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"Specifics or more then one"

The Z-Rays Shine Again!

Epilog: The Science of Love!

Part one!

The city of New Townsville and what a beautiful spring Saturday morning, Birds singing, children playing and most of all love was in the air. Anybody and everybody could feel the effects of the beautiful spring day… all except for one very lonely girl. This young beautiful red head sat all alone in The Utonium Labs where she just sat and thought to herself…

Earlier that day

"Great job girls!" Blossom said as she looked at Mojo flying off from his latest defeat "(SIGH) Lets go back to the lab so we can help the professor clean up."

"Sorry Blossom, Cody and I have plans!" Bubbles said as she flew off "Catch you later."

"Yeah me too, Mitch promised me some uh… some fighting tips." Buttercup spoke as she did the same "See you!"

"Umm… sorry Ms. Blossom I promised Jack that I'd tutor him." Bunny explained flying off as well "Bye."

Blossom and Bloom were left alone, but for some reason Blossom was not in a good mood

"I can come Blossom" Bloom said

"Cheep cheep!" Bullet chirped

"Thanks sis." Blossom said and the sister flew back to the lab

Later the sisters changed beck to their normal forms and walked in where Kasey proceeded to run to Ken where the two best friends proceeded to enjoy each others company, unknowingly putting blossom in a more sour mood.

Present time

'Bubbles has Cody, Buttercup has Mitch, Bunny has Jack and even Kasey has Ken, so… who do I have?' Blossom thought to herself 'As many times as I try, no one will ever give me a second glance… Why?… Am I that unlucky? Am I that stupid?… Am I… am I that… ugly. I'm just… me… does nobody like that? Even the ones my friends introduce me to. My friends have somebody, it's not fai… no I should be happy for them… but… I'm… I'm so… I'm just so… jealous, I can't hate them they're the best friends I've ever had… but… I'm so jealous of them… why me?'

As Blossom sulked to herself The Professor suddenly got a phone call

*Riiiiiing… Riiiiing…Riiiiing*

"Hello, Utonium Labs!" The professor answered "Oh hey, you just got here? Great! Sorry but only one of my helpers are here today, that's not a problem right?… Okay so she'll meet you at the park in one hour… okay, I'll see you later… Bye."

The professor hung up the phone and walked over to the sulking Blossom

"Blossom?" The Professor asked

"Yeah…?" Blossom spoke all gloomy

"I need you to meet someone and bring him here for me."

"Yeah… who?"

"He's a friend of mine I met at The Science of Tomorrow Institute, he's actually a young prodigy about your age."

"Great, I have to pick up a super nerd."

"I don't know what your problem is but he's a good kid, you might like him. All you have to do is escort him from the park when you meet him in about an hour, trust me you'll know him when you see him."

"Fine, I'll go."

And with that Blossom stormed out the lab, leaving the professor displeased at her attitude

"What's with her?"

Later at the park

Blossom grabbed a quick snack and sat down still in this sour mood hoping to see the professor's friend soon when suddenly a ball came by her foot and a young girl came to get it, Blossom looked at the child and saw her running back to her friend who happened to be a boy

'They say there's someone for everyone.' Blossom thought to herself 'Maybe I'm one of those exceptions, (sigh)'

"Well, what do we have here?" A rat like boy said

"Looks like some punk who doesn't know this is our spot." A large round boy explained as Blossom stood up and glared at them

"Lets teach her a lesson boys." The muscular leader ordered as the rat boy grabbed Blossom from behind

"HEY, let go of me!" Blossom yelled as she struggled "NO!"

"Lets do it." The muscular leader said as they came closer to Blossom

'If I transform I can beat them to a pulp' Blossom thought to herself 'But then I'll reveal my secret, what do I do?' "SOMEBODY HELP ME!"

"Hey ugly!" A voice with a Russian accent called making the Muscular boy and the fat boy look and suddenly get hit in their faces with rocks "I can't believe you fell for that. Ha and they wonder why I don't believe in the theory of evolution."

'Huh, who's he?' Blossom asked herself as she looked at the handsome young man, he was slightly taller then her with well groomed red hair and blue tinted black framed big U-shaped glasses, he had pale skin but for some reason he wore a white lab coat, purple gloves and zipper boots over his blue denim jeans 'Wow, he's cute… and about to get pummeled.'

"Why you!" The muscular boy charged at the young man who threw the rock, but every punch he threw kept missing and missing as he kept dodging every attack "Stand still and fight like a man!"

"Let's not and say we did!" The glasses wearing boy stated as he jumped to the side revealing the stairs behind him and with a quick trip and a pat on the back "Have a nice trip see, you next fall." the muscular boy fell down the stairs knocking him unconscious.

"Boss! That's it!" The fat boy said as he charged the red haired boy who moved out the way falling down the same stairs as he landed on top of his boss

"Now for you rat boy!" He said as he adjusted his glasses and walked towards the rat and his hostage

"Stay back!" the rat ordered "You can't hurt me as long as I have a hostage."

"Don't worry, I don't have to lay a hand or foot on you. I already stomped out the competition. So now you will know the agony of defeat, get it."

'What is he talking about… wait… I get it!' Blossom thought as she raised her foot and suddenly…


Crushed the boys foot causing him to let her go "AND FOR GOOD MEASURE!"


Blossom with all her might gave him a quick kick to the… you know what, causing the boy to roll in pain

"Nice!" The red haired boy congratulated "Though, was the last part necessary?"

"Well it made me feel better." Blossom smiled as she explained then noticed something behind the Boy "LOOK OUT!"

The boy saw the muscular boy appear and blocked the incoming back hand that knocked his glasses off his face, the large boy came at him again with another punch. But the red head dodged it and with one quick punch to the chin…


The muscular boy was knocked out with swirls in his eyes

'Wow, with only one punch.' Blossom thought then picked up his glasses from the ground and walked over to him "That was amazing! By the way here's your glasses."

"Thanks, I know how to fight but I prefer not to resort to violence." The boy explained as he looked at Blossom with out his glasses so she could see his beautiful blue eyes, once they were on he looked at Blossom who now had a shocked look on her face "Are you okay?"

"Um… you have a smudge on your glasses" Blossom explained

"Really? Okay." The boy spoke as he took the glasses off to wipe them with his shirt

'HE'S SO HANDSOME!' Blossom's brain exploded by looking at his face

"Huh? Are you sure you're okay?" The boy asked as he put his glasses back on his face

"Yeah, I-I'm fine really!" Blossom said then noticed the bullies trying to get up "Uh-oh we've got to get out of here!"

"I agree, come with me!" The boy began Pulling Blossom to safety, they reached the stairs when suddenly

"AHH!" Blossom slipped and almost fell but the boy managed to catch her "Thank you" and once they got to the bottom they hid behind a bush

"We're safe here…" The boy explained then thought for a minute "Hmm… I have an idea, stay still."

