Black Raven's Wings

"It's a girl Hiashi Sama." The doctor said to the Head Hyuuga as he watched from the right side of the birthing bed. His cold eyes narrowed at the sight of the pale skinned baby now cooing and laying in his weakened wife's arms.

"Hinata." the woman spoke cradling her daughter. Hiashi left the room on that note and headed out of the Hyuuga manor . He was heading for his dojo to practice and de-stress.

"A daughter? Kami knows I prayed for a son but a daughter that's just to cruel." he grumbled. The sliding paper doors slid open to reveal a man identical to Hiyashi. Tall, very well toned, long black hair that is tied at the bottom and the same pale white eyes that held no coldness to them.

"Brother, congratulations a daughter I'm sure she will serve the family well."

"Shut up Hizashi we all know the woman of the Hyuuga are weak she will only be pathetic. We have a reputation to keep as the strongest family in Konoha."

"Your wrong brother the women are strong they just lack the chance to show their talents." Hizashi spoke as if he knew something. Which in fact he did. He knew the females of both the head and second family's got together every night and trained in their own style along with the Hyuuga style. He was caught though by Hiyashi's wife and he swore not to tell anyone else of their group.

"How troublesome you are Hizashi. Are you here for anything else?" Hiyashi's voice was irritated and strained.

Hizashi shook his head, "Let us train brother."

They both took the Gentle Palms fighting stance and started sparring.

A few years passed and Hinata's third birthday was a day away. They Hyuuga families were buzzing as tensions had grown between the three factions as of late. The next day the fate of the Hyuuga clan would be decided. In the village that following day a celebration was being held as a treaty had been passed between the village hidden in the clouds and Konoha. It was during this celebration that the Hyuuga clan split into three. Hinata didn't quite understand and was entirely frightened of all the members gathered in seclusion. Yes even she was brought along after all it was her birthday. There she met her cousin Neji. A year older then her and he was to be her protector.

Another year passed and Hinata began her basic training in the families fighting style. Neji sat in and watched intently next to his father who was thinking quietly to himself. It had only been days before when Mitako, Head Lady to the Hyuuga clan, approached Hizashi.

"Dear Hizashi please watch over Hinata I fear her father underestimates her powers and will try to hamper her growth. She is strong for her age and her body when it gets tired tends to act on it's own from the sheer will of her chakra."

"Mitako-Sama, you have started training her as well? Doesn't that put a lot of strain on her mental stability?" Hizashi questioned worried not only for his brother but his cute little niece too.

"She is more durable then you think though she looks frail she is already very deadly. I'm going to share with you her name among us Hyuuga women. She is known as the Black Raven. Beautiful on the outside yet very dangerous if you get to close." Mitako giggled covering her mouth with the sleeve of her kimono and her bulging stomach with her free arm.

Hizashi remained silent watching his brother move around nimbly while his niece stumbled around. It was obvious to him that she was only pretending to be weak. Hizashi decided to test his theory and activated his Byakugan. Hiashi sensing the evil intent behind his brothers' spying yelled,


Activating the caged bird symbol on Hizashi's forehead causing him sever pain through out his body. Neji screamed and cried watching his father writhe along the floor of the dojo. Once Hayashi released the seal his brother stopped squirming he spoke, "Enough foolishness brother leave this instance." Hiashi's command bit the younger to the soul.

"Since when would you defend such a weakling you said so yourself she wouldn't hold up the Hyuuga name." Those were the last words spoken between the two brothers.

That night an intruder snuck onto the Hyuuga grounds and slipped into Hinata's room while she slept. Making sure she didn't wake he placed a genjutsu on her and carried her out . The man was about to make his move when Hiashi came out of a hidden wall. Without thinking the head Hyuuga charged hitting the kidnaper in the stomach killing him instantly. Hiashi took his sleeping daughter and let the man fall.

It was soon to be heard that the Hyuuga's broke the newly formed treaty and the Village Hidden in the Clouds wanted retribution, Hiashi's dead body was to be presented as atonement for the treaty. A few nights later it was decided that Hizashi would take the place of his brother thus sealing his kekegenkai.

More years passed and Hinata grew to the age of thirteen she was an up and coming Kunoichi but more often then not she kept to herself leading people to believe she was weak. Her little sister had come into the world five years earlier and in doing so killed their mother. Hinata was very sad on the outside but she harbored hatred and anger inside. She held onto those feelings and used them in her trainings with the Hyuuga females at night. The other women saw this and grew fearful of the young woman. Her father kept an eye on her as the years passed and still had an unwavering disappointment in his milky silver eyes. He didn't hold back his lack of respect and non acceptance of Hinata. However he adored Hanabi the youngest daughter because she saw true strength in this one. True strength which she showed the day she was born by draining her mother of what little life energy she had left. Yes Hanabi he would train and whom would hopefully purge the head house of the weak links.