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Half-Blood. The hottest, most exclusive club in Manhattan. Serving the most godly liquid known to man: liquor. Wine, beer, cocktails, mixed drinks, shots. So when you finally leave, your body's half-blood, half-alcohol.

And the hottest bar wasn't full of nobodies. Either you had an in with one of the twelve owners, or you'd find your ass in a line waiting to get into a bar nobody leaves till closing.

Inside, among all the wild partying and dancing to the ground-shaking bass and music, sits a blond woman, half-way there to being drunk. Not buzzed, but full on I-forgot-my-name-and-am-about-to-pass-out-for-the-next-24-hours drunk. Why get that drunk? Why else but to escape. Escape from pain, life, people, guilt--but hey, first rule at Half-Blood: no questions asked. And why not get drunk anyways? She knew the smartest of the twelve owners, Athena. Everything was free, why not use it to her advantage?

Shit! Silently cursed the blond as she saw the very person she was trying to drink away hanging his arms around a pair of bimbos. She should've figured he'd be here, but the one thing she hadn't done since their break-up was the very thing Athena had noticed her for: rational thinking. And here she was, proving Athena wrong again, by coming up with her craziest plan yet: to find a better man to flaunt for the next fifteen minutes.

She scanned the bar for singles that weren't complete losers--her break-up had rendered her desperate, but she still had her standards. She gasped when she saw him. A man with jet-black hair and a swimmer's body. As she got closer to him she approved completely. He easily made 6'5'' to her even 6'. He was wearing: a white shirt with a skinny, blue and a green striped tie--which she later saw matched his marvelous eyes--and dark jeans. She could tell that he was in the middle of the same thing she previously was--getting drunk off his ass- but she couldn't help but know he would like her option so much more. She walked up to him, liquid courage flowing through her veins, and said in her most sultry voice, "Be my boyfriend for fifteen minutes?"

Here we are, so whatcha gonna do?
Do I gotta spell it out for you?
I can see that you got other plans for tonight
But I don't really care

The man stared at the beautiful blond in front of him. No doubt he had on his clueless face, while she analyzed him. Did she just ask me to be her boyfriend…for fifteen minutes? He thought, still not comprehending. He heard her give an impatient sigh and finally shifted his gaze away so he could think, a thing he had enough trouble doing without a beautiful woman in front of him; and even still, a beautiful women with the most soul-penetrating grey eyes he had ever seen that he would gladly get lost in for eternity.

Then he saw it. A flash of bright red that he couldn't believe he ever thought was beautiful. How could he mistake something so bright and unruly and disgusting and untamed as beautiful? He knew what she'd say if she saw him like this when they were together. Are you cheating on me? With that slut? You've got to be kidding me. Let me fill your clueless brain in on something. I'm the best woman you'll ever get. No one else would ever want to be with you. You're lucky you even have me. So why don't you take your eyes, screw them back into their sockets. Close your jaw. And get back to carrying my bags or something.

He always knew he deserved someone better. Hell, he didn't even know why he hadn't broken it off sooner. The second he had, it felt as good as floating in a pool, with the sun kissing your face. It felt like he'd given back the unwanted weight of the world.

Fuck her! he thought as he brought his head down to the blonde's. "Percy," he breathed onto her lips the second before he brought his lips to hers, not allowing her a chance to respond.

Size me up you know I beat the best
Tick tock no time to rest
Let them say what they're gonna say
But tonight, I just don't really care

The blond was just about to say something to hurry him up--she knew it was kinda sudden but she didn't have forever to wait for his respond-- before the man, now introduced as Percy, kissed her. The moment their lips met, there were fireworks- or a spark, or butterflies, whatever you wanted to call it.

Then, after that blissful moment, everything was consumed by passion and lust. She was shocked that Percy had felt the same desire, same urge to turn this fifteen-minute-couple-thing into a one-night stand or maybe even friends-with-benefits. His hands flew down to her hips and pulled them closer to his own body. He had already taken advantage of her parted lips--previously ready to rush his decision-making--and had stuck his tongue into her mouth. His tongue was in a frenzy to taste everything in her mouth, as if trying to figure out every drink she had had. She was doing the same and, somewhere in the back of her mind, cringed internally at how much better his mouth tasted. He tasted like lime and mint, alcohol being more of an aftertaste.

Come on baby we ain't gonna live 4ever
Let me show you all the things that we could do
You know you wanna be together
And I wanna spend the night with you
Yeah, yeah (with you)
Yeah, yeah
Come with me tonight
We could make the night last 4ever

When they finally broke for air, she brought her mouth to his ear. "Annabeth," she said in a steady voice that was betrayed by her heaving body. He grinned, already loving her control and calm demeanor.

"I'm with Poseidon."


Percy shrugged, caring less where their two club-owning friends stood on the same side. Just as he was about to ask what she needed him for she began whispering in his ear again, "'kay, in about two minutes my ex is going to walk up to us. He's blond and has this huge scar on his face from when he challenged the Dragon's boss."

