a / n; Frankly, I was never overly fond of either of these characters in canon, but they had their moments, and anyway there are some things I just have to take a stab at. Enjoy.
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To be honest, she never really gets over him.

She dates other people—Harry, Michael, Roger. She smiles and lets them kiss her and run their fingers across her thighs. She lets them make their promises of forever and ever and always, baby. She lets herself pretend this is love.

She lives, sort of; grows up, maybe.

She marries a man with broad shoulders and gray eyes, who promises her the world and marvels at how much of a woman she is—wide eyes and round hips and soft skin. She has two children who call her 'mama' and scrape their knees. And she is happy, almost.

Except there is always that perpetual fifth year who has tasted love on the lips of a Hufflepuff Quidditch captain; who can say 'I love you' without the words coming out half-false.

Except there is always Cedric who laughs and says 'what does a fifteen-year-old know about love?' but kisses her anyway, and there's always a girl who thinks 'enough to know there will never really be anyone else' and it's true.