A/N:This was very random or you could call it an unexpected muse. One of the reasons I decided to write something like this is because one of my best friends's got some shocking news that was very sad and difficult. It wasn't a car crash like this story but I had a quiet song playing in the background and I felt the need to write something tragic like this. I own nothing except creativity.

Daddy's Here

It was an odd sort of feeling. A twisting knotting pain in his stomach and it didn't feel like butterflies. It wasn't the kind you felt on your first kiss it was more like a thousand bat wings fluttering of panic.

He gripped the Styrofoam cup filled with cold coffee. His fingers pushed through and small cracks poured out the brown liquid on to his hand. He darted to the nearest garbage can and tossed the cup away.

Wiping his hands on his pants Baze turned to see Cate and Ryan. Both were overly tired and fast asleep. An hour ago Cate had an ongoing war with her eyelids and clearly Baze could see the winner.

He couldn't sleep. Sleep was the last thing on his mind. His eyes were red and puffed and he squeezed his eyes shut to keep from crying again. He'd been crying for too long and he feared he would drain himself and fall asleep.

Lux was in surgery for hours and he was the only one left standing just waiting for the doctors.

Baze couldn't blame Cate for not staying awake. She was in the driver's seat of the car and walked away with a few bruises and a large cut on her head that required stitching.

A bald man with a doctor's coat appeared.

"Your Lux's family correct?"

Baze turned, "Yeah I'm her dad. Is she alive? Please tell me she's okay."

The doctor drew a breath, "She's stable. She cracked three ribs and lost a lot of blood. She suffered a bad head injury and was required many stitches in her right thigh."

"Doc is she gonna be okay at least?" Baze was on the verge of tears.

"In time. She should be waking up in a few minutes if you want to see her?"

And so the doctor led the way and then left down the hall. Baze stood hesitantly at the door and then turned the knob.

She was awake. The small blonde petite girl lay bruised and cut on the bed. Such a confident and strong girl was broken like a piece of glass.

Baze began to cry again but he smiled.

"Baze." She croaked.

He went to her side, "Shh kiddo, don't talk."

"Don't cry."

Baze chuckled, "I'm just so happy to see you're awake and stable."

The tears still grazed his cheeks.


"She's fine." Baze sniffed and wiped his eyes with his sleeve, "She fought the urge to stay awake but she was exhausted. Just bruised and cut."

"And here I am with cracked ribs."

Baze pulled up a chair closer to her bed and leaned in kissing her on the forehead, "Go to sleep kiddo."

Lux smiled and her eyes shut. Her breathing became rhythmic.

"Don't worry kiddo, Daddy's here."