Annabeth switched her gearshift into park and took the keys out of the ignition as the radio just finished playing Teenage Dream. She stepped one two-inch-heeled-foot out, followed by the other. She was noticeably out of place with the surrounding grass, playground, and children in her knee lengthed gray pencil skirt and white v-neck underneath her two-button blazer.

It was a cold day in Hades before Annabeth would ever care about something like that.

She walked up to the crest of a hill and watched as a little game of baseball was going on. The little, eight year old boys were absolutely adorable to watch as they swung and missed at the tee and as they tried to field balls that wound up going in between their legs. There was no way you could find one team any cuter than the other, yet Annabeth already had an unhealthy biased towards the green team.

Two women were walking back from the bathroom and they were simply talking too loud for Annabeth not to 'accidentally' overhear. She put one woman in her early thirties—or maybe at thirty—and the other around her own age. "Sharon, you should totally go for it," consoled the older woman. "He is so incredibly hot. I'd be after him myself—if that didn't make me a cougar…."

The women burst into a fit of giggles as they passed Annabeth and cut in front of her a little too close for social norms. The younger woman—Sharon—threw an 'excuse us' over her shoulder before she continued walking and talking with her friend. "Are you sure I should go for him? I mean what if he's married. There's no way a guy like him is single."

"He has to be single. There's no way a guy like him isn't single. Trust me. He goes to the same school as my little Tommy. I've talked to him and he says that he does all the lunch-packing, dressing, picking/dropping off, setting-up play dates. There is no way that that guy is married and willingly does all that."

Sharon laughed her agreement and the two women made their way back to the stands to finish watching the game. Commanded by her curiosity, Annabeth simply had to stay and watch. Sure enough, when the two arrived, Sharon didn't waste any time getting a little friendly with certain black-haired 'hottie'.

Where is she? thought Percy. Ten minutes ago Annabeth had texted she was leaving her office but it only took five to get here. Percy craned his head, looking for her, when a woman stepped into his line of vision. He recognized her as Sharon—a mother of one of the boys on the green team. She gave a big smile to Percy, which he returned out of courtesy. "You're Adon's father…Percy right?" (AN: Adon pronounced like Aden)

"Yes, that'd be me. It's Sharon right?" Percy replied, still craning his neck and looking for Annabeth.

"Yes," Sharon replied, practically beaming at the fact he remembered her name. "I'm David's mother."

"David?" David the kid that Adon keeps complaining is making fun of him…? "He's doing really well this game…," Percy replied distractedly, still looking.

Sharon waved the comment about her son off, like that wasn't what she really wanted to talk about. She was about to open her mouth again, but Percy quickly cut her off, too happy that he had finally spotted the object of his affections. "Um…Sharon. Excuse me…for just…a little bit…," Percy mumbled while already moving away, towards a feminine figure standing with her hands cocked on both sides of her hips.

Percy reached the top of the hill, only the slightest bit out of breath. He smiled in greeting before asking, "Just what are you smirking about?"

Annabeth only shook her head as she took Percy's hand and allowed him to lead her to the stands. He escorted her to their seats like a knight would a princess. Sharon looked over when Percy returned in an attempt to try the conversation again. Annabeth registered a look over shock overtake her face before she quickly turned away to try and hide her embarrassment. Annabeth felt a little bad for her, but she couldn't' help feeling a little smug as well.

Smug not because she had humiliated Sharon, smug because Percy was hers. After that fateful night at Hestia's, they had started anew and established that they were indeed, an official couple. Annabeth was no longer insecure. Percy was hers. She knew Percy was the most loyal guy in the world and that she had nothing to worry about. He was her husband now, after all, and had eyes only for her.

Ammabeth had sat down, not caring at all if she got her work clothes dirty. Percy did the same and wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Annabeth naturally leaned into him while looking for their son. She saw him up to bat next and smiled; glad Percy had come to find her at a good time. Annabeth turned her heat to meet Percy's and whispered into his ear, "How've they been doing?"

Percy gave a small chuckle before replying "They're eight, what do you think?"

Annabeth nodded before saying, "And what about—"

"He's doing better than everyone else," Percy interrupted, already knowing her question, "but still, this isn't the most exciting game…"

"Care to make it a little more exciting," Annabeth challenged.

"How so?" Percy asked, quirking an eyebrow and turning his head to meet her eyes.

"I bet you…a foot massage, that Adon's next hit will get him a home run."

"Deal," agreed Percy, thinking Annabeth crazy for believing such a thing would happen at this age group.

Annabeth smirked and turned her attention back to the game. Their green-eyed, blond-haired child was dragging his bat while making his way up to the tee. His eyes—like his father—were hidden behind his bushy hair, the too-big helmet covering the rest of his head. "Adonis!" Annabeth called out.

"Cheater," hissed Percy, as their son swiveled his head around—the helmet adorably spinning on his head—and tried to locate the voice.

But Annabeth ignored Percy and continued on. "Come on Adonis! Do your best!" The young boy beamed up at his mommy before turning his attention back to walking to the tee, his back straighter and noticeably more confident. Adon stepped into the outlined box. He squared his shoulders and stared at the tee, focusing on nothing besides the ball and making his mommy proud. Then he swung, with all the strength he had in his little body.

It was a straight line drive right down the center. It was fast and the hardest hit all game. And as Adon ran as fast as he could around the bases, the pitcher and later the shortstop, ducked out of the way. Adon rounded second as the ball rolled between the center-outfield's legs. He was huffing and puffing by the time he reached third. He looked to see where the ball was and saw the center-outfielder running at him, arm outstretched, and ball in hand. The site was comical, but not to little Adon who had started running full-speed toward home-plate. He reached home-plate first, with a foot and a half to spare. All the parents—Annabeth especially—cheered loudly as Adon bent over, his helmet falling off as he tried to catch his breath.

The rest of the game proceeded rather quickly after that, and Annabeth was the first parent to leave the stands and congratulate their child. Percy hung back, making sure that he had all of their stuff. As he made his way down the bleachers, he accidentally bumped into Sharon. "Hey. Sorry that I interrupted you before. What was it that you wanted to talk to me about," Percy asked, suddenly remembering their early conversation.

Sharon only shook her head, knowing better than to hit on a married man. Instead she asked, "Is that your wife? I don't see her around much."

Again—by the same person—Percy was distracted. His eyes lit up in adoration as he replied, "Yeah, that's Annabeth. It's kind of switched with us. She's the one that works while I stay at home. I pack the pick the clothes, pack the lunches, set-up the play dates, drive him everywhere…"

"Wow," Sharon laughed, "I've never met a guy so willing to do all of that."

Percy laughed with her, "Yeah, well…I wouldn't trade it for the world. Annabeth's has her dream job, and we don't really need any more money than that. Anyways, I'll see you next game." And with that, both people returned to their respective families. Percy searched one more time for his wife and son, watching with admiration as they walked away, Adon with excitement in each of his movements and Annabeth with contentment and a twinkling of pride in her eyes, both already having forgotten about him. Percy may well be the 'house-wife' in the situation, caring for their house and tending to their son. But just like Percy was Annabeth's man, Adon was his momma's boy.

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