head was right

"Wow" the professor began "Has it been that long already?"

Once Blossom finished with her pancakes the group sat, ate and talked about all that has happened to them.

Blossom started "Wow! A whole year since we became super heroes, with powers, weapons and everything!"

Bubbles continued "A whole year since we got these cute outfits and went on all kinds of adventures!"

and Buttercup finished "A whole year since I had to wear that stupid skirt… but still kick major butt!"

As the girls laughed Ken and the Professor looked on at what they have created

"It's kinda hard to believe huh dad?" Ken stated as he smiled at his father "All this because happened because of one freak accident"

The Professor smiled back at his son as the laughter continued.

"Hey, I have an idea!" Bubbled spoke as she got out of her chair "Lets have a Birthday Party!"

An awkward silence covered the room as the group stood dumb folded by the blonds out burst….

Blossom broke the silence and spoke to her friend "Umm Bubbles… It's none of our birthdays"

"Maybe not ours, but it is the day The PowerPuff Girls were born!" Bubbles cheered "We can have a cake, music, balloons, presents and everything! We can even invite The Mayor and Ms. Bellum!"

Blossom and Buttercup cheered up "That would be AWESOME!" Buttercup yelled "We can have a Bar-B-Q outside! And with our powers we can even make that pool we always wanted"

Blossom turned to the two males and asked right away "So what do you say Professor? If not today maybe tomorrow?"

The Professor nodded and agreed with the idea. Ken and Poochi also cheered but Ken stopped and thought for a second

"Hey wait a minute!" Ken said "Since when did we want to get a pool?"

The girls turned away with cheeky smiles on their faces, then Blossom turned to Ken to convince him the only way she knew how

"Aw come on Ken it'll be fun, besides it'll give us something else to do during summer and besides…" Blossom paused as she began to do different poses in front of the young boy "Don't you want to see me in my new bathing suit?"

Ken's face turned beat red as Blossom continued to tease the boy causing him to studder " Y-Yes, I mean no, I mean I'd love to, I mean" unable to make a straight answer Blossom grabed the boy's shoulder to calmed him down.

"Don't worry Ken it'll be fun" Blossom said as the boy blushed and smiled "It's just something we think we all deserve for all our good work"

The group all laughed and cheered as they began to put their plan into action, but the joyous occasion was cut off by the sound of a small barking dog by the windows

"Poochi, what's wrong?" Ken asked as his robotic canine friend turn to answer

"I'm detecting black Z-ray activity" The news shocked every one in the room!

The Professor and the girls turned to the monitor to see an all to familiar sight

"IT'S MOJO!" all three girls screamed

"It looks like our party plans will have to wait, for now it's time to once again save the day!" The Professor exclaimed proudly.

"RIGHT" the girls spoke as their Rings appeared and their compacts opened as they began to do what they do best, Transform and Save The World!




As the Transformation dance ended the girls posed, showing the world they were ready for action


"All right girls!" Blossom taking charge said "Mojo is attacking the shopping mall, innocent people could get hurt! Lets Roll!"

"Good luck girls" the professor ordered

"And be careful!" His son followed.

"Right!" the girls yelled as they took flight, off to the scene of the action

Meanwhile at the New Townsville Shopping Center, the evil green monkey inside his new and improved "Robo Jojo" was reeking havoc as the people ran and screamed. And everywhere people ran Mojo on his giant robot stole cash register after cash register and people who couldn't get away Mojo caught and put in his cages.

"This is more fun then a barrel of smelly humans!" Mojo exclaimed as he drove his giant mech "Now for phase two, where are those PoopyPuff girls?"

"WARNING, WARNING WHITE Z-RAY INFECTED LIFEFORMS APPROCHING FROM NORTH-EAST" said the feminine voice from the computer in Mojo's Machine

"It works!" Mojo cheered "Now to make like a tree and leave!"

Mojo quickly made haste as the girls arrived at the scene of the destruction only to find no sign of Mojo or the robot.

"Hey, where's mojo?" Bubbles asked

"I don't know" Blossom answered and thought "but something's fishy, Mojo would never leave destruction he created unfinished."

"You're right." Buttercup followed "Mojo's way to stubborn to just leave without us kicking his big green butt."

"First things first" Blossom said as she took command "Lets help the people who are traped or injured before the medics get here. If Mojo tries anything The Professor will let us know."

"OK!" Bubbles and Buttercup said in unity

As the girls quickly finished their job helping the people in need the Professor called on their compacts "Girls, Mojo's at the New Townsville car show, just a 1/2mile from your current location"

"Thanks professor, we're on it" said Blossom as she closed her compact telling the other girls "Come on girls, let go before Mojo gets away again!"

