I watched Ryusuke fish silently as I swam. The reservoir was quite big considering the size of the house and there may well have been Piranha in it, but no-one who visited really cared about that.

The hook got caught on a piece of weed, I took the hook of the weed and held it in my hands; I swam towards ray at my top speed allowing him to think that he had caught something, only to realise it was just me. I pulled myself out of the water and shook my long peroxide hair of water. I picked up the blue towel that was resting on a box beside Ray and wrapped it around myself.

'Caught anything today?' I asked as I rubbed my hair dry.

'Yeah, two carp – may have been the same one twice – and a plaice' he replied 'threw them back in after' he finished. His eye on the float.

'As you should' I nodded, chuckling slightly as I walked into the small house-shack thing we resided in. It wasn't much, but it was oh so comfortable. Mainly due to the haul of Cushions I brought from Home.

I hoped into the shower/bath and put in the plug, letting it fill with water as I read the instructions on a hair dye kit. I put it down and began to chop at my dyed peroxide locks, until it was just neck length.

I stopped the bath and turned on the sink tap then got my hair wet. I then applied a reasonable amount of dye onto my hair. I combed through and then placed a shower cap over my hair, then waited. Every hour or so I blew my hair with a blow dryer and used the tips that came with the Hair dye.

Five hours later I took off the shower cap and dried my hair fully. My hair was now officially dyed.

I put my hair under a cap so Ray couldn't see for a while. I like teasing him like that, just because I can really. I'm so immature, or so people tell me, I call it having fun.

I got changed into my jim-jams with oranges and pears on and slipped on my outdoor slippers, to meet Ryusuke who was tuning his guitar, and the one I practised on usually.

'What's with the cap, Ayane? You normally hate hats' He laughed.

I put my hands on my hips 'Can't a girl want a change in life?' I smiled and sat down on a rusty old computer chair and grabbed my Guitar off Ryusuke.

'Not you, you hate change' Ray smiled.

I pouted 'well I've grown up then' I smiled, sticking out my tongue at him.

Ryusuke shook his head 'I doubt that.'

I scowled 'want me to hit you?' I smiled patronisingly.

Ryusuke just laughed 'Lets get on with this' he smiled softly.

'Fine.' I replied and the Lesson ensued. It was quite a good lesson, even though Ray and I messed about a good amount of the time… He was right, I will probably never grow up, even when I'm ninety or something, and I'll still me as immature as I am now.

The lesson ended after an hour had past. It was less like a lesson than usual though because of the constant messing about.

'What's under the cap then?' Ryusuke asked, reaching for the cap on my head.

I jumped up and grabbed my cap, clutching it to my head, 'Can't see unless you catch me' I smiled then stuck my tongue out at him.

Ray laughed 'Fine then' he rolled up his sleeves and began to chase me.

I ran away, dodging his every attempt to catch me. Beck then started to bark so I stopped to stroke the little mutt.

It was at this point Ryusuke seized his chance to fling my cap into the Reservoir. My hair fell into place and I turned to face Ray. A cheeky smile – or what I thought was a cheeky smile – on my face as I hoped he wouldn't be mad at me.

I noted the look of shock on his face before he burst out laughing. I felt embarrassed, I liked what the colour looked like on me, why doesn't he?

He sighed loudly and wiped a tear away 'It looks good Aya… but… blue?' He asked still slightly chuckling 'Why blue?'

I made a sound that indicated that the answer was easy to see 'It's individual, different, unique, odd Ect. Ect.' I sighed. 'It does suit me right?'

Ray nodded 'Course it does' He looked closer 'you cut it too' he smiled.

I beamed at him 'for someone that's not very observant, you're better than normal today' I laughed 'I'm Little Miss Independent today'

Ray simply laughed as we went in to watch a film.

It was days like today that remind me why I came to Japan with Ryusuke instead of Staying in America. It was because Ryusuke was such a fun person, and I loved the Japanese culture all too much… the less important reason was to get out of the way of Journalist's and such. That may sound really pretentious and snobby, however, my brother agreed it was a good idea, and that settled it, as long as Ray didn't try anything funny, which won't happen as Ray likes more slaggy women from what I know.

Beck ran into the house and curled up in-between Ray and I. I scratched behind his ears then paid attention to the film. Ray had already fallen asleep. So I ended up watching it on my own. It wasn't very interesting, or fun, on my own so I switched it off and went to my room. This had a lock on the inside incase of the worst. I used the lock so that Ryusuke couldn't open it whilst I changed. I may not be his type, neither do I want to be, but he's still a guy, and I'm still a girl. Plus Eddie made me promise, it was one of many pinkie promises made before I came out here.

The next day I woke up around midday, with Beck on my chest, barking loudly. He then licked my face and ran off. I rubbed my eyes and got up. I stretched and looked in the mirror. The shock of my new hair got to me, I then laughed. After waking up blonde for fifteen years, it would take a while for me too get used too it. I got changed into a top and skirt that was lying around on the floor somewhere. I went to meet Ryusuke who was just pulling on his shoes, kicking the heel into place.

'We need to catch Beck' He told me, analyzing the questioning look on my face.

'Ahhh,' I replied turning to go in 'wait "we"?'

'Awh C'mon Aya' He smiled like a puppy would (if a puppy could smile)

'Fine' I sighed, following Ryusuke as we searched for Beck. We called his name repeatedly. We found him in the end. A young boy was stood near him, short black hair, looked around Ray's little sister's age. Maho's her name.

'Beck!' Ryusuke called 'Come here! I told you, you shouldn't go out alone!' he lowered his voice 'Damn dog' He grumbled 'Making me worry'

'So, I guess that's your dog?' Called the boy

'Yeah, he's an ugly mutt isn't he?' replied Ryusuke getting down to Beck's level.

'No no, he's cute!' the boy stuttered 'I guess…in his own way'

'Beck says thanks for saving him'

Beck ran up to the boy 'sure, good boy' he got to beck level and went to pet him 'That's a nice doggy' Beck then bit his hand. The boy screamed and fell over. I suppressed a laugh.

'Hmm, should probably be more careful, I think he's still a little jumpy' Ryusuke Finalised. He went up to the boy up the lamppost now and I followed behind.

'Use this' Ryusuke handed him something 'See you around' He then turned and walked off.

'See you' I waved and followed Ryusuke behind.

'I'll give these back to you next time, okay?!' the kid yelled. Ryusuke waved.