The boy removed his backpack and pulled out what looked like two robotic eyeballs which floated into the and looked deeply at the two

"W-what is that?" Blossom panicked as the eyes released a light which scanned their bodies

"Don't panic, just watch." The boy explained as suddenly the eyes formed wireframes and then clothes, hair, skin and facial features

"WHAT THE?" Blossom Panicked as she looked at… herself "IT'S US!"

"Don't worry, they're just holograms." The boy explained "You see those bullies, just get rid of them."

"Yes sir!" The holograms said then appeared in front of the dizzy bullies "Nah nah, your mama's so fat people thought she was a beached whale when she went to the beach."

"That's it you're dead!" One bully said as they chased the holograms out of the park leaving Blossom and the Boy to laugh at their antics

"That was amazing!" Blossom cheered "Who are you and how did you do that?"

"Believe it or not, I'm actually a scientist!" The boy explained "Let's sit down and rest."

The two sit down as the boy left his backpack on the bench unaware it was still open and a curious Blossom couldn't help but look

"What's this?" Blossom said as she saw something that caught her interest "OMG It's the Major Glory and Galactic Man Team up comic… HARD COVER! I've been looking for this everywhere, I heard it was great!

"It is!" The boy explained "They have to defeat Dr. Diablos who has unleashed an army form the underworld, and the ghost took over all their friends."

"How did they win against Krunk, Val Hallen, and DataMan?

"Well they… Hey wait… you like comics?"

"UH… I… yeah… I do… actually I'm really into super heroes."

"Wow, you're probably the first girl I've met that don't think super heroes are stupid."

"Why would any one think that? Super Heroes are a good source of influence, morality and imagination."

"I completely agree with you… heh even though I'm a teenager I still wish I was a superhero sometimes, that way I could help a lot more people."

"Me too!"



Before the two realized it they were having a conversation with each other, a person of opposite gender

"Uh… Well, it was a pleasure meeting you, but I really have to be going." The boy explained as he got up "I have to meet with someone. See you."

"Hey wait!" Blossom called "That person wouldn't happen to be Professor Utonium, would it?"

"Well yes, but how did you know?"

"Well you said you were a scientist right and the professor told you he would send someone to escort you right?"

"Oh, so I guess you're my escort."

"That's right, he told me I would know you when I saw you. But I wasn't expecting those eyeball things."

"Those were my holo-scanners, they're great for quick escapes and they can never be caught."

"Cool, what else you got in that pack?"

"I'll show you later, promise."

"Okay!" 'So this is the boy I'm suppose to meet huh? He seem nice… cute… kind… cute… smart… and… cute, and when I saw him without those glasses WOW!'

"Hmm, is something wrong?… oh I get it, when you came here you were expecting a prince charming but instead you got me."

'THAT'S THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WAS THINKING!' "Um… heh not exactly, we should be goin… OW!"

"Are you okay?"

"Ow, my ankle hurts."

"Oh man it's swollen, it must have happened when you tripped down the stairs… Can you walk?"

"OW… I don't think so, it hurts."

"Hmm, lets go to the parking lot, I can get ride out there."

"I don't think I can walk that far."

"No problem… Piggy back?"


"Don't worry, I know where it is and it's not too far."

"Um… okay, I hope I'm not too heavy."

Blossom took off her shoes and the boy put them in his back pack and Blossom climbed on his back as he put the pack on his front. Once he started walking they continued their conversation

"See you're not heavy at all." The boy explained making Blossom blush and smile "Hey, wait a minute!"

"What?" Blossom asked "Is something wrong?"

"Ha ha ha The whole time we were talking we never introduced ourselves!"

"Oh you're right that is funny, so what is your name?"

"My name is Dexter, I am a Boy-Genius!

"Oookay, my name in Blossom."

"Blossom huh?… HA HA HA!"

"What's so Funny?"

"Nothing it suits you, a pretty name for a pretty girl that's all."

"H-HUH…I… uh… Y-you think I'm pretty?"

"Of course, who wouldn't?"

"Well… a lot of boys don't think so…"


"Yeah, no one ever gives me a second glance and… they all say I'm too annoying."

"Maybe you try to hard, just be yourself just like you are now."

"Maybe you're right… Thank you Dexter!"

"Heh heh no problem, we're here!"

Dexter sat Blossom down on another bench and took off his back pack started pushing buttons on his watch where a holo-screen appeared

"So now what?" Blossom asked

"Watch this!" Dexter said as he pushed one more button and suddenly a beam of light appeared and out came… a moped "Tah-dah!"

"A MOPED?… Are you a wizard?"

"No, I'm a scientist!" Dexter explained as he handed Blossom a spare helmet and put his own on, suddenly the Holo-scanners came back to Dexter "Welcome back, I take it that you lost the dummies."

'Who is this Dexter, really?'


Dexter started the engine as he helped Blossom on making her grab from his back, the two took off ending the day at the park and beginning a beautiful friendship.

Back at the lab

"Hello Professor, sorry we're late." Bubbles called as she, Buttercup and Bunny entered

"Where have you girls been?" The Professor scolded "I needed you all here to help me with something, but I was only able to send Blossom."

"Sorry Prof." Buttercup explained "We were busy, where is Blossom any way?"

"She went to pick up a friend of mine, believe it or not he's a young Prodigy about your age."

"In other words a super nerd."

"Buttercup be nice." Bunny spoke up

"So what's he look like, is he like 300 pounds with puffy cheeks and pimples or is he tall and skinny with buck teeth."

Meanwhile at a stop light

"AH CHOO!" Dexter Sneezed

"Bless you!" Blossom said

In the lab

"(sigh) Buttercup, seriously." Bubbles spoke up and then thought for a second "But you know Blossom has been in a bad mood lately."

"Yeah, I noticed that too." Buttercup continued "I wonder why."

"I think I know why." Bunny began "I think she's jealous of us."

"Jealous?" Bubbles and Buttercup asked "Why?"

"Well think about it, Ms. Blossom tries harder then any of us for a boy and yet… well… I hang out with jack, Bubbles goes out with Cody, Buttercup hangs with Mitch and even Kasey plays with Ken, yet Ms. Blossom has no body."

"Hey, if there is someone for Blossom she'll find him." Buttercup said as she stormed off

"But Buttercup, we have been avoiding Blossom lately." Bubbles replied "She is our best friend, we should help her feel better."

"Thanks Bubbles." Bunny cheered up "I just hope we can find someone amazing for Ms. Blossom."

Outside the lab Dexter helped Blossom off the ride where he teleported the moped back to where it came from, once done Dexter helped Blossom back on his back as they entered the building

"So, where's the lab?" Dexter asked

"Right here, I can walk from here." Blossom said as she was gently put down to open the doors "Hey guys, I'm back."

"Welcome back Ms. Blossom!" Bunny greeted as she walked up to her friend then looked at her foot "Ms. Blossom, your ankle!"

"I'm fine, it's just a little sprain… OW!" Blossom said as Bunny helped her sit down "Thanks Bunny."

"I'll get some ice." Bubbles said as she whet into the kitchen

"Um Hi…" Dexter said as he came in "Is this your friend?"

"Well yes?" Bunny answered "Can I help you?"

