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Chapter 4: Late Night Rendezvous

The day's festivities were over and the performers had returned to their carriages to rest and prepare for the next days events.

"I will be at the city walls you all will be safe as the sand ninja's are always patrolling." Hinata spoke with Majanin who was the leader of the caravan.

She had a plan to speak with Neji and possibly knock the stupid out of him for tracking her here.

The sun had set and the small sliver of a moon barely passed the top of the walls surrounding Suna. Stars shone across the black velvet sky and the air was dry as she leaned against the stone walls in the shadows waiting for Neji to find her. Just as she thought it so came a person draped in a cloak heading towards her. Now it's not uncommon for Suna ninjas to wear cloaks but since Hinata hadn't heard anything about a sand storm she didn't think anyone would be wearing a cloak. How inconspicuous she thought at the hooded figure walked only a foot away from her to her right and then too leaned against the wall.

"I guess you don't value your life cousin. You should have heeded my warning" Her voice low and soft still bell toned but a hint of threat laced through each syllable.

"Hinata-Sama, I've known about you for sometime. I've known your capabilities since before my father died. As it was in him your mother trusted your secret. Your father is recovering but none the less scared of your return. Tsunade asked me to travel with you it was her last order before she went into surgery on your father." His voice didn't sound cold as it once did to Hinata's ears.

She detected fear in his words but adoration as well. She couldn't stop the small twitch in the corners of her mouth which caused her to smile ever so slightly.

"I am not a jinchuriki like Naruto or Kazekage's Sama but the animality I hold inside is just as powerful. I am in control of it so you can go back to Tsunade Sama and tell her Hyuuga Hinata does not need a babysitter." Annoyance rose in with her tone and she shoved off the wall giving herself momentum to walk with a purpose back to camp.

Hinata was to worked up to sit around her camp so she decided to walk around Suna a little to wear down some of her energy. The streets were nearly empty save for some shop owners rushing to get home after closing and a drunk here and there. She hadn't felt Neji's presence anywhere near her but she knew he was probably keeping watch on her. No the presence she sensed was one that had caused a lot of blood shed the aura was older then the body it surrounded and Hinata had to bite back her irritation.

"Kaze Kage- Sama out for a late night stroll?" She spoke courteously towards him.

"Yes and at the same time no. I received a letter from your Hokage. She was warning me about something. Do you know what she was warning me about?" He questioned as he now walked beside her, a thin veil of sand surrounding him.

"I haven't a clue do enlighten me." She let her irritation show and mentally slapped herself. Yes she was a bad ass but she still had better manners then what she was showing at the moment.

"You. Your father is on the mend but you did some serious damage. His chakra will never be the same. He kept mumbling that you were some kind of monster and that you needed to be destroyed. Now as per your cousin's reports she knew you were here and thus the letter to me. I do ask that you not harm any of my villagers should you feel the need to loose control of yourself." Garra stepped in front of Hinata blocking her way and staring her in the eye.

"Yes I did damage my father in a semi permanent way and I am in no way like you or Naruto. What you both carry inside you is more powerful then what I carry. I thank you for the warning and I will be sure to keep my temper in check." Hinata bowed then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

She appeared again outside the village wall more aggravated then ever. It wasn't until Garra had asked her not to loose control that she realized her stress and anger levels have been on the rise for some time now. She didn't know what would happen if she gave into the darkness that resided inside her core but she didn't think it would be good either.

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