The Girls took off at full speed towards their next destination but once they arrived they were too late. As the girls pondered this mystery Mojo quietly laughed with glee as he left the girls confused. All day Mojo raised panic in a random spot and when the girls arrived he would disappear. Later the professor warned the girls again that Mojo was now down town, however before taking off Blossom thought of something .

"Girls wait!" Blossom called causing Bubbles and Buttercup to turn and look.

"What is it Blossom?" Buttercup asked the red powerpuff.

"Everytime we get close to Mojo he seem to disappear at the last second right?" Blossom asked in turn makes the other two nod in agreement "I think it's because every time we arrive we do it as one unit…so Maybe if we split up and meet at the same location we can trap that evil monkey"

"Good idea Blossom" said Buttercup

"OK Buttercup you go get him on his left, Bubbles you go get his right, I'll go straight at him, then we'll have him cornered" Said Blossom "Alright let get that monkey!"

And with that the Girls Took off in different directions to hunt down and capture Mojo Jojo.

Later in Down Town New Townsville, Mojo after robbing a grocery store of all it's food happily made his robot skip down the street as he ate to his hearts content.

"Ha ha ha" Mojo laughed "This was my best idea yet"

"WARNING, WARNING WHITE Z-RAY INFECTED LIFEFORM APPROCHING FROM THE NORTH" Said the computer but Mojo simply smiled because he knew what was coming

"Woops time to go" said Mojo as he was about to leave, that was…until he got more disturbing news


"WHAT !?!" Mojo sceamed


"Oh no!" Mojo now in a panic put the robot into getaway mode "If they're coming from those three directions, then Mojo will so South"

Mojo tried to escape but he was stopped by the NTPD (New Townsville Police Department) "All right monkey!" yelled one of the police men "FREEZE!"

"Oh! Good idea!" Mojo said as he aimed his robots left hand at the police

As the police looked on at the robot they noticed the hand attached transforming to what seemed like a gun, but before the uniformed men can react a blue and white beam fired turning the force in to a big block of ice.

"What do you think?" Mojo punned "Cool, wasn't it! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!"

"Not so fast Mojo Jojo!"

Mojo turned to see the origin of the familiar sound only to see what he was hoping not to see!

"The Lovely Fighting Science Legend! Powerpuff Girls Z!"

"OK girls you want me?" Mojo sneered "TAKE THIS!"

The battle began as Mojo began rapidly firing his "Freeze Beam" the girls at full speed dodged, flew and attacked doing everything they could to bring down The Robo-Jojo!

"I got him" Buttercup yelled as she with her hammer drawn charged towards the robot as she began her attack "Hyper Sonic Swing!" Buttercup swung her hammer sending a green shock wave towards Mojo. However Mojo saw the attack coming, dodged it and fired his Freeze Beam incasing Buttercup from her neck to her foot in a block of ice.

"Buttercup" Blossom and Bubbles yelled to their fallen friend, but their failure to pay attention causes them to also be frozen in the same fashion as Buttercup!

Mojo lurked over the helpless heroes as he put them next to each other. The girls struggled and grunted as they tried to break the ice but to no avail. Flying from place to place and rescuing people from all the damage caused by Mojo all day caused the girls to grow tired and weak making them unable to break free from their icy prison.

Part 2

"Mwa ha ha ha ha ha! Now that "Phase One" is complete…" said Mojo as he looked upon the nearly frozen Girls "I might as well tell you girls my plan"

"O-o-oh s-s-shut up M-m-mojo" said Buttercup shivering

"Hey now, I'm the villain and all good villains give away their plan to the defeated hero! Everybody knows that!" Mojo explained

"F-f-f-fine, w-w-what is it M-m-mojo?" Blossom said also shivering

"Thank you Blossom" Mojo said as he began his explanation "Today has been exactly one year since all this happened, Mojo wants to rule the world, Mojo wants to put all smelly humans in cages and most all Mojo wants to eat to his hearts content. However, YOU KEEP GETTING IN MOJO'S WAY AND NONE OF THOSE WANNABES HELP EITHER! So Mojo came up with a plan, find more Black Z-rays and make monsters that will help, However they're all in space so I made a device to locate them and you were the perfect test subjects, when you got near I made my get away. And Now that you're too tired to stop me I'll be on my way"

"You're insane" Blossom Objected

"That plan is crazy" Bubbles complained

"You no good, rotten, dirty….." Buttercup roared

"Flattery will get you nowhere girls" mocked Mojo as the head of the robot began to take off like a rocket "Sorry for giving you the cold shoulder, but there's snow way you can stop me now, so why don't you just chill? Bye girls stay frosty! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!"