"You just concentrate on her, I'm here to see Professor Utonium."

"Look pal…" Buttercup interrupted "We're busy."

"Okay, I'll get out of the way I just…"

"Our friend is hurt, so why don't you play costume somewhere else."

"Buttercup, be nice!" Blossom yelled "He helped me a lot today and I wouldn't have gotten here on my own if it wasn't for him."

"So what… who is he?"

"DEXTER!" The professor called as he came in to greet his friend "Glad you could make it."

"Hey Utonium!" Dexter said as he shook his hand "How is everything?"

"Hey Dex!" Ken called as he came in "What's up?"

"Yo Ken! Wow, kid you shot up like a rocket since the last time I saw you!"

"Hi Dexter!" Poochi spoke as he jumped in his arms

"Poochi, you can talk?"

"It's a long story."

"I got the ice!" Bubbles said as she put the bucket of ice and water down so blossom could put her foot in "So, who is your friend Professor?"

"Sis, are you okay?" Kasey asked as she came in and held Bullet who pretended to be just a normal doll

"I'm fine Kasey." Blossom said as she rubbed her head "Go ahead Professor."

"Okay!" The Professor began "First off this is my friend Dexter, I met him at The Science of Tomorrow Institute. He is the Prodigy I told you all about."

"Hello there!" Dexter greeted

"Dexter, these are my assistants. This is Bubbles!"

"It's a pleasure to meet you!" Bubbles replied

"Like wise I'm sure!"

"This is Buttercup." The professor continued

"Hey yeah whatever…"

"Buttercup?" Dexter said trying to hold back his laughter "Nice name for a scrappy boy like yourself."


"Really?… You could have fooled me… DUDE!"

"Why you!"

"Buttercup, back off!" Blossom yelled "Besides you're the one who started it!"

"Lets continue." The professor kept going "This is Bunny!"

"Thank you so much for helping Ms. Blossom!" Bunny spoke up

"It was no problem." Dexter Explained "I'm just glad she has friends who can help her too."

"And of course you've met Blossom." The Professor finished

"Yes… Yes I have." Dexter and Blossom looked at each other and simply blushed with a smile "uh… heh heh…"

"And the little one here is my little sister Kasey." Blossom continued "She may be small and cute but trust me, she trouble."

"HEY!" Kasey yelled

"Oh come on Kasey I'm Just kidding, come on cheer up!"

"Ha ha ha Blossom Stop Ha ha ha."

Dexter watched as the two sisters laughed, he gave a small smile and laughed too

"You two are lucky." Dexter spoke making the sisters look at him "I have an older sister and we never get along."

"Okay, now that you know us." Buttercup began "Tell us who you are?"

"Believe it or not Dexter here is a well renowned scientist in the field of robotics and technology!" The Professor Explained "AND… He's the founder of his own robotics and technology company DEX LABS!"

"He owns a company?" The girls all shouted

"I heard of Dex Labs!" Bunny spoke up "It's famous for it's specialty in non-lethal law enforcement weapons, computers and future home appliances. The only problem is that so many of them are so advanced and amazing they're expensive. I also heard that the founder was young, but I wasn't expecting… him!"

"So, this hot shot is the founder of his own robotics company?" Buttercup smugly asked "Prove it."

"Okay, I will!" Dexter proudly spoke as he with the push of a Button on his watch a transparent blue screen appeared before his face, Dexter pushed some buttons on the screen and in the same fashion as his moped a robotic figure appeared. It was a blue robotic female like body with a faced shaped screen where a woman's face appeared "Girls, this is Computress! My robotic assistant built with my Quadraplex T-3000 Computer in as it's processor."

"Good Afternoon Everybody!" Computress spoke as she bowed "I am Computress, if you need information on anything my data can collect I will answer freely."

"WOW!" The girls all gasped with surprise

"You see…" Dexter Began "It teleported by the molecular level, by using the electrons as magnets it starts by separating all the atoms and streaming them through the air ways at 180,000,000 miles per second (That's the speed of light) they comes to my current location and on the same molecular level reform the atoms in the same way they were first. It's easier with inorganic materials to go long distances but for organic materials it's a completely different principle because organic atoms become unstable. Organisms can teleport but they were not made for long distances… Understand?"

"UH…" The girls all responded

"You have no idea what I just said right?"

"Nope… Sorry…"

"(Sigh) Figures… don't worry about it."

"Dexter is amazing, isn't he?" Ken spoke up "In fact our machines, robots and even DyNaMo pale in comparison to what he has up his sleeves, he also has a time machine, dimensional teleporters, giant robots and even…"

"OKAY OKAY that's enough about me!" Dexter said as he pushed the professor, Ken and Poochi out of the room out of the room hiding his embarrassment "Lets get back to the uh thing you needed my help with okay… coming dear?"

"Yes Dexter." Computress replied then turned back to the girl before leaving "It was a pleasure meeting all of you, I hope to see you all later."

The group left leaving the girls amazed yet stunned at the display of this teenage boy, but what the others didn't realized was that Blossom was the most surprised

'Dexter is amazing, but there something about him…' Blossom thought keeping to herself 'He's cute, a genius, fun and he can do all these amazing things… but…'

"Dexter is something huh?" Bubbles asked

'You said it Bubbles!'

"Yeah whatever." Buttercup scoffed "He's sill a super nerd."

'You haven't even given him a fair chance Buttercup.'

"He's a great inventor and he owns his own company." Bunny stated "What's really amazing is that he's our age."

'If only these guys saw what I saw… his eyes, those gorgeous but lonely eyes.'

"Hey guys, I just thought of something." Kasey spoke up

'Oh no!'

"If he's so popular and has his own company…"

'don't say it!'

"Does that mean… he's…"


"… He's rich too?"


Steam blew out of Blossom's head as if her brain exploded at the thought of everything Dexter was, causing her to fall back on the chair

"Ms. Blossom!" Bunny called looking a Blossom "Are you okay? Speak to me!"

"Dexter…ha ha ha " Blossom muttered as she dazed "He's cute… and… Smart… and… rich… ha ha ha!"

The girls were left dumbfounded as they were unsure of what to make of their dazed friend…

Hours later after Blossom regained consciousness the girls spent the rest of the day together but Dexter kept to himself tinkering with every machine in the Professor's lab, which left Blossom a little uneasy.

"See you later guys!" Bunny spoke as it was time to leave

"Catch you later!" Buttercup spoke

"Bye!" Bubbles cheered

"Hold on guys, you can all go ahead" Blossom said as she packed "I'll catch up, okay?"

"Okay!" the other girls said as they all walked home

Blossom walked to Dexter as he worked on a strange machine

"Um… Dexter!" Blossom called making Dexter put his wrench down and look at her

"Yes Blossom?" Dexter spoke to her

"Well… you really haven't said anything to me or my friends since you came in."

"Well, why would any one want to talk to me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well you all seem to get along, I didn't want to ruin that."


"Don't worry about it… despite all that stuff everybody said, I'm really just nobody to you guys. I'm… just another nerd to everybody."

