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The Cocoon craft shot over Gran Pulse, igniting several fires, scattering several pockets of canine-like creatures and making the Adamantoises roar up at the sky, their titanic tusks coming dangerously close to scraping the Cocoon ships. The craft shot further, reaching the Paddrean Capital virtually unchallenged. The Capital burned, an explosion tearing the architecture apart and scattering the few l'Cie remaining. Morres, my friend, l'Cie brand shining shot a pulse of blue energy at the Cocoon craft. It fired back, the missile exploding prematurely by another spark of magic from the glaring red eye branded on Morres' forearm.

"Stay back her" he didn't turn, quickly speaking before running, leaping from pillar to pillar and, with l'Cie agility, throwing himself several hundred metres into the air and punching a fist through the side of the Cocoon craft. He swung his legs around, kicking the craft and violently sending it spiralling into the wastelands behind the Paddrean Capital. Morres' hit the ground with a flash of light, spinning around and shouting as the two other Cocoon crafts glided towards the Capital.

It was then I wished that I was a l'Cie, that I had the accursed brand, solely so I could help our Capital, our falling city, to destroy the Cocoon beasts.

A velocycle shot down from a transgate, warping straight from Cocoon. Morres looked at it quickly and, with another leap, he ran up to it, gave a sharp two footed kick to send it crashing to the ground, leapt into the air, and with one more l'Cie spell aimed at one of the ships, he vanished through the transgate.

Another l'Cie gone. It was a common tale: their Focus was invariably to do harm to Cocoon, not its minions; and so, across all Gran Pulse, l'Cie were running through any open transgates to wherever in that nest of vipers it led. None returned, and that bronze orb in the sky remained, glowing. Watching.

"How many more l'Cie are there?" I shouted, darting out of my cover in the wreckage.

"Vercin? You're alive?" Shoran called back, voice barely audible over the attack, "No idea, we should have four but Morres just left and I think Waresa was killed."

"Two more?" I gasped, tackling a Sanctum soldier and stealing the weapon. I aimed it at the fleet of velocycles and fires its compliment of rockets before chucking the weapon itself at them, tripping the last of the cycles.

"Nicely done" Shoran nodded, using a Gran Pulse crystal based weapon to fires glimmering bolts of energy at the Cocoon soldiers and vehicles. "we need back up" he grunted as the crystal in the weapon cracked.

The weapon was a metal circle, a clear glass tube extending along the diameter with a jagged crystal in the centre. It flashed a little, drawing energy from the countless Sanctum l'Cie attackers, as it healed itself.

"Get out of here!" Shoran looked at me, waving the crystal weapon and firing an arc of shining energy out.

"I won't leave you" I retorted, running out of the stone cover to tackle a Cocoon soldier. I snatched their gun away, wishing I hadn't lost my crystal weapon, before firing at an oncoming velocycle. The driver was forced of. I ran up, pulling myself onto the still moving cycle and twirling around until I was controlling it.

I kicked the back of the control pedals, quickly picking up on how to move it, before I changed direction. I was facing out of the Capital, and shooting straight towards the sky and the two remaining flying Sanctum ships.

It was always the one person, speedy gliders that proved a problem; they were common in almost every assault, unlike the larger airships, but the gliders were unreachable unless you were an acrobatic l'Cie: and even then they proved a challenge to take out.

I shot straight towards the first of the two crafts, releasing the stolen velocycle at the last moment, sending it crashing into the Sanctum glider.

Now I'd fall, but at least