Author's Note: I would first like to thank waj1173 for inspiring me to write this story and giving me helpful advice, ideas and critiuque whenever I asked for it. Second of all I love the Penguins of Madagascar (especially Kowalski who is voiced by the great Jeff Bennet, may I add), so I really wanted to write something a little more mature, so please try not to be insulted or creeped out by some of the things written in this fic.

Penguins of Madagascar

Operation: Trinity


Nine and Half Years Ago, the Artic

An icy cold wind swept the cold and barren wasteland; the snow covered the hard and icy ground where few creatures could survive, thick snowflakes fell from the sky and the smooth snow prevented anything from growing. A lone Artic fox carefully trudged through the snow, sniffing the ground in search of food as the strong wind blew her icy kisses and ruffled her white fur.

She sniffed the snow with her coal black nose, a strange noise to the south made her ears prick up and she lifted her head in that direction. Her left ear twitched slightly, her dark eyes looked towards the infinite whiteness of the Artic. Moments passed in silence, the she-fox turned her face back towards the snow and continued to sniff out some food. As the fox walked through the snow the three humans watched her, standing close enough to keep an eye on her but close enough to alert her to they're presence.

All three were dressed in white camouflage suits, furred hoods pulled up around they're faces and wearing goggles that allowed them perfect vision, even in the continuous white Artic which the fox perfectly blended into. The one lay flat on his stomach, holding a hunting rifle loaded with three shots of tranquilizer. He doubted he would need three shots, but Kowalski insisted just for safety measures. Skipper and Kowalski crouched close to the ground beside's Rico, watching as the Artic fox continued to search for food.

"Be careful, Rico," Kowalski murmured softly. "You want to hit her near the neck, possibly above the shoulder."

Rico said nothing; he looked through his scope and aimed carefully. The Artic fox quickly lifted her head in the east direction, listening to the sound of a wolf's howl travel along the breeze and linger on the air. She turned away from the east direction, heading in the west direction and ruining Rico's shot. He snarled quietly and hit the ground with a fist, Skipper placed a hand on his shoulder and smirked.

"Don't worry, Rico," he assured. "It s not as if you can't get a good shot twice."

"That's true," Kowalski chuckled lightly.

Rico nodded at Skipper and once again looked through the scope; the Artic fox continued to sniff the ground and carried on walking, oblivious to the fact a man was aiming a gun at her. Rico aimed carefully, aiming directly at the top of her left shoulder, at a part where he knew the tranquilizer would quickly affect her. He squeezed the finger gently; the fox lifted her ears and her left ear twitched, Rico held his breath and pulled the trigger. The Artic fox let out a bark that sounded more like a squeal, she jumped as the tranquillizer hit her and she fell to the ground.

"Nice shot," Skipper commented, awarding Rico with a high five Rico.

Kowalski stood and quickly made his way towards the Artic fox; her tongue lay out of the side of her mouth as she breathed heavily, her hot breath visible on the cold air, the tranquillizer worked its way through her body's systems. While Rico used the brown strap to throw the hunting rifle over his shoulder, Skipper walked towards Kowalski as he checked the fox over.

"Is everything alright, Kowalski?" he asked.

"Yes," Kowalski nodded. "She'll be unconscious in a few seconds, and then we can carry her to the truck and make our way back to S.W.O.R.D headquarters."

"I'm guessing I'm the one who has to carry her, right?" Skipper smirked.

"Of course," Kowalski pulled off his goggles, revealing his gorgeous sapphire eyes. "You can't expect little ol' me to carry her, can you? I'm valuable property, are you the one who will damage one of S.W.O.R.D's most dangerous weapons?"

Skipper slapped his back, "Don't get a swelled head, Kowalski," he teased.

Rico walked towards them just as the Artic fox slipped into dark unconsciousness, waiting a few seconds to make sure she really was out, then Rico pulled nuzzle from his bag, wrapping it around her snout. Kowalski pulled out a foldable stretcher from his bag, and with Skipper and Rico's help, placed the fox onto the stretcher. Rico grabbed one end and Skipper got the other, with that done they headed towards the truck.