"Dexter… forget it… I'm leaving!"

"Okay… hey wait… here, I know you want to read it."

"Huh… isn't this the same comic as before?"

"Yeah, I already read it like twenty times and I'd figured you would like it."

"But… Dexter… I…"

"Don't worry about it."

"It's not that… Dexter, how can you say you're nobody?"

"W-what do you mean?"

"Well… remember when you helped me in the park?"


"You didn't have to help me you know."

"If I didn't help you, who would?"

"…Nobody would… because… you are one of the kindest boys I've ever met."

"B-but Blossom… thank you."

"You're smart, you're funny, you're not at all a bad person and… well… I don't know you but…I'm sorry." Blossom said as she hid her face as she ran off "Thank you."

"Blossom wait I…" Dexter said but Blossom and her friends were long gone, Dexter couldn't believe what just happened

Meanwhile at Mojo's Hide Out

Ow my aching… everything!" Mojo said as Mojo Jr. wrapped more bandages on him

"Dad, you have to take it easy when trying to take over the world." Mojo Jr. explained

Mojo Jr. grabbed the news paper and read it to his father

"Dad, listen to this!" Jr. called as he read the front page "The young owner of the world famous robotics and technology company, Dex Labs, is here in New Townsville."

"I've heard of Dex Labs." Mojo spoke "If we had this kids skills, the world would be ours!"

"Hey, I know! Why don't we kidnap him and force him to make robots for us?"

"That's not a bad idea son, but how will he make him do what we tell him."

"We could uh…"

"We have to get past the PowerPuff Girls first, but that's no problem especially once I finish my new Exo Robo-Jojo 2000!"

"It's your most powerful and beautiful robot yet, why don't you use it?"

"I can't bare the thought of using it before it's perfect, now lets just get some rest. Tomorrow I'm going with the others at the spot, Okay?"

"But dad!.. Okay…" 'I know my plan will work and if dad won't use you, I will.'

The two ape-men went to bed and got ready for tomorrow

Part: 2

The next day outside the lab

The girls all walked to the lab all wondering why Blossom was so silent

"Ms. Blossom, are you okay?" Bunny asked

"Oh, I'm fine Bunny." Blossom answered

"Did that jerk say something to you?" Buttercup spoke

"He's not a jerk Buttercup! He's very nice and he…"

"Blossom?" Kasey asked

"Girls, he… he's just lonely, but he's very nice and seems friendly."

"Well, I do agree with you Blossom." Bubbles replies "But…"

"But, when I was with him he talked so lowly about himself."

The girls all stood silent as they reached the lab and entered to see Computress in the kitchen corner of the lab

"Good morning girls!" Computress greeted "Would you like something for breakfast?"

"Okay!" The girls all said

"So where's dork-ster?" Buttercup asked

"DEXTER… Is asleep on the couch over there!" Computress explained and Buttercup walked over to the couch to see the snoring Dexter

"Ha ha Hey Guys ha ha Check it out ha ha ha!" Buttercup laughed as she looked at Dexter as he drooled in his sleep with a blanket covering his waist and legs and all he had on was a black t-shirt and on the table on the side were his glasses "Heh heh heh."

"Buttercup, we're going to the lab coming?" Blossom called as the girls went to the lab as Computress prepared Breakfast

"Coming!" Buttercup called as she walked into the lab and closed the door behind her

"Alright Butter… Is that… why did you take Dexter's glasses?"

"Just having some fun."

"Really, what do you have against him?"

"He's a nerd!"

"So is Bunny, does that mean she's not your friend?"

"No I… look… we got off on the wrong foot yesterday okay, but you have to give me one good reason to be nice to him."

"Okay, yesterday at the park…" Blossom explained about the Bullies and Dexter's kindness "… and that's why I want you to know him."

"Fine, fine I'll try." Buttercup spoke then heard a noise through the door "Hey, hey listen."

"What the… OW… where are my… OOW!" Dexter spoke as he crashed on random objects "My glasses… OW dang it!"


"AH HA HA HA HA HA!" Buttercup laughed

"What's going on guys?" Bunny asked

"Buttercup stole Dexter's glasses" Blossom angrily explained "And now he can't see."

"BUTTERCUP!" Bubbles scolded "Give those back, you know better!"

"That's not nice Buttercup!" Kasey joined in

"Cheep cheep!" Bullet chirped

"Okay okay fine, I'll go and…" Buttercup began when Dexter suddenly opened the door

"Hey, girls have you seen my glasses?" Dexter asked leaving the girls stunned beyond belief as they looked at his face

"Um… you… uh… I…here…" Buttercup stuttered as she handed back his glassed

"Oh man, thanks!" Dexter said as he grabbed them from Buttercup and put them on then looked at Buttercup "Huh… what's wrong?"

"You uh… have a smudge on the lens."

"I do? Okay!" Dexter said as he wiped his glasses revealing his face again

'NO FREAKING WAY!' Buttercup thought out loud

"Huh is something wrong?" Dexter asked as he looked at the stunned girls in confusion, suddenly he realized he was only wearing his black t-shirt AND his baby blue boxers "WHOA uh… heh heh heh… I'll uh… I'll get some pants on… uh sorry!"

Faster then lightning Dexter ran out slamming the door hiding his embarrassment

"Wait!" Buttercup began "WAS HE THE…?"

"Same guy you were picking on?" Blossom finished for her "Yup!"

"Hey girls!" A voice called surprising the girls

"Hi Ken!" Kasey greeted then looked at his waist "What's with the belt?"

"It's cool Dexter gave it to me watch!" Ken explained and then disappeared then reappeared in different locations all over the lab then finally reappeared in front of the girls again where they applauded "It's a teleportation belt!"

"COOL!" Buttercup said in amazement "Let me try!"

"No fair, I want it!" Kasey yelled

"Can I go next please?" Bunny asked

"No me, no me!" Bubbles called

As the girls argued Dexter walked back into the lab fully dressed, he smiled as he looked at the girls, but then he turned to Blossom and turned away with a blush but still managed to talk to her

"Hey." Dexter spoke

"Hey." Blossom followed

"Uh listen about yesterday…"

"Don't worry about it!"

"Oh okay."

"Listen, do you want uh… see the town?"

"Well, I'm really kind of busy."

"Just take a break, you were working all day yesterday."

"But I…"

"Trust me, fresh air never hurt anyone."

"… okay…"

"Great! We'll leave at noon!"

Blossom smiled making Dexter blush, later The group all enjoyed breakfast and Blossom was the first to finish then she walked over to Computress

"Umm Computress?" Blossom called

"Yes Ms. Blossom?" Computress responded

"Can you… tell me more about Dexter… Does he have any friends?"

"… The truth is… he used to have but… people change."


"Usually people around him want nothing to do with him, simply for the fact of his ever growing intelligence and soon his friends felt intimidated."

"What?… but…"

"I… am Dexter's only true friend and… I worry for him. He looks outside all the time at all the children his own age. He will never admit it, but he is jealous."

"Oh I see."

