Little Stranger-Prologue

Running frantically through the underground maze a blond boy named Naruto is searching, searching for his best friend, the boy who had abandoned their village that fateful day. He darts into a clearing and finds him; that boy.

"Sasuke…" he breathes and the boy he's been looking for for over two years is standing up on the ridge, staring down at the blond.

"Naruto," the boy named Sasuke says before jumping down to be in front of the blond and puts his arm across the other boy's shoulders so they are facing opposite directions. "It's been a long time."

"Please…" Unable to say anything else, Naruto stands silent ans still. Sasuke draws his katana and moves it so it is aimed at the blond. "Please don't, not in front of him/" Sasuke's black eyes dart around and spot a boy who looks a lot like himself catching up to them.

"Who, this imposter?"

"No." A child screaming 'mommy' pierces the air. A tear spills from one of Naruto's sky blue eyes as he whispers, "our son."