"The Dragon's?! What made him think he could handle New York's biggest gang?" whispered Percy into her ear.

Annabeth smiled, liking Percy even more for his street smarts, "He's just arrogant. He's in like the fourth biggest gang around the city, thought he'd try to up their status. Don't worry, just keep your arm around me and try to look pretty."

"Baby, being hot is not something I need to try to do."

Percy felt Annabeth smile into the side of his face and was sure she had a clever comeback, but right on cue, they were interrupted by her blond ex, "Annabeth?"

Annabeth turned out of Percy's embrace but still kept on her hand on his muscular six-pack she could feel underneath his shirt. Percy kept his hand protectively on Annabeth's hip. "Oh Luke," Annabeth replied with fake enthusiasm, "I didn't see you there!"

"Yeah, I could see you were a little busy," was the bitter reply. "Luke Castellan," he introduced, turning to Percy.

"Percy Jackson," said Percy, meeting Luke's hand in a shake. Percy could tell Luke wanted to start something by the death-grip he was given. "That's a strong grip you have there," Percy remarked, not cringing in the slightest at the handshake, and at the death-glare Annabeth was sending him for initiating his own conversation instead of letting her do the talking.

"Yeah, I can handle myself pretty well on the streets. You have a pretty strong shake yourself," Luke responded out of courtesy.

"Hm. Must be from being a fireman, or from back when I was a cop." Percy saw the flash of fear in Luke's eyes, "We need to be strong when we're handling bad guys, or the hose, y'know? But we also need that gentle, soft touch when trying to talk to civilians." Said Percy, referring to so much more than just his job. Your move, he thought.

Luke set his jaw, but had no response. His eyes wandered down to the girl on his right, who was obviously impressed with Percy's job and was trying to get his attention by conspicuously putting her hand on his arm. Percy pretended not to notice. Luke excused himself and his two bimbos, scared he'd lose them, too, to Percy.

Annabeth beamed up at Percy after Luke had left. He had handled that brilliantly…for a friend of Poseidon--they weren't exactly known for being smart. She leaned up to whisper in his ear again, "You deserve a dance," before leading him away from the bar and onto the dance floor. Annabeth knew she had Percy hypnotized with the sway of her hips, and continued on. When she had found a suitable spot next to a redhead, she immediately started grinding him like no one was watching

I've seen it all I've got nothing to prove
Come on baby just make your move
Follow me let's leave it all behind tonight
Like we just don't care

Annabeth was basically riding Percy, vertically, and it was so far the best experience of his life. At one point she had whispered, "Half of me just wants you to take me on the floor, right now." Percy couldn't believe Annabeth had just said that, until she initiated a heavy make-out session on the dance floor. They were oblivious to anyone around them until a certain red-headed woman "accidentally" bumped into them. Annabeth giggled at having being caught, and Percy simply smirked at having riled up his ex.

Let me take you on the ride of your life
That's what I said all right
They can say what they wanna say
Cause tonight, I just don't even care

He pulled Annabeth out of the dance floor and to a vacant table. She straddled him and began kissing him feverishly. He waved a waitress down and ordered a beer. Percy checked his watch and leaned up against Annabeth's ear, "Fifteen minutes is up."

"Really?" asked Annabeth while nipping at his neck.

"Yeah, but you owe me a favor right?"

"Do I? I thought that was what the dance was." Annabeth had moved up and was nibbling and sucking on his earlobe.

"I thought the dance was a 'thanks' for me showing-up Luke. So, correct me if I'm wrong, cause my math is horrible, but I still count one favor."

"Maybe. Depends on what you want."

"Be my fifteen-minute girlfriend?"

His request surprised her enough to stop her nibbling and sent her into a fit of laughter. "I don't know. I think I'm too good for you."

"Oh I know you are, which is why I'd be incredibly lucky if you said yes. You're hair is wavy and straight, nothing like hers. You're the perfect size for me--not a foot shorter. And your body is so much hotter and curvy. Which is why you would be perfect to make my ex-girlfriend completely jealous."

Percy's comments made Annabeth laugh again, "Someone's a little bit shallow…"

"Well, not to mention that you're so much deeper than she is. You actually get my sarcasm. You're clever, smart, fu-"

Annabeth brought her lips to his. "You had me as soon as you said smart." Percy smiled and brought his mouth back to hers one more time, needing to taste her again and not understanding how she could wait a second longer to do the same with him.

Let's pretend you're mine
(We could just pretend, we could just pretend, yeah yeah)
You got what I like
(You got what I like, I got what you like)
Oh come on
Just one taste and you'll want more
So tell me what you're waiting for

Soon, Percy's ex sat down at the table next to theirs with a man around her shoulders. Percy didn't pay her any attention and continued making out with Annabeth. He moved away from Annabeth's lips and trailed kisses up to her ear, lightly whispering, "That's her," before moving down to the hollow of her throat. When Annabeth heard those words, she decided to play her part and threw in a rather loud moan.