"Why do you ask?"

"OH… no reason."

"When you are around him, both of your body temperatures rises and your heart rates increase."


"There is no need to worry, I just hope you and Dexter have fun."

"…Okay Computress… Thank you."

"Any time Ms. Blossom."

Blossom walked back to her friends and talked to them about the plan. As they all sat by the table drinking their drinks

"So, I decided to get to know him better." Blossom explained

"Whatever you think is okay." Buttercup spoke up

"Dexter does seem nice." Bubbles explains "Maybe a tour around the city would help."

"Just be careful Ms. Blossom okay." Bunny complied

"I hope you two enjoy your date." Kasey blurted out


"IT'S NOT A DATE KASEY!" Blossom yelled with embarrassment

"Suuure it's not!" Kasey spoke slyly

"Why you little…"

As the sisters argued the others simply laughed at them and wished Blossom the best. As time went by Blossom met Dexter by the front door

"So um… Are you ready?" Dexter sheepishly asked "Lead the way."

"Okay." Blossom responded "Why are you still wearing your lab coat?"

"Oh, I'm just… uh…"

"I know, tie the sleeves around your waist. It's not cold today."

"Uh, okay" Dexter did as Blossom said revealing his black shirt "I never thought of this, NICE!"

"See? That's much better… it would be perfect with out the gloves and boots though, forget it LETS GO!"

And so the two walked off into the city… quietly… repeat after me… AWKWARD!

"So tell me… really…" Dexter began "Why do you want to spend time with a nerd?"

"Why not?" Blossom started "People consider Bunny a nerd and sometimes even me."

"Really? Okay!"

"Dexter… about yesterday, why would you say that about yourself."

"Well… why not… no one really wants to hang out with a smart guy."

"That's not true!"

"Come on, there's always the smart loner in a class that no one want to go near him simply because he's smart."

"Dexter that's enough, I wanted to hang out with you because I want to know who you are. Besides, I know what it feels like."

"What do you mean Blossom? I'd figure any guy would go for a girl like you."

"You'd be wrong… Besides the others at the lab, I have no friends."

"Oh, I had no idea… okay so shoot, what do you want to know."

"That's better… okay do you go to school?"

"I graduated from collage when I was thirteen, that was my second time."

"Really from college? What happened the first time?"

"I went in when I was ten, and OH MAN… party, party, party every night, it drove me nuts. Sometimes I think people pay to go to college just to come out even dumber."

"Tell me about it hee hee… family, you said you had an older sister right?"

"Correct, her name is DeeDee, she's a ballerina and we don't get along."

"How come?"

"Even before I opened my business I had a hidden lab in my room, and I tell her all the time "DEEDEE, Get out of my La-BOR-atory!" and she still comes in and Man, telling her not to break something is like telling the sun not to shine! True story, I had found a cure for a rare and deadly cancer then she comes in and ruined everything, the data, the formula, the papers, everything! And she laughs about it!"

"Is she really that mean?"

"No she's just stupid, that's why she's held back in school. But she's the favorite among our parents, all because she's the neighborhood champ and because she's the most popular girl in school. I'm the smartest kid in the world and… that doesn't mean anything to them."

"Hee hee!"

"What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing just the way you said Laboratory. Don't worry, you say To-MEI-to I say To-MAH-To. But besides that I'm sure your parents love you."

"Yeah, I guess."

"So what's it like owning a business?"

"Tiring really. I always wanted to make the world a better place with my inventions, but no body take me seriously cause… I am just a fifteen year old hid. Also I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm not as rich as I should be, because nobody will give me the correct equipment I need without the right price. That's all it is, Money money money. It's really stressful!"

"And that's why you need to relax and have some fun. Not with machines but with other people, some great scientist get inspiration from other people."

"Sure why not, so any plans."

"Well, no good movies are out now."

"I know, Major Glory the Movie is coming tomorrow! How about I take you and all your friends to see it, my treat!"

"Really, that's sweet but… Bubbles and Bunny are really not in to those kinds of movies, Buttercup thinks it going to suck unless someone convinces her and The Professor and Ken usually work."

"What about Kasey, your little sister?"

"She doesn't want to go unless mom and dad go."

"And you don't want to see it without at least one of your friends, right?"


"Don't worry about it, I won't see it until the DVD release either."

"You don't have too."

"I want to…"

"Your sweet, you know that Dexter"

"Um… really?… ah ha ha… Thanks!"

"Okay then, ON WITH THE TOUR!"

The two teens went on their way unknowingly being followed

"So that's Dexter huh?" The shadowy figure sneered "Perfect heh heh heh."

Dexter and Blossom spent all their time in the city, talking, shopping, enjoying each others company and most of all laughing. Later in an arcade they began enjoying their time together as much as they could…

"KO! PLAYER TWO WINS!" the fighting game machine explained

"HA, in your face Dexter!" Blossom gloated

"Man, stupid things rigged." Dexter glowered "Lets play the racing game next, I'll make you eat so much dust that you'll throw up!"

"Bring it on!"

The two happily raced to the machines but stopped to see a crowd booing the same bullies from yesterday as they got off the new music machine.

"MAN, YOU AIN'T NOTHING!" The Machine spoke "F+, Now get out of here!"

"What's that?" Dexter asked

"That's the newest type of music game!" Blossom explained "It's called the Free Styer, you either pick a beat sing for your own song with a mike and the keyboard or play one of the in loaded songs and it judges you!"

"Oh cool!"

"Yeah, but I don't really like rap music."

"I love it, but I can't stand that gangsta crap. I don't want to hear about the streets you messed up, about revenge on the girls that did you wrong, violence, crimes, drugs, sex, or about how you think you're better than everyone, I want to listen… to MUSIC!"

"So, you think you're better then me sucka!" The muscular boy asked

"You?" Dexter spoke "Definitely!"

"Prove it, Play the game."

"No thanks, come on Blossom we're leaving."

"Ha, look at the chicken run!"

"Better a live chicken then a dead duck!"

"Yeah that's right run, and take your ugly girlfriend with you."

Dexter was about to reach the door then stopped and turned to the punk and walked back towards him.

"Say what you want about me, but leave her out of this." Dexter growled "Lets play."

"Ha, I'd love to see you lose!" The bully teased

"You got an F+, at least I can't do any worse then you."

Dexter climbed on the game stage and set everything up for free style mode

"Ah ha, that's the beat I want!" Dexter cheered as he got the mike and keyboard ready

"Dexter." Blossom said with worry

"Ha, watch this!" The bully stated "BOO!"

Suddenly the music began and the audience was stunned at how calm Dexter was as he played with the beat and Keyboard

I got a secret (secret) Formula,

It's just a little bit of "I" and a little bit of "O"!

I got a secret,

So keep it on the low,

Never tell you, make sure nobody knows!


In my lab I got HITS

In my lab I got RHYMES,

In my lab I got FUNK,

In my lab…

Conspirators, try to finds the secrets to the lab,

But information won't leak, cause I keep it in the lab!

Top security, so thieves can't have,

No way to obtain, no way to have!

