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Friends. They Are Forever

Three Days Till Azerath

Raven woke up the next morning at 8am (as usual) and she looked around at her room. It was still a mess. 'I really should clean my room. But I don't think I will.'

Instead she just went to the kitchen to get her daily morning herbal tea.

When she walked through the automatic door to the living room and she looked around and saw Speedy, Robin, and Cyborg. (She began to notice Speedy was a morning person also.) "Good Morning guys," she said in her normal monotone voice.

"Good morning," they all said together. She resumed making her tea. She got the kettle out of the cabinet that was specifically there for her tea. She put the water in the kettle, and then put the kettle on the stove for the water to boil.

She turned around to see Speedy just inches from her face. She gasped and stepped back a few feet. Her powers caused a nearby cup to explode because of the amount of surprise and embarrassment she felt at the same time.

"I'm sorry," they both said at the same time. She blushed and a lamp in the living room exploded also.

"No I'm sorry," Speedy said. Then for some strange reason he hugged Raven.

She, Robin, and Cy had confused looks on there faces. He released her then she asked, "Um…what was that for?"

"Cyborg and Robin told me why you all have to go to Azerath in the first place. I'm sorry about your mother," he replied

"Thank you," Raven said. Then Speedy went back into the living room where Robin and Cyborg were picking up the broken glass. "Nice job SlimShady," Cyborg teased

him. Robin chuckled at the comment.

Raven had made her tea and was leaning against the counter drinking it. 'I understand that he wanted to make me feel better. But did he have to embarrass me like that. I destroyed two things in least than five minutes.'

Raven, being Empathic, felt a strong feeling of nervousness and unsureness coming towards her. She looked up to see Robin walking over.

"Um…Hey Raven," He said absentmindedly.

"Hey…" she said back to him the same way.

"Sorry about Speedy, I told him not to say anything," Robin said his voice trailing off.

"No it's fine Robin," she said in her monotone voice.

"I just wanted to ask," he said changing the subject, "How exactly are we getting to Azerath? I mean you said it was in a different dimension, that's why I didn't ask Cyborg to get the T-Ship ready." Raven chuckled a little and Robin blushed. "I'm going to transport you there, using my magic and a few weird words. Azerath Metrion Zenthois, Carazon Raquashas Endiré, Vasarish Cendrion Azerath, Azerath, Azerath."

"Wow those are some weird words," Robin said smirking.

"Robin," Raven said changing the mood to serious, "Promise me something."

"Anything," he said to his dear friend.

"Promise that you won't forget about me if I don't get out of this mess. That means don't replace me on the team and don't let anyone take my place in your heart. And the last thing, please let our bond never break. That you won't let it just fade away into being just a memory." she told him with tears welling up in her eyes.

"Raven," he said softly and walked slowly towards her and hugged her tightly, "I would never even think of replacing you on this team. That would be the biggest mistake of my life. And Raven no one could ever take your place in my heart. Someone once told me that some people will come into your life and quickly leave, others will stay a while and make an imprint in your heart. And that's the reason why I couldn't replace you in my heart, even if I tried. You have made the biggest imprint in my heart that anyone has ever made. And I love you, you're my best friend. Come to think of it, you're not my best friend. You're more than that, you're like my sister. And our bond is stronger than life itself. And nothing in no way form or fashion could ever change that."

A small meaningful tear slowly trickled down her face. "Thank you Robin," she whispered.

Cy and Speedy were looking at them from the living room and were whispering jokes to each other about them. They were trying to hide the smirks on their faces behind there hands, but it wasn't working at all.

Raven released Robin and continued to drink her herbal tea. Robin knew the sudden pull away from him, meant she wanted him to do something about the two of them.

Robin walked over to the giggling guys. They both were red in the face from trying to hold in their laughter. But they couldn't hold it in any longer. They burst into laughter. Robin could make out some of what they were saying between the laughs. "Raven…………Robin……………….together……………crazy." Cy stammered.

Raven heard what he said and it hurt a little. 'What's so crazy about the idea of me and Robin as a couple?' she thought. Raven was feeling an immense amount of, hurt and embarrassment at the same time. This caused her powers to make all the items in the refrigerator to fall out onto the floor.

"I'm Sorry!" she yelled so embarrassed that for the third time today her powers had screwed something up.

"No Raven it's not your fault!" Robin said loudly almost immediately after she spoke,

"It's these two knuckle-heads fault. And I am telling them to Clean. It. Up." Robin split up the last three words and put emphasis on them. Cy and Speedy weren't laughing anymore but were slowly walking to clean it up. They were mumbling under their breath on their way.

"What was that?" Robin teased them. He looked over at Raven and she was smiling.

"Thanks Boy Blunder," she said smirking at her friend.

"Your welcome Dark Vader," he knew she hated when people called her that. She made a mean face at him, but he knew she was just kidding.

About an hour later the rest of the Titans were up and about. But they weren't at home for long. "Raven would you like to partake in going to the mall of shopping with friend Bumblebee and I?" Starfire asked after breakfast. (Cyborg had cooked again, majority Rules). "Sure Starfire," Raven said really not wanting to go but didn't want to hurt her feelings.

"Yo," Beast Boy announced as he and Aqualad got up off the couch, "Aqualad and I are going for a swim. Be back whenever."

"Me, Robin and Speedy are going to play some basketball on the roof," Cyborg announced as all three of them stood up. Mas and Menos were going for a run at the park.

"Alright guys," Robin said, "Call if anything goes wrong."

"We will," they all said together, heading towards the door.

"Raven," Starfire said while the three girls were flying to the mall, "What are you going to buy at the mall of shopping?"

"I don't know Starfire," Raven said, "Why don't you ask Bumblebee she probably knows what she wants."

"Oh yes!" Starfire said turning to look at Bumblebee, "Friend Bumblebee, are you going to buy something for Cyborg. I see that you two are taking interest in each other."

Before Bumblebee could answer Raven said in her monotone voice, "Oh look there's big slimy trouble," but she said it sarcastically. They looked down and there was Plasthsmus breaking up stuff in the middle of town.

Raven got out her communicator to call Robin, but when she picked it up it was already ringing. She opened it and Robin appeared on the screen.

"Plasthsmus is wrecking downtown, get there as soon as possible," he said.

"Already here Robin," See you when you get here." She closed the communicator.

"C'mon guys, Robin and the others are on their way," she said to them.

They flew down to where Plasthsmus was. He had the back of an acid truck and was drinking the contents.

"Whoa dude, now that's just nasty," Bumblebee said.

Plasthsmus turned when he heard her. He let out a nasty bellow. Plasthsmus through off some of the slime that was apart of his body and threw it at the girls. It covered their bodies. Starfire, Bumblebee, Raven were neck deep in the goo.

"Raven!" Starfire yelled.

"Azerath, Metrion, Zenthois!" Raven yelled. The slime burst away from them.

"Thanks," Bumblebee said as she was flying towards Plasthsmus. And repeatedly

shocked him. Starfire flew above him and was throwing star-bolts.

"Azerath, Metrio-" Raven was interrupted by Plasthsmus's hand grabbing her and constricting her. She could feel her bones breaking under his firm grasp.

Plasthsmus had slung his slime on Bumblebee and she was pinned up against a wall unable to breath. He had done the same to Starfire.

Raven couldn't focus her mind and use her powers. She felt herself about to pass out. Then she saw a birdarang stick straight into his arm and start beeping then exploded. She saw a flash of red and then she was on the ground. She looked up and saw that she was in Robin's arms. Her vision was blurry and she still couldn't focus.

"Raven," Robin whispered. And that's the last thing she heard before she passed out.

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