And the daleks screamed. They seemed to waver and fade in and out before The Doctor's eyes. But not before a dalek shot him. He staggered over to the TARDIS and snapped his fingers (or whatever they have). He fell into the entry way of the TARDIS, and began to regenerate. The boys, Scrooge, and Gyro watched in amazement as the dog's face changed. The Doctor turned into a black dog with steely gray eyes. He then popped and saw their amazed faces. "What? I forgot to tell you guys that I regenerate didn't I?" asked The Doctor with an exasperated look on his face. The ducks were still amazed, and didn't remember to talk. "Guys, your universe is safe. You can leave now" said The Doctor in an annoyed tone. The five ducks then left the TARDIS, and watched it fade into thin air with a grinding noise. They would never see that amazing dog again, at least never with those faces. The Doctor once again blacked out, and woke up as he got flung out the TARDIS doors only to hang onto the edge of the doorway. He was above London, and crashing into Big Ben. What a way to start a new regeneration!

A/N: I like this adventure, and I do like to use the regeneration card. Only because then you can use a new character when you run out of ideas for the original. And I did end this at the begging of 'The Eleventh Hour' because it's too fun not to use!