Mojo took off in his rocket leaving the girls trapped in the ice

"Grrrrr I can't believe this" Blossom growled as she struggled to break free from the ice "I don't know what's worst being trapped in this ice, letting Mojo get away, or having to listen to his jokes! We have to do something!"

"B-b-blossom I d-d-don't f-f-feel so g-good…" said Bubbles as she got the others attention with her shivering voice, her heavy breathing and blue tinted face "H-h-help me."

"BUBBLES HANG ON" Blossom cried to her friend as she and Buttercup struggled to break free "Ugh it's no use we're too tired and weak!"

"MOJO I SWEAR" Buttercup growled "You wont get away with this"

As the girls struggled to break free Buttercup grew angrier. The thought of Mojo getting a way and Bubbles slowly freezing to death only made things worse, that was until Buttercup's eyes began glowing green then suddenly


The girls were free of their icy prisons. Blossom and Buttercup stood up in victory, however Bubbles was shivering on the ground unable to get up. Without a second thought Blossom and Buttercup covered Bubbles body with their vests.

"Buttercup! That was amazing I didn't know you could still do that eye beam! Said Blossom. Buttercup smiled and blushed as she scratched her head "Do you think you can help the policemen too"

"Yeah! I'll try" Buttercup said as she concentrated and thought to herself 'I hope I don't over do it I haven't had much practice with this power yet'

Buttercup took a deep breath as she concentrated her beam to be smaller than it's usual size, in no time flat the frozen force was free. As the men tried to keep warm and catch their breath Blossom helped Bubbles walk with both her arms covered with her teammates vest walk towards them.

"Excuse me, can you watch her?" Blossom asked

The police men agreed and tried to warm up Bubbles. Blossom thankful that they were willing to help turned to the green puff ready to make their next move.

"So now what?" Buttercup asked "We stop Mojo?"

"Exactly" Blossom proclaimed "New Townsville already has enough monsters as it is, if he does somehow make more and they all work together against us we won't stand a chance."

"Your right" Buttercup agreed "Bubbles we'll be right back, try to stay warm ok!"

Bubbles simply nodded her head to respond. The girls then look at each other nodded their heads and took off in to space at full speed to stop Mojo Jojo!

In space Mojo was growing ever more impatient with the search when suddenly, the beacon sounded and Mojo went full speed to his destination "The Dark Side of the Moon"

"Ah ha!" Mojo cheered "The Z-rays, I found them!"

Mojo cheered as he approached the rays frozen in a block of ice due to the lack of atmosphere and sunlight.

"Now all I have to do is thaw them out the ice, separate the Black rays, the white rays and the black dust then I will use the Black Z-rays to create an army of monsters who will work for me and then I WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD MWA HA HA HA HA HA!" Mojo then grabbed the block of ice with claws attached to the robot and opened a slot in the front of the machine placing the ice inside before closing "Computer thaw, separate and compress!" The computer complied and Mojo cheered but unknown to him his victory will be short lived.


"What…!?!" Mojo screamed "But that's impossible!"

"No it's not Mojo" Called a familiar voice

Mojo looked behind to see Blossom and Buttercup exhausted yet still ready to put up a fight.

"I'd love to stay and fight girls, but I gotta fly!" Mojo said as the rocket took off back to Earth with the two heroes in following behind "Annoying little gnats, how did they escape the ice?"

The chase was on as the girls reentered the Earths atmosphere Mojo now grew frantic


"Finally" Mojo said

"SHOOTING YO-YO!" yelled Blossom as her spinning weapon hit the rocket causing the some thrusters to stop

"SONIC SWING!" hollered Buttercup as her attack shattered the glass Mojo was being protected with.

Suddenly Mojo's rocket Stopped and Mojo turned to face the girls with a toothy evil grin and in his hands were what look like two 2-liter soda bottles made of glass. One was glowing with a bright cleansing white light inside it while the other had a dark ominous black light inside.

"Oh girls, look at what I got!" Mojo teased as the girls looked on with surprise and fear at the containers knowing fully well what was inside the casings "Ah I see you know what's inside these bottles I'm holding, I'm also aware that you know if the one with the Black Z-rays breaks they'll be more monsters in New Townsville that you will ever be able to handle MWA HA HA HA HA HA!

