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Julie's POV

I just looked over at him. I never knew his eyes were those colors until I really looked. With Kevin, you take notice of him for being this guy who's all about the illegal stuff. Speeding. Selling. Being all around bad. Just a bad guy. That's all people think when they see him. That was what I thought.

Now I know I was so very wrong.

His eyes had a few flecks of amber in them, buried deep underneath the warm tones of brown and endless shades of black. When his hair looked all messy and frizzed, it was really as smooth as silk, soft to the touch, perfect to tangle your fingers in. Then there was the way he smiled. He smiled and it made the stars jealous. It made Thomas Edison resentful for not making a brighter light bulb. I swear, Kevin Ethan Levin had the best smile in the world. The way he smiled made me sigh loud enough for probably someone in Great Britain to hear.

The seats in the car had been tilted back so we were pretty much lying down in there, me in the passenger seat, him in the driver's seat. And we just stared up at the fabric on the ceiling of the car. It was gray. I think it was gray. I was too distracted by him to keep my focus on anything else for very long.

One of his finely muscled arms was crooked up, hand behind his head. Those beautifully dark and mysterious eyes were trained on the ceiling, just staring at it. He'd mentioned before that he regretted not putting in a skylight for moments like this. And for airflow so the wind would blow directly in Ben's face when he sat in the backseat. Kevin had snickered softly when he'd suggested that. It'd make my brunette boyfriend all annoyed. Just imagining it was funny.

Now we laid in silence, just staring up at the ceiling. His breathing was slow. It was deep. It was soft. It was rhythmic, lulling me into a dull quiet, willing me to sleep closer to him, to feel his warmth, to make it my own.

His other hand was with mine; our fingers twined together, lost forever and wishing for an eternity. I liked feeling his skin against my hand, no matter how rough and calloused. Kevin's hand was warm and I loved the way our hands just fit within each other's. Like it was meant to be.

"Jules," he began, voice almost inaudible beneath the sigh that was released from his chest. I felt his hand tighten around mine and his head tilted to look at me. That piercing obsidian gaze penetrated me, making me feel like nothing but a deer in headlights. His hand was still curled up behind the back of his head, hair ruffled. Another sigh escaped him as I could read behind his eyes. He was planning out exactly what he was going to say, each word running across his lips before disappearing as he kept his thoughts in order. For him, that was no easy task.

I only stroked his hand with my thumb, feeling the softer skin. He was a gentle giant. That bad boy never existed when he was in control and without temptation. I was just there, enjoying the moment of time that passed when there was a lingering silence between us.

There was always a little jolt of electricity that flowed through us. Usually from him. I'd heard about his powers before. The blue lightning sounded pretty dang cool. I would've loved to see it, but I knew he would never risk it. Draining energy was too risky. Too hard on his powers. Too costly of an experiment that could lead down one more bad road that he wouldn't take. But I liked the electricity that surged freely between us. It gave me a sense of connection to him. One that I never found with anyone else.

For some reason, I still worried that it was his powers.

"Jules," he repeated with another drawn out sigh. "What are we going to do?"

I knew this question wasn't one about us. It was about them. Ben and Gwen. Kevin and I had been hiding out for a while now. It wasn't anything too serious, but we wanted to see where this would go. We wanted to try it out for a while. Like a test-drive. Neither of us really knew what we wanted yet. I thought Ben was what I believed my heart longed for. He was what I was supposed to want. Somehow, my head and soul knew better. And somewhere along the way, my heart got dragged along, swooning to Kevin's build and laughter and just everything about him. Every move touched me like magic. I wanted him to be closer to me most of the time.

My hand grasped his a little tighter. "I don't know yet," I admitted. For once, I felt stranded. Torn in two. Left out in the cold. This was going to hurt them more than it could ever hurt us.

Ben and Gwen would never see this coming. We didn't see it either. That was the worst part. It was just the start of something that we wanted to try. I wanted to know if there was anything between me and Kevin. I doubted that he had any idea that it started off with curiosity. He just agreed. This is where it led us.

"We're going to have to do something about this," he breathed. There was almost complete silence. "You and Ben have been together since almost as long as I've known you guys," Kevin reminded.

He wasn't making anything easier on me. "We both knew it was going in a downward spiral. He's too busy with aliens and-"

Kevin's face softened to look at me. "You know I'll be busy too, right?" he said, almost sadly. His eyes were definitely upset as we realized this once more. "I have to work at the garage and I won't always be there because of aliens-"

"But your ego is a bit more tame," I added, giving him a sympathetic smile. Somehow, this felt natural. Just the two of us. And no matter what we were doing, it was always normal. Nothing was ever awkward or too hard to keep a conversation going. He kept things interesting. Life took us where it wanted to.

"I also don't have a curfew." His eyes were boring through me. "We could stay out all night if we wanted to."

"Don't forget I have a curfew though."

"…right." Clearly, Kevin was going to ignore my curfew for a while. Oh well. Plus, it was already… I checked the clock. A shocked expression must've crossed my face because his eyes got really wide. He just had to ask, "What?"

"I'm going to be late!"

Without another word, he kicked his seat up into the sitting position again. The key slid into the ignition and we took off like a bullet down the street.

I shifted the passenger seat back to normal just as Kevin's was and hoped that Ben and Gwen weren't around much right now. If they were and they saw us… That'd ruin everything. I hated sneaking around behind their backs, but we didn't have any other option really. We didn't have a choice if we wanted to be together. "Think we can make it in-" The clock read 9:57. "-three minutes?"

A short chuckle escaped him. "Are you kidding?"

My gaze trailed out the window to find that we were already outside my small house, the large pink flamingo yard ornaments prominent in the darkness. His car was pulled up as close to the curb as it could get. I looked back at him, mouth agape. He never ceased to amaze me. He was so incredible, at every turn, another surprise awaited me. Things like this were just too good to be true.

Then he laughed. It was like music to my ears. "Night, Julie." His lips caressed my cheek for only a second before he leaned back into his seat again.

"Bye, Kevin." I managed to give him a quick hug, with one arm. My hand pulled away from his, the sparks dancing between us disappearing instantly. And I missed the warmth of his palm against mine. I pulled the door open and trudged away from the car, sad that I had to leave him. Sad that my curfew was so early.

And I hated keeping these secrets to myself. Because I loved Kevin.

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