You can't grab on to what's not possible,

Why risk your life going through these obstacles?

Don't even try to get it! (Don't even try to get it!)

A lot of people attempt it, But they got to get it!

And what they got they didn't,

Yo, the secret's hidden,

That's just the way the songs written BRO!

I got a secret (secret) Formula,

It's got a little bit of "I" and a little bit of "O"!

I got a secret (secret) Formula,

It's a little bit of "I" and a little bit of SOUL!

I got a secret (secret) Formula,

It's just a little bit of "I" and a little bit of "O"!

I got a secret,

So keep it on the low,

Never tell you, make sure nobody knows,


I know something that I can't tell,

I know something I can cause…

In my lab I got BEATS,

In my lab I got HEAT,

In my lab I got RHYMES,

In my lab I got FUNK,

In my lab I got SKILLS,

In my lab I got RHYTHM,

In my lab I got


You can smell it way before you step in the lab,

Making Dex go Deft when I poke it in my lab!


(Break It, Break It)

Talk about.



I got a secret (secret) Formula,

It's got a little bit of "I" and a little bit of "O"!

I got a secret (secret) Formula,

It's a little bit of "I" and a little bit of SOUL!

I got a secret (secret) Formula,

It's just a little bit of "I" and a little bit of "O"!

I got a secret,

So keep it on the low,

Never tell you, make sure nobody knows! (Knows, knows, knows)

The crowd stood silent… but then suddenly like a huge explosion

"WHOOOOOOOOOOAAAAA!" The crowd cheered as loud as they could making Dexter Blush

"Oh, Man!" The game began "You is da BOMB! S+ Ma Man! And as a prize a free CD with your single, for bragging right WOO!"

Dexter walked with his CD off the stage making the crowd run to him but he managed to avoid them and walked to the bully and his posse all with shocked looks on their faces

"Your turn… SUCKA!" Dexter teased then extended his hand to Blossom "Ready to leave?"

"UH Sure!" Blossom was Happy, stunned but happy and as they left Blossom stuck her tongue out a the still shocked bullies

"Hey girl!" A random girl called "Your boyfriend is awesome!"

Blossom's face turned red as they exited and walked to the park for some well deserved rest, Dexter was having fun but Blossom stood silent

"Hey Blossom?" Dexter asked "You're awfully quiet… I get it, I'm sorry. I let my pride get the best of me… again… and I had to stand up for you…"

"It's not that…" Blossom spoke up "So… you make music too?"

"Well I… my parents forced me to play piano and I grew to like the turn table and the keyboard, so to release my stress I make up some beats sometimes… I'm really not that good."

"Dexter, you were great! There's nothing wrong with doing something other then science!"

"Really? Thanks! So do you have any talents?"

"I… can… sing."

"I'd like to hear that voice of yours, we can make beautiful music together."

"Cut it out silly ha ha!"

"Oh, come on ha ha!"

"So, how is your day of freedom?"

"It feels… really good! This city is amazing, I wish I could see everything!"


"Yeah, so… have ever met the PowerPuff Girls? I hear they are Amazing!"

"They are trust me… and one might be a lot closer then you think."

"Blossom, thank you. For making me feel like I matter to other people."

"You too Dexter and… I… uh…"


Without knowing it Dexter's gloved hand was on top of Blossom's gentle hand and with out realizing it they gazed into each others eyes slowly coming closer and closer together as if they were magnets full of a new strange sensation… suddenly


"Ah ha, I found you!" Mojo Jr. yelled from inside his fathers brand new Exo Robo-Jojo 2000 "You're mine Dexter!"

"Who or what the heck is that?" Dexter asked

"It's Mojo Jr.!" Blossom called when suddenly one of the hands grabbed her "AAAHH!"

"BLOSSOM!… Let her go!"

"Sure, on one condition." Mojo Jr. sneered "You come with us and do everything my father and I command!"

"NO, Dexter don't!" Blossom begged

"Don't worry Blossom, I'll be fine." Dexter explained as the robot grabbed him threw him in the chest where a prison was, suddenly Blossom was thrown in with him "Hey wait, we had a deal!"

"I know I said I'd let her go." Mojo Jr. explained "I never said when! She's insurance! Ha ha ha ha ha! I got a secret (secret) Formula, It's just a… Dang it, that song's still stuck in my head!"

Mojo Jr. laughed as the robot took off with his prisoners. All seemed to be going well for the little villain when de decided to land by the docks.

"You two stay put!" He teased the prisoners "I'm going to get some dinner for us."

Mojo jr. Transformed into his human form and went to the store, meanwhile the two tried their best to stay calm

"Dang it, this thing is well built!" Dexter spoke in frustration as he kept typing on his Holo-screen from his watch "I can't hack his systems… Blossom I'm sorry, I guess nothing good comes from being with me."

"It's not your fault Dexter, we'll find a way out." Blossom explained as she looked around "I guess there's no choice… Dexter, I'm going to get us out of here!"


"Remember when I said they might be closer then you think?"


"Hee hee…Hyper Blossom!"

Blossom transformed and bended the bars opened for them to escape. Once wide enough Blossom picked Dexter up and flew out away from the robot, but not too far away

"BLOSSOM!" Dexter yelled in shock "YOU'RE A POWERPUFF GIRL?"

"Yeah, Sorry I didn't tell you." Blossom explained "Please don't tell any one."

"…Don't worry, I promise. Besides we all have our secrets."

"Thanks hee hee!"

"Um… can you… put me down now?"

"Oh sorry, hee hee!"

Blossom complied and put Dexter down on his feet

"Why are we still at the docks?" Dexter asked

"So, I can teach Mojo Jr. a lesson."

"THERE YOU ARE!" Mojo Jr. appeared in a very sour mood "YOU BENT MY BARS YOU LITTLE… where's the other girl?"

"She's safe!" Blossom answered as she flew to attack "And now you have to deal with me… SHOOTING YO-YO!"

Blossom attacked but Mojo Jr. dodged and swatted Blossom away only to have her land back on her feet

"I won't let you scratch the paint!" Mojo Jr. yelled

"The paint's the last thing you need to worry about!" Buttercup called making every one look into the air "Attack!"

"Bursting Bubbles!"

"Sonic Swing!"

"Kendama Cannon"

"Bullet Ball: Volley Spike!"

The girls all attacked only to have Jr. dodge franticly and land in the water


"Are you alright?" Bunny asked

"Yeah!" Dexter answered

"How did you find us?" Blossom then asked

"Poochi sensed black Z-Rays!" Bloom answered "We saw the camera when he kidnapped you and when you transformed he were able to find you!"

"Thanks guys!"


"Uh… yup!"

"Wow, what a day!" Dexter said as he stood in front to get a good look at all the girls "Unbelievable!"

Suddenly Mojo Jr. and the robot appeared behind Dexter forcing him to turn around

"At least water doesn't effect it!" Mojo Jr. sighed "Now prepare yourself!"

"Hold on a minute!" Dexter ordered halting the action "I'm confused about something!"