The girls were enraged, the situation looked dire because they knew Mojo was right, if one of them made a move Mojo just might break the black bottle and more monsters would attack the city in untold numbers and all three of them just couldn't handle that

"BURSTING BUBBLES!" called a familiar voice as large hi-speed bubbles struck Mojo from behind with enough force to cause him to drop both bottles

"BALLON CATCHER!" the voice called again as another large bubble captured and contained the falling glass bottles.

It was Bubbles to the rescue "Hey girls, did you miss me?" Bubbles asked cheerfully

"Bubbles!" Blossom and Buttercup cheered in unity to their friend

"Ah ah ahhh… CHOO!" Sneezed the Blue Powerpuff

"Bless you!" her friends replied

"DAH CURSES!" Mojo stated with rage as he began pushing buttons franticly in his rocket "Robo-Jojo reattach now!"

The robot reappeared and attached itself to the rocket that was once it's head. The battles recommences. The robot quickly changed both the right and the left hand into Mojo's freeze beams and began shootin randomly at the three heroes as they flew around in all directions confusing the mighty mech. Blossom lassoed her yo-yo around the robots left arm and began pulling the robot around, distracted Mojo did not notice Buttercup using her hammer to quickly dispose of the robots right hand, as Mojo turned to see the damage Bubbles turned he bubble wand on it's side and sliced off the left arm Blossom was pulling. Mojo fumbled and panicked as the girls began to finish the mad monkey off.

"So ladies,…" Blossom asked with a grin "How shall we deal with Mojo this time?'

"No wait!!!" Mojo was now in a panic franticly pleaded with the girls "C-can't we talk about this like civilized beings?"

"Heh heh heh let me handle this girls" Buttercup said as she gave Mojo a menacing look with her glowing green eyes "Besides I need something for target practice."

"NO WAIT!" Mojo screamed as Buttercup fired her eye beams at him.

Mojo continually dodged the incoming lasers with everything he had, but the next move turned out to be his last and one no one will ever forget. As Buttercup shot her final beam Mojo quickly dodged sending the beam to the worst target possible….. The bubble holding the black and white Z-rays.

"NOOOOO!" all four screamed


"I'll shall return!" Mojo screamed as he and his shattered robot blown away by the explosion flew away in the distance!

The Girls although blown away from the explosion crashed into the brick wall of a nearby building. Once free the girls stared in awe as the black and white Z-Rays flew high into the sky. Worried and not knowing what to do the girls began to panic, until they noticed something strange.

"What's going on Blossom?" Bubbles asked her friend hoping she would know the answer "Why are the Z-rays just flying around the sky and not coming down?"

It was a mystery the Z-rays, instead of infecting random people and things were just spiraling around above the great city

"I don't know guys." Blossom answered surprising the other two "I really, really don't know."

The other two simply turned to the sky and looked in awe at the beautiful yet dangerous sight

"I guess we got our wish." Buttercup finally said causing the other two to turn their attention to her "Remember we wished for something new and spectacular to happen… and well look."

The girls could only stay silent as the events unfolding before them happen

"Our birthday wish came true…" Bubbles said trying to change the mood "and we haven't blown out the candles yet."

Blossom and Buttercup turned to the blonde and smile showing their appreciation for their friend for trying.

"Well for now lets go home." Blossom ordered "There's nothing we can do now, the Professor and Ken will think of something." Blossom finished as the girls took of towards their base of operation 'At least, I hope they can think of something.'

As the girls flew home the only thing that came to their minds were the same words over and over again…

What's going to happen now !?!

Meanwhile next to the river near the city there was what looked like a crashed rocket a familiar green and purple figure was finishing his last act before returning to his hide out.

"Well, at least it wasn't a total loss" Mojo stated as he grabbed another bottle and inside the bottle was the one thing all of New Townsville feared…The Black Dust "Unlike the other bottles this one can't be opened or broken easily if at all, so you will never bother anyone again."

And with that Mojo tossed the glass jar in to the river and watched as it drifted towards the ocean. Once the bottle was out of sight Mojo turned to the city and looked towards the sky to see what he and The PowerPuff Girls have done. Mojo put on a smirk to show his excitement and began limping home as he thought to himself.

'Well it didn't go exactly as I planed.' Mojo thought 'But at least things will get a little more interesting around here' "heh heh heh heh heh…ha ha ha ha ha… BWA HA HA HA HA HA !

To Be Continued !

Authors notes: Well what do you think, believe it or not this is my first fan fiction ever posted on the internet. If this chapter was too long don't worry the others will be shorter and there will be plenty of surprises installed. I hope you like it.