"So what're you going to name her?" Skipper asked Kowalski. "I'd give her a nice name, something sexy like Gwen or Sofia or maybe even something exotic."

"I'm giving her a codename, Skipper," Kowalski said with a lecturing tone. "Not a prostitute nickname, she's not some whore you can use for quick sex before you set off for a mission."

Rico laughed loudly, knowing that Skipper had used a prostitute on several occasions over the years whenever he was feeling lonely or before he set off for a dangerous mission. Skipper scowled at Kowalski, but caught his smirk and rolled his eyes.

"So what are you going to call her?" Skipper asked, arching an eyebrow.

Kowalski glanced down at her, thinking quietly for a few moments. "Zero," he answered simply. "She's my test subject, Zero seems appropriate."

"Zero, eh?" Skipper smiled slightly. "I like it; it rolls off the tongue with ease."



Kowalski sat behind his control panel the next day, typing away at the computer that was connected to the large cylinder invention near the back of the small square room. The room was small and square, bright white with no windows and silver automatic doors as an entrance point. The cylinder was tall, almost reaching the ceiling and very wide, wide enough to put two people in. Two set of thick wires ran from the cylinder to the control panel and to a large generator in the corner of the room, the generator took up the whole side of the one wall's corner and was ugly and bulky in appearance.

Kowalski was dressed in his lab coat, his snow suit on underneath. Rico and Skipper were with him, hoods pulled down and goggles removed. It would have been more appropriate to change into they're uniforms, but Kowalski wanted to start the experimentation as soon as they arrived back at the agency's lab. Along with them was a young fourteen and a half year old boy, standing sheepishly beside Rico and staring at the high tech computer Kowalski had invented. Private's parents were both part of S.W.O.R.D and usually always on the frontline, when they weren't Private heard of they're stories and wanted to be part of it.

Since his parents were good friends with Skipper, he had agreed to take Private under his wing and placed him in his squadron. Private was one of the few people to witness an historic moment that only few select members of S.W.O.R.D were to know of, the President of the United States would never know, the Prime Minister of Britain, no one but the high ranking members of S.W.O.R.D and the people in that room.

The Artic fox was already placed inside the cylinder, awake and alert, sitting on her back legs. Rico had used the other two tranquilizer's on the way to S.W.O.R.D headquaters and the fox had panicked at first, but when she realized the situation wasn't going to change she merely and somewhat obidently sat down. Before Kowalski could switch on his machine Commander Bradley walked into the room, he was the youngest commander in S.W.O.R.D history aged at twenty-seven. Not that his age stopped him, his skills on the battle field and his wide range of tactical knowledge was a key factor in the fight against global terrorism and all of the scum of society.

"Well now, guys," he smiled. "You were going to start without me, Kowalski?"

"Of course not, Commander Bradley," Kowalski answered. "I was merely firing up the machine; I need to make sure it's fully charged and able to function properly. I don't want anything to go wrong."

Commander Bradley placed a hand on Kowalski's shoulder, smiling confidentially. "Nothing will go wrong, Kowalski," he assured. "But I'm still amazed at how this machine works... how does it work again?"

"You know I can't tell you that, Commander," Kowalski smirked. "The information is confidential; I'll tell you later, once Private's gone."

"But the kid will be present during the experiment," Commander Bradley pointed out. "Doesn't that mean your giving away important and confidential information? What if he doesn't join our organization and instead joins a terrorist group or similar? He will know how to create those hybrids."

"I prefer the term anima," Kowalski said. "But I see your point; I wouldn't worry though, Sir. Just because you see something doesn't mean you can do it, I may see a man play the piano expertly but it doesn't mean that I myself can play as well as he can."

"Can we get this over with already?" Skipper asked growing impatient. "I want to go home."

Kowalski rolled his eyes and turned to face the machine, turning a dial slowly. Three bars on the panel began to glow as they signalled that the machine was on full power, Kowalski typed a code into the computer and the cylinder shaped machine became filled with a green gas, the Artic fox yelped and began to panic. Electricity ran along the cylinder as the fox was completely engulfed by the gas, the electricity running along the fox's body.

