Hello strangers! This is quite a short story (don't worry there will be more chapters!) that I found in my documents. As with alot of them I'e written the basic outline but it needs fleshing out, so that's what i'll be doing when I can. (Probably when I'm procrastinatin...uh....not working very hard on my revision...hehe)


Sakura Haruno, was admitedly one of the best medic nin's in the country. She had recently been promoted by Tsunade to fill Shizuine's old job, mainly she was now in charge of teaching and healing prominent studentsand giving talks and lectures on medical and strength jutsu's in places all over the country. Her main pupils included the Kazekage's sister, Temari, and the Hokage, Naruto's, children.

Despite this Sakura wore a worried frown, because Sakura had a problem.

It had started about about two months ago when she had returned home from a particularly busy day lecturing to to find a single rose on her bedroom windowsill.

Another one appeared that night, then the night after, and the night after that.

At fist this had perplexed and slightly disturbed Sakura, after all someone was putting a rose on her bedroom windowsill!

It happened every night for a week, infuriating her as she was never able to catch the giver, nor sense his (or her) Chakra. Then, on the Saturday evening there was a black rose. Then nothing.

"This is insane" Sakura muttered to herself, dragging a box down from the top of her wardrobe. She sneezed several times before finally getting the lid off and ridding the dust by opening the window. Rooting through she muttered to herself "So glad I ddin't give these away...where is it...AH!" The last exclimation was punctuated by her hugging a book to her chest. "never thought I'd be pleased to see you again" she said to the book. Sakura chuckled as she remembered the hated lessons with this book, 'The language of flowers' , "Well, it's either you - or Ino." She said, then with a shudder began flicking through the chapters.

"So, lets see...they left me peach coloured roses..." Sakura carefully slid her finger down a page listing the colours of roses and their meanings "Ah...Oh..." The pink haired woman leant back against her bedframe "Admiration? That's...kinda sweet, and less creepy then I thought...what about black" she still was talking to herself
Where on earth did he get a black rose?

Hi inner...psh, how do you know it's a he?


"Black is...Death or farewell..."

Let's go with farewell


"Well, I guess that's it then..." Sakura smiled and replaced the Black rose amongst the Peach ones in a vase she had bought specially, the colours didn't match, but she didn't care. "Thank you whoever you were for showing you cared, even if you're gone now" She spoke the the roses and before she left the room she gave them a small bow.