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{Annabeth P.O.V}

Suddenly I felt how his hand grabbed mine . I could feel him , and I wished to never let go. Be careful what you wish for , you might just get it. I could also feel the sharpen knife of my celestial bronze dagger between his and my hands. I was ready to let it go , it was a high price to pay , in order to don't have to face my fear , or my humiliation. A few seconds of late reacting. Without notice next I knew , I flung over , turning round and stopped before touching him . We were face to face. There were no need to speak. Our eyes spoke for ourselves . His ocean , green-turquoise eyes were submerged in mine . Wise girl? He had called me wise girl! 20 years I hadn't been named that way . How could he , just pretend as if nothing had happened? I shook my head when he said this belonged to me. I didn't want it anymore , Too many painful memories . I just needed an excuse to get out and away , far , far away if possible from here. -Not anymore Lord Perseus . –I replied formally , with respect. As if I was talking to a god , and not my used to be best friend. My eyes met his, a pair of eyes that for me seemed like looking into two drops of ocean.

They were staring at me in disbelief, shock, and mostly disappointment.

But his pain couldn't even begin to compare with my own. My heart was aching, the aire seemed to be gone, leaving me breathless, defenceless on the inside but I wouldn't, no couldn't allow this to show on the surface.

I had gone through this before and I wouldn't make the same mistakes again. I had moved on , so did he. I may regret my mistakes , but he looked pretty fine with the ones he allowed to make himself . He had chosen his path, and I had every single right to make my own decisions.

I couldn't stare away from him, Percy was looking for an explanation but the words wouldn't leave my lips. I knew this day would come, the day id ever see him again , I just….didn't expect it like. well …¿This?

I lowered gently my head as I bowed to him, after all had he brains or not he was a god, superior to me in any kind of way. While I tried to let go of my hand , but he grabbed it as if his life depended on it, as it was the only way he could cling to me.

-I am sorry for my interruption.- I apologized in a whisper .

His expression was hurt, taken aback .

-¿What have you done Annabeth? –he frowned with a shaky voice. He took some steps back.

-No , no , Wisegirl…..-he tried not to believe it. I even wonderes why he cared know , he had had many years to figure this much out. - ¿Have you gone crazy?- His voice grew louder. – You had all your live…you just threw it. ¿Does that not mean anything to you?-

My cheeks blushed slightly , I was quite shy and embarrassed to be arguing with him in this situation, infront of everyone.

I tried to look nice, smile and pretend that everything was ok, just like I had been doing during the past years. Some huntresses looked annoyed and offended my his comment, even Thalia who crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow.

¿He was the one shouting at me? HE! He couldn't , he already lost any whatsoever privilege to boss me around.

-As if you care.- I replied , This was no time to think of my manners.

-Please don't be like this.-

I tried to shove him , all I wanted was to run away and disappear from here.

-¿Be like What?¿Me?- I found myself on the edge of breaking down. –You don't have a say when its my life anymore Percy. Like you gave me another option -

-But…wisegirl..- he tried to say.

-¡No!- I put my hands over my ears.-¡save it! I don't want to hear it . Im done listening.-

I felt his hand over my shoulder, it felt good, it gave me shivers. I sighed.

- ¿What did you expect? Honestly.-I asked him , he opened his mouth , but no words came out. –¿That you could come and tell me what to do?¿That I would come flying into your arms? – That was kind of funny actually. Not my way about boys lately.

-Tell me.- I demanded.

-Im sorry.- two words, that didn't mean anymore. It was too late.

-Me too.-it was the truth. – I just…-my voice was cut. –Cant take anymore of this..-

Then I took his hand and pushed it off my shoulder.

-I don't want to be a part of your life , and I don't want you to be on mine.-

-You don't mean that.- His breathing rate had rised.

-I don't waste my time saying things I don't mean.- Then I saw Alec, I could barely look at him now , not after this.

Then before I could react in any other way , I suddenly was drawn to him , and he pressed his lips into mine. I opened my eyes wide and pushed him away , touching my lips with my fingertips outraged. I breathed heavily , but no , I wouldn't control myself, inmediately as an act of shelf defence I punched him in the nose. Some blood flowed through his face.¿Can gods bleed? Wow that was a new one.

-I don't care if you are a god , a stupid boy , or both .- I yelled at him. –Don't you ever touch me again.- I threatened him.

Mi eyes were full of tears that I fought back so hard not to shed .

-And now if you excuse me I don't want to remain here.-

Without any consent , or listening to anyone y ran , ran away from there not looking back. Until I reached what used to be my bedroom y dropped to the floor , embraced my knees in a protective position , hid my face and cried , all those tears that I had been keeping during 20 years.

The tears slid through my cheeks and fell drop by drop , into the memory of an old photograph that was on the floor.