She drove up to her house and parked her car on the road outside, noticing that her mother's car was already parked in the driveway. Before entering the house she took a mint from her purse and started munching on it, so that it would disguise the smell of alcohol that was on her breath. That seemed to be all she'd done in the past two weeks, drink. It distracted her, made her numb.

When she opened the door to her house the first thing she noticed was how quiet it was. The television was on but there were none of the normal noises of chatting and people moving around.

She walked in slowly, the alcohol having made her slightly tipsy and slightly incoherent.

She was about to call out her mothers name but something stopped her. Whether it was the thought of being caught smelling of alcohol, or the feeling that was something was wrong she did not know, but either way doing this might have saved her life although she did not know this yet.

She threw her jacket on the sofa and turned off the television which seemed too loud in the silence of the house. Slowly she looked around thinking that maybe they were out, but then she remembered that she had seen her mothers car, and she would not have been able to get anywhere without it. They lived too far out to be able to walk anywhere.

Walking over to the stairs, she heard a sound from above. A loud crash followed the sound. She proceeded cautiously up the stairs feeling the first feelings of doubt settle in her stomach. First she went over to her little sisters bedroom, expecting her to be sitting on the floor and playing with her dolls like she usually did but she wasn't there.

The light was on but there was nobody in.

She then went to her bedroom deciding that maybe they had gone out in her mother's car in a rush, and that was why all the lights were on, but deep down she knew that this was not the case. Then she heard the crash again.

She realised at this point that all of the sound was coming from her mother's bedroom. She heard a scream from within and took a quick step backwards just as the door came crashing open. The scream that was just about to come out of her mouth was stopped mid flow when she saw her mother being dragged out by a man in a baseball cap and dark clothing. He paused as he saw her and her mother looked up at her with frightened eyes. Her mother was covered in blood and Rae could tell that she was hurt by the way that she winced as he struggled with her. With a quick move of his fist he threw her to the side. She didn't get up again.

Rae's breath was coming out in short gasps now. She wanted to see if her mother was alright but she could not move.

She could not see the mans face as he walked towards her, as it was covered by shadow but then when he was almost in front of her he looked up and this time she managed a scream. She had to cover her mouth to hide the hysteria that was spreading through her.

His face was twisted and contorted in a mixture of love and anger, but all the same she could still recognise him. It was Richard Newman.