Hello everybody! Okay , so this is kind of some strange idea I came up with . I really don't know if someone else did something similar to it. If yes ( I'm so sorry it is not my intention to have the same story , and do not worry I have some more ideas of my own.) And if any of you haven't noticed , since last time I checked I don't have the name of Rick Riordan. So what does that mean? I do not own any of the characters (for now) or the Percy Jackson Series. Hope you enjoy!

{Annabeth P.O.V)

Let me be clear about this . THIS . IS .NOT .MY . FAULT. Yes it does seem difficult to understand right? Meaning me being daughter of the great goddess of Wisdom Athena , messing up. Who would have predicted that this was going to happen? Certainly not the Apollo children or they would have warned me…or at least I hope so. Usually I'm not the kind of girl who gets herself into problems , think before you act , that is what people usually tell you , or at least it is that what I can advise the others less fortunate and not so intelligent it works pretty good on me , I usually follow that in almost every situation . And this was one of the situations. Though I can help it if other people don't take for instance… Well it doesn't matter who or what is his name I rather not talk about him. Have you ever been so stupid to love someone and care so much for them that you would do anything for them , to protect them even if this meant to lose your life to save theirs? Ok , this isn't working I am sounding like a soap opera right here. But it is the truth , or at least the non complicated way to explain it so even you can understand it. I hope that you don't give a "yes" for an answer , people always disappoint you. Always. You know? Oh of course you don't! Even I didn't know that … how could you? For a person who knows about everything I kinda suck in matters when it comes into love. Did I do something wrong? Who could have done anything so wrong for the person that you love to betray you? Forget you?.. Yeah thanks a lot Percy Jackson . Oops. I should correct that : Lord Perseus. My mistake…again. Thanks a lot.

I guess nobody can blame him for what he did. After all , who would say no to immortality? I thought so.

This is kind of an introduction to my story let me know what you think of it. Will you? :D

And i apologize for any of my mistakes , English being my third language does not help very much. jajaj