"What do you mean you're confused?" Mojo Jr. opened the top glass and stood up proudly "You're suppose to be a genius!"

"Why are you so worried about a scratch?"

"Well, this is my dad's new Exo Robo-Jojo 2000 and I can't let anything happen to it!"


"So, what's the problem?"

"Well it's just that, scratch or no scratch won't your dad kill you anyway for taking his shiny new robot for a joy ride without his permission?"


The group stood silently as Mojo Jr. stood stunned realizing his mistake

"AHOU!" a lone crow called flying in the background "AHOU… AHOUKA!"


"Seriously?" Dexter asked stunned

"Oh brother." Blossom sighed

"Uh oh!" Bubbles blurted out

"What an Idiot." Buttercup moaned

"I hate to be in your shoes." Bunny stated

"You're going to get in trouble!" Bloom sang

"Chee hee hee hee!" Bullet laughed

"M-maybe dad wont find out." Mojo Jr. hopped

Meanwhile back at Mojo's hide out

"Junior, I'm home!" Mojo Jojo called "Junior?… … JUNIOOOR!

Back at the docks

"Why do I suddenly feel like I just dug my own grave?" Mojo Jr. Shivered

"Well you can figure that out yourself." Dexter said as he and the girls began leaving "We'll just be going now. See you!"


"What the… WOAH!" Dexter shouted as he dodged the robot's hand

"If I take you as my prisoner dad will forgive me!" Mojo Jr. explained

"Guess I have no choice." Dexter began as he activated his holo-screen from his watch "I'll use this… and take care of you myself."

"But Dexter?" Blossom worriedly called

"Don't worry Blossom, I'll be fine." Dexter explained as a small silver backpack appeared attached to his back "There we go!"

"YOU'RE MINE!" Mojo Jr. shouted as he made the robot throw a punch at Dexter, when suddenly… "WHAT?"

"No way!" Blossom spoke in shock

Everyone stood in shock as the robot's arms were blocked… by robot arms coming out of Dexter's pack. Suddenly Dexter's robotic arms began crushing Mojo Jr's robotic hands causing him to back away. Suddenly Dexter was lifted up in to the air by robotic legs, now the stage was set.

"You think you're the first to think I'm nothing but a weakling because I'm a nerd." Dexter sternly spoke on his machine "Normally, I can fight guys twice my size with out anything or any problem. But where I really shine is up here, I can build just about anything my mind can think of and I always think of the possibilities of a better future. This is my D.B. Exo Battle Suit, a special combat unit I built for myself for just such an emergency. Normally, I'm just an outcast because no one would accept me, so I stay in my lab day in and day out all because of my curse. But today was special… a cute girl decides to show me a good time, something nobody would ever think of because I'm nothing but a nerd and for the first time in a long time… I was happy because of someone else. I may be smarter then most of the people I know but it didn't matter because she saw me as a human being… and I liked it… And then you come out of nowhere to use my gift for evil? Ruining my day of fun, a day I almost never have?… Now I the founder of Dex Labs, I the world renowned expert in robotics and technology, I the young prodigy of The Science of Tomorrow Institute… I… Dexter: Boy Genius… am officially PISSED! HAAAAA!"

"Oh yeah!" Mojo Jr. taunted "That stupid thing only has arms and legs and no armor, you can't win with such a puny thing!"

"It may not be as ridiculously bulky as that monkey suit of yours, but at least it gives me speed!"

The jets activated on the robots legs and charged at Mojo Jr. and The Exo Robo-Jojo 2000. Jr. Threw a punch at the suit but Dexter jumped over and from mid air fired it's laser machine gun. Jr. could only block then Dexter charged and with the other hand punched the robot making it fly a good distance away.


Having no choice Mojo Jr. got up and stared down Dexter who just smiled

"OW! THE SUIT! WHY YOU! How can that Puny thing punch me so hard?" Jr. Growled

"You are so stuuupid!" Dexter teased "Don't you know the principles of velocity? Put power and no speed and my punch and it can easily be dodged or it'll be too weak to do anything, but adding power and speed and the punch will do a little damage. However my punch alone wouldn't do much so if I wanted to hit you hard enough I need more power right… WRONG! I needed more speed to replace the power, so when I charged you the speed gave me the power I needed. GET IT!"

"WOW!" Bloom blurted out

"You can say that again!" Blossom explained


"It was a figure of speech Bloom."

"I know but… WOW!"

"Give up Monkey Boy!" Dexter teased

"NEVER!" Jr. said as he struggled to get the robot up and charge Dexter

"Have it your way… activate FLASH BULB!" Dexter yelled as a huge flash a light came out the palm of the robot's hand

"AHH! MY EYES!" Jr. Screamed as he stopped the robot and covered his eyes

"My turn!" Dexter commented as the suit's rockets launched him several meters in the air right above the robot where the suit's gun changed into a different gun that began to glow more and more as if it was charging "Ready?… here it comes! E.M.P. Burst Cannon… FIRE!"


The gun fired a large beam of energy right on top of Mojo Jr. and the robot

"Huh? What the? AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Mojo Jr. screamed like a little girl as he was zapped by the giant laser causing the robot to explode


"WHY MEEEEEEEEEE?" Jr. cried as he flew off into the distance ending his day of terror

"Like father, like son I guess." Buttercup stated

"Yup, and you can bet that both of them will be back." Bunny explained

"Sorry about that." Dexter spoke as he landed, changed the robot back to a pack and teleported it back to wherever it came from "Like I told Blossom, I rarely do violence."

"Maybe you should do a little less." Bubbles explained making Dexter turn around

"Huh? WHOA!" Dexter yelled as he saw most of the docks they were standing on gone and the water below fell into a ditch under the water like a unplugged drain, he then turned to the girls and stuck out his tongue as he gave a silly look "Ha ha Guess I over did it ha ha!"


The girls all fell over then got up to look at Dexter who offered to extend his hand to help Blossom back up

"Sorry about today." Dexter apologized

"Don't be, in a way we still had fun." Blossom explained "For now lets go home."


Everybody left and the crisis was adverted, well not all of it…

Later back at Mojo's Hide Out

"Junior…" Mojo spoke trying to keep his anger in check "What happened to my baby?"

"Well… uh… you see umm…" Jr. Stuttered nervously

"Don't tell me the PowerPuff girls destroyed it."

"Okay the PowerPuff girls didn't destroy the robot… that Dex kid did."


"Don't worry, I wont underestimate him next time!"

"Oh really?"

"Um dad?"



The next day at the lab

"Okay guys!" Bubbles called "We'll see you later!"

The girls were about to leave for school when suddenly Blossom walked over to Dexter who was still working on yet another machine

"Dexter?" Blossom began as she bent down to him "Do you want to hang out again?"

"… Well… I don't know…" Dexter answered

"Why not?"

"Well after yesterday…"

"Don't worry about it. It wasn't your fault, besides the point of life is to take risk."

"…Alright… I'll think about it."