Percy had moved down to her chest when he heard this and maybe it was the alcohol, or the craziness of his night, but Percy couldn't help but laugh; imagining the look Rachel would have right about now. To anyone, it looked like Percy was enthusiastically attacking her breasts. Annabeth was the only one that knew he was really just shaking from laughter. Annabeth brought Percy's head up to hers and shot him a questioning glance. Percy shook his head to try and clear the laughter. He pointed Annabeth towards his ex with his eyes and reached for the beer the waitress had delivered earlier. Annabeth discreetly looked and saw exactly what Percy had pictured in his mind: a red head with ugly hair, clenching her jaw, and hurting her counterpart by digging her nails into his arm.

Annabeth began picking up Percy's laughter where he left off and pushed her head against his chest, not wanting to look completely drunk by laughing for no apparent reason to the outside world. Percy smiled, liking that Annabeth had the same sense of humor as him, drank more beer, and rubbed small circles in Annabeth's back. When Annabeth finally regained control of herself she gave Percy a quick peck on the lips and he brought the bottle's mouth to her lips, giving her some to drink. With anyone else, this would have been extremely awkward and clumsy and most likely wouldn't have worked out. But between Annabeth and Percy, everything was easy and perfectly matched.

Their moment was ruined by the red-head seated at the next table over, "Hey Percy," she said in her shrill voice.

"Oh. Rachel…," Percy responded, pretending to be completely surprised.

"So, who's that?" Rachel asked, making her question clear by a jerk of her chin.

"I'm Annabeth. Percy's girlfriend." The innocence Annabeth was able to imbue in her voice surprised even Percy.

Rachel was similarly affected, not knowing in the slightest how she could respond to such an innocent voice. She finally decided on giving the responsibility to the man of whose arms she was in, "So…this is Ethan."

Percy offered his hand, but Ethan did not take it, being too proud as the current boyfriend to shake the ex's. The air grew even thicker with awkwardness between the two couples. Percy and Annabeth shared the briefest of glances, exchanging the whole conversation's worth of thoughts about how humorous they found this situation. Ethan glanced down at his Rolex--probably bought from dealing drugs, Percy thought--and gruffly said, "Rachel we have to get going if we want to make our reservation."

Rachel's face lit up at the chance of humiliating her ex. "Oh right! Our reservations at Olympus. You remember that restaurant, right Percy?"

Percy cringed at the thought. Olympus had been the place he had taken her for their first date. His reservations had fell through, he tripped the waiter and the food he was carrying, the air was awkward between them, and when it came down to pay, Percy found out he forgot his wallet. Then, the whole time he was taking Rachel home, she talked on and on about how she didn't really mind that she had to pay. Her dad was rich and all, but she preferred if she didn't rely on him for everything. Percy, honest to Gods, did not know how their relationship got past that first date.

Annabeth felt Percy cringed, and her defensive side flared up, albeit it was only a one, no two, time couple thing. Normally Annabeth didn't like to brag but, "Oh my Gods, you're going to Olympus?!" Percy and Annabeth locked eyes again, Percy's pleading her to drop it, and Annabeth's lighting up in a delightful smirk.

"Yeah. Have you heard of it? It's a really fancy restaurant. Kind of expensive, but totally worth it. They serve like Greek food, and I heard they just remodeled. I bet it looks amazing!"

Annabeth continued on with her ruse, "Hm…maybe we should go," the statement came out as a question, directed at Percy, like they were planning a future date they would never be having.

Rachel's mouth turned up into a wicked grin, "You should totally go, but you should make a reservation first. I hear that now they won't even let you wait there for three hours. It's reservations only."

Annabeth felt Percy stiffen again beneath her. She placed a soothing hand on his cheek and turned her head to Rachel, "Oh. I'm sure they'll let me in. I mean, I am the one who rebuilt it when they said they wanted a new look."

Rachel's jaw dropped. Completely.

Annabeth turned back to Percy and kissed him full on the lips, signaling that she had had enough of the conversation and it was over. Percy was shocked, but then smiled and kissed her back. They saw Rachel and Eric leave out of their peripheral vision and as soon as they were out of hearing and seeing range, burst into laughter. "I believe I owe you a favor now, though I'll come out and say it now: There is no possible way I am going to grind you... especially as good as you did me."

Annabeth laughed. "Half of me still wishes that you would take me on the floor," she admitted, feeling a freedom to say whatever she wanted in front of Percy that she felt with no one else, "but I am no where near drunk enough to let that half take control. What about you give me your number and I'll get back to you on it."

"Sure thing. And what if I just stick around with you the rest of the night….You know, in case you find out exactly what kind of favor you want from me."

"Hm, someone sounds a little bit desperate," Annabeth jokingly sing-songed.

Percy leaned into her ear, "You don't know how desperate you really make me."

AN: So, an AU one-shot. It's kind of like a song-fic to the Veronicas 4ever but could stand alone without the lyrics. I can make it into a two-shot, which is why i kept putting in Take me on the floor--that's another Veronicas song. Review for me. Tell me if you want me to make it a two-shot.