Chapter 4

Bee resisted the temptation to transform and stretch, having pulled into a rest stop to recharge, still in his alt mode. He couldn't risk transforming and someone recognizing him, he didn't want to be found, if the bots back home were looking for him anyway.

He quickly drove off, rejoining the high way. The traveling high was starting to wear off now. He'd gone past more cities than he could count, moving from highway to highway. This was just starting to get boring. Was he even going the right way? Maybe he should just turn around and go home, this was pointless.

No! he snapped at himself, you are not quitting now Bumblebee, pull yourself together.

Revving his engine, he changed lanes, over taking some impossibly slow minivan, not particularly caring for politeness anymore. The minivan driver should learn to use his car, rather than treating it like some old age pedal bike.

Stupid human, I've got places to be.

But where that was exactly, he had no idea.


Optimus let out another sigh as Prowl cut the comm. link, not for the first time. The ninja was becoming more determined by the day to find the missing beetle, but he was just nowhere to be found. To everyone's surprise, he'd covered his tracks well. No one around Detroit had seen him, no tracks in the forest, not even a scrape of yellow paint could be found.

But part of the ninja's behavior irritated him. Did he think he was the only one that missed Bumblebee? His spark throbbed painfully at the thought of the youngling all by himself, Primus knows where. He was the youngest of his team, and he'd let him slip through his digits.

Some leader he was.

But…it was more than that…

He'd never ever admit it aloud, Primus forbid the scout himself ever knew how he felt, but he missed Bumblebee. His laugh, his smile, the way he called him 'boss-bot', everything, even his pranks. He deeply hoped with everyday that they wouldn't find the scout offline, he wasn't sure if he'd be able to handle it if he never saw those baby blue optics again, smiling the way he did, bright yellow armour in the sunlight making him look like he glowed. Primus he was so beautiful…

Optimus shock his helm. Primus, things were bad enough without this.

So with a heavy spark, he pushed the feelings down, checking the monitors again for any sign of the youngest member of his team.

Come home safe, Bee.


Bulkhead stared at the blank canvas infront of him, waiting for inspiration to hit him. Yet again, it never came.

He sighed. Why couldn't he concentrate on his art? He needed to get more done if he was going to get any better.

Oh yeah, his little buddy was missing, with a high chance he wouldn't come back, and if he did, there was a good chance he'd be offline.

It just wasn't fair, why did he have to go? Him and Prowl argued all the time, what made this time so different? Why did he have to leave just because of a stupid argument? It just made no sense.

But he could tell he wasn't the only one suffering from the beetle's absence. Boss-bot seemed more lost, not sure what to do, doubting his leadership at every turn. Ratchet was moodier than ever, and he knew he'd sooner live with any damage he took than go visit the temperamental medic. Prowl was hardly ever on base anymore, searching from dawn until he managed to crawl back for the missing scout. He looked absolutely downcast everytime he came back empty handed, but avoided the med bay and Ratchet at all costs. For reason's he couldn't begin to understand, Ratchet pretty much tried to beat the slag out of Prowl everytime he was within reach.

Atleast he's not after my aft 24/7, he thought, almost feeling sorry for Prowl. As much as he'd tried not to, he couldn't help but blame Prowl for what happened. If he hadn't been so over dramatic about a stupid insignificant little plant, Bee would still be here, and he could be painting, his best friend messing around behind him.

He sighed again, abandoning the canvas. It was clear he wasn't going to be able to paint today, what was the point in trying?

Hurry up and come back lil' buddy, we miss you.


Ratchet growled, throwing another wrench across the room, letting the object embed in the wall, for once, not giving a slag about the damage to his med bay.

Why would this guilt not go away? It was driving him insane!

He never felt bad about arguing with anyone normally, mostly because he felt they usually deserved it.

But did Bee?

He growled again, knowing the answer to that, but not wanting to admit it, even his mind. But another all more painful thought popped into his Meta.

Would Bee have gone if he hadn't said what he had? Sure Prowl had pushed him over the edge, but would that have happened if he hadn't said what he did before?

That he couldn't answer, but he had a nagging feeling that he was partly to blame for the scout's absence.

Why the slag should I be at fault? It was Prowl that drove him off, not me! He thought angrily.

Oh but you did didn't you, a voice in the back of his processor piped up, and you know it, that's why you're so upset, because you know it's your fault.

"Shut up," Ratchet growled aloud, not caring that anyone that heard him would think he was going insane.

He couldn't be the cause of it!

Could he?


Prowl sighed, leaning against a tree, looking up at the sky he could see through the dense forest.

Where are you Bee? Why haven't you come back yet? Are you Okay?

Prowl shut off his optics, guilt plaguing his spark once more.

Of course the scout wasn't Okay. He was probably hurt, lost and scared, all by himself. He was only a youngling after all.

Prowl once again had to fight the over protective feeling that flooded over him. He wanted to find Bee, hold him close, protect him from everything that tried to hurt him.

These feelings came to him often, along with the burning desire to be with the scout.

Why did he feel like this?

Never, ever before had he felt as he did now, and it confused him. Why did he feel so much for the scout? Surely, if anything, he should feel a brotherly love towards him, not that kind of love.

He wouldn't be interested, he told himself again in another desperate attempt to push the feelings away. But once more, his spark refused, keeping the feelings close, I don't even know what I like about him! He's annoying, immature, reckless, impossible to live with

But he was also beautiful, caring, happy, just like a walking sun, he radiated happy feelings. What he wouldn't give to have him here now, just to soak up the happy aura around him, Primus knows it would make him feel better.

For so long he'd been able to stay emotionally detached, and it had all be ruined, by the little beetle, not because he was immature or because he was destructive, but because his strict views of the world helped him see through the childish antics and see the beautiful bot beneath, a bot worth loving.

But why couldn't he have worked this out earlier, before he'd gone and been so stupid?

You never know what you have until its gone, Primus I'm so sorry Bee.


This is different.

Yup, this is definitely different.

He was absolutely sure the scenery around him was starting to change. The world of grey and technological was starting to change into a world of brown and green, sands and shrubs for as far as the optics could see.

This looks more promising.

Checking his GPS-locationer, he nearly swerved in shock to see how far he'd come.

He'd been away just about a week now, and here he was, in Mexico. Obviously all the driving he was doing was paying off.

Engine revving with excitement, he sped up, wanting to see more of this new place, traveling high reawoken.

Mexico, get ready, because Bee is here, and he's better than ever!

AUTHORS NOTE: Yup, these are the only two updates I have, but more soon I hope! O3O