The hair on the end of the fox's back began to stand on end, her claws curled in and her jaw became agape as she roared in pain. Private flinched from the sound of the creature in pain and shot a fleeting look at Skipper as the electricity ran along the floor and along the walls, Skipper caught the look.

"Don't worry, Private," he assured. "Kowalski knows what he's doing."

"I hope so, Sir," Private murmured.

After minutes of the sound of bones cracking, the Artic fox crying out in pain and the electricity occasionally running too close to the watchers, the machine automatically shut itself down once the experimentation was over. The electricity fizzled away, the air remained static though and the green gas was emptied out of the tube through a vent. Kowalski stood and pulled off his lab coat, clicking the green button on his control panel and the cylinder opened up.

He quickly ran towards the cylinder, Commander Bradley following him. A figure appeared from the remaining gas and the small opening in the cylinder, a startled and drossy looking young woman. Kowalski wrapped the lab coat around her, gently setting her down onto the cold floor. Commander Bradley looked at the young woman in amazement, Kowalski's invention had worked, a perfect anima on the first try.

Kowalski cupped her face with his hands, turning her head slowly in his head direction. Her eyes showed good reactions, the irises changing in the different light, the small Artic fox ears upon her head twitched with every small sound heard.

"I need you to listen carefully to me," he ordered. "My name is Kowalski and your name is Zero, I know this is all very confusing to you but in time you will come to trust me and what I say. Understand?"

She nodded slowly, "Yes," she said. "Ko-wal-ski."

Commander Bradley clapped once and slapped Kowalski's back, "Well done," he congratulated. "This new technology of yours will create soldiers necessary for our battles against terrorist and global disaster. Kowalski, you've just contributed to saving the world, and Zero is just the start."


Two Years Ago

Kowalski walked down the corridor leading to his lab, he wore a dark expression and people were doing they're best to avoid his gaze. It had been six and a half years since Zero became human, since then she adapted easily to her new environment and as an S.W.O.R.D agent. She even had a tattoo done a few years after her rebirth; she now had a Gothic style 0 on her lower back. It was safe to say she and Kowalski had a relationship of sorts, though it was hard to have any kind of relationship or social life while working with S.W.O.R.D.

Private was now older and a official member of Skipper's team, along with Kowalski, Rico, Zero and the four other anima Kowalski had created over the years. The four other anima's were made from different animal's from different continents, giving them different ethnicities and even totally different personalities. It was strange, yet funny, to see low intelligent animals becoming such smart humans with they're own thoughts, personalities and taste's.

"Kowalski!" called a familiar voice from behind him.

He turned to see Skipper slowly walk towards him, a dark expression layered across his face also. Kowalski sighed and patted his friend's back, both of them walking towards the lab.

"Dark days for us, don't you agree, Sir?" Kowalski said.

"That's probably the first time you've ever called me 'sir'," Skipper smirked slightly.

"And the last, probably," Kowalski shrugged. "With us going into hiding who knows what'll happen to us?"

"We're going to a zoo," Skipper reminded him. "What's your opinion of it? I mean, we've finally managed to uncover important information on Trinity and now we have to go into hiding and only your technology can hide us completely. I honestly dislike the idea of being a fat, waddling penguin."

"Hey, Private chose the option of being a penguin," Kowalski shrugged. "I said we should have been something more..."

"Something more... cool, perhaps?" Skipper inquired.

"Well," Kowalski sang lightly. "I wouldn't have said cool, but yes, we're on the same level. Anyway, I wouldn't worry if I was you Skipper; we're only going into hiding as a temporary measure. Before you know it we'll be back on active duty and we'll finally be able to destroy Trinity."

Skipper smirked at his friend and ruffled his hair, hoping that it really was just a temporary measure and that they would soon be humans and would find a way to destroy Trinity before they continued to ruin innocent people's lives or worse, manage to succeed in they're goal.

To Be Continued...