"(sigh) alright, I'll see you I guess…"

Blossom left and Dexter turned back to his machine, but Computress was worried

"Dexter?" Computress began "Are you alright?"

"Of course I am, why?" Dexter growled "Now I need to mix something, hand me the Blossom burner… er I mean the Bunsen Burner… dang it. Okay, I just have to work with this air cute next… I mean air Shute. You know what, Computress just turn the red hair… I mean nob… Man!"

"You can't get her out of your head can you Dexter?"

"I know… and what's worse is that I just brushed her off like some unevolved parasite… Computress, yesterday she made me feel… good!"

"Dexter… I believe it was the great horror author Steven King who once wrote "All work and no play make Jack a Dull boy."… Tell me Dexter do you want to be a dull boy to that girl or would you be willing to make her as happy as she made you?"

Dexter thought for a minute then turned a sheet of metal where he saw his reflection then he took off his glasses but was unable to see himself, he then to Computress with a smile as he stood up and gave his answer

"Computress!" Dexter said "I'm going shopping… do you have any recommendations?"

Later when the school day finished

The girls were all leaving the grounds ready for a new day at the lab when suddenly…

"Hey girls look!" Kasey pointed forward

A strange boy with glasses appeared with a opened blue button down shirt, a black tucked in undershirt, a pair of light blue denim jeans with a brown belt and a pair of black, white and red sneakers, but his most familiar aspect was his well groomed red hair

"Hey girls!" the boy said "Um… hi Blossom."

"DEXTER?" All the girls shouted in shock

"Yep… I just thought… I'd try something different."

As the girls couldn't believe their eyes, Blossom walked forward and couldn't believe her eyes the most. Suddenly she noticed other girls all whispering to each other

"Who's he?" One girl said "He's kind of cute."

"I know!" another girl said "But why is he talking to that loser Blossom?"

"Hey Dexter, do me a favor." Blossom snickered and asked "Can you take off your glasses and face those girls behind you?"

"Um… okay." Dexter complied and did as he was told





All the girls then fainted and Dexter turned back to Blossom with his glasses back on

"Uh… what's with them?" Dexter asked

"I have no idea ha ha!" Blossom answered as she laughed "So what else is new?"

"Not much… but here… do you want to go, it starts at four thirty."

"Tickets to see Major Glory the Movie? But I…"

"You said you didn't want to see it without one of your friend right?"

"Well yeah…"

"Can I be one of your friends?"

"DEXTER… oh course… but I uh…"

"Don't worry Ms. Blossom!" Bunny explained

"Go for it!" Bubbles cheered on

"Yeah sis!" Kasey called out

"But uh…" Blossom continued stuttering

"Well, what are you waiting for… GO!" Buttercup shouted as she pushed Blossom in to Dexter where Blossom's hands touched Dexter chest and Dexter's lips touched her forehead "Uh… oops…"

Time has seemed to have stopped for the two teens as they tried to separate from each other. Blossom's head was down as she began shaking and Dexter nervously backed away

"Blossom, I'm so sorry!" Dexter panicked "I uh… I just…"

"… fu…"

"I uh…"

"…fu fu fu… heh heh heh…

"Uh… Blossom?


Blossom grabbed Dexter and dragged him as she happily skipped on her way out with him

"H-hey wait!" Dexter called as he was being pulled along "The movie doesn't start for another forty-seven minutes."

"Who cares?" Blossom cheerfully answered "As long I'm with someone who wants to be my friend, I'm happy!" 'I think I'll take my time, he's sweet, he's kind, he's smart, he's cute and he want to be my friend… maybe he's the one… Dexter… I like you.'

"Okay, what ever you want." 'She's happy… I actually made someone happy… I actually made… a girl happy! She's sweet, she's kind, she's… just so amazing… and she's my friend… maybe she's the one… Blossom… I like you.'

The two disappeared and the others looked on happy for their friend, knowing that she wasn't going to be unhappy.

"Hold on, who was that?" Princess came out of nowhere and asked

"He's… someone amazing for Ms. Blossom! Hee hee!" Bunny answered as her and the others went on their way leaving Princess confused

Blossom and Dexter were happy together as they went on their way to enjoy their time… all their time together. Happy, with fun and most importantly together.

Meanwhile high in the sky

Unable to be seen to the human eye a strange red ship flew over the city and inside was as intimidating as the outside

"Sir, we have located Dexter!" A robot confirmed "Shall we engage?"

"No, not yet. Just show him to me." A mysterious teen boy spoke from his command throne on the ship as he saw Dexter and Blossom on the screen "Yeees, yeees so Dexter do you think you can escape from me by changing clothes, I don't think so… hmm… I see, quite a catch you got there. No matter, if she interferes I will dispose of her too, THEN your secrets, your Neurotomic Protocore and the world will be mine!"


Who is this mysterious being? Why is he after Dexter? And will the PowerPuff Girls Z be able to stop him? Sorry, but that's for another story.

"Hey, wait a minute! You mean I only get one line through out this whole story? That's not fair, how come?"

Well the story is about the Z-rays and the new good and evil it creates, not about you two.

"Well, what am I suppose to do?"

That depends…

"On what?"

If the readers want me to make a sequel or follow up…

"OH COME ON, really?… MAN! Okay fine, next time Dexter… if there is a next time…"

THE END… I think…

Author's notes: I told you I had something special for Blossom, incase you don't know Dexter can fight as well as Rap and Mix and The song is Secret Formula is from his Hip-Hop Experiment CD sung By Will. I. am. of the Black Eye Peas you can find the video on YouTube. Well that's it, I hope you like this story, Surprisingly the story was actually two arcs… From Chapters 1-7 I'd call it "The New Light Saga!" and from 8-15 was "The HER saga" Any way I want to tell you writing a story like this was not easy!

In fact here are some rejected chapters I was thinking of…

1. The black lights hit a fun house mirror and the girls investigate it only to end up in an alternate world where they meet… Berserk, Brat and Brute The PowerPunk Girls Z.

2. Bubbles gets trapped in her favorite book where all her friends and monsters played the characters in… Bubbles in Wonderland.

3. Bullet runs away leaving Kasey all alone after yelling at her and then they have to kiss and make up before they are destroyed.

4. Barry is turned into a monster and the only one to stop him was the still under confident Bunny.

And 5. Originally I was going to make Bubbles the Giantess, but I thought Princess would be more interesting.

Next I want to apologize to some readers who wanted me to add their own or someone else's Original Characters in my story, it's not that I didn't want to it's just that I'd rather use my own characters and not mess up theirs.


Finally I have questions I hope you all will answer in the reviews

1. Should I rewrite the story with the Japanese names or if it ever comes redubbed for the US give it the new names as separate stories?

For example: For Bunny and Barry instead if being slump trash from New Citiesville They are ganjins from America with new names, should they have English names or Japanese names? And for Mitch Hmm how about Mitsurugi! If you have better examples let me know!

2. Should I put the story on Deviant Art so every one can read it? I'll even make covers for each chapter!

And most importantly 3. Should I really make a follow up or a sequel?

I'd love to hear feed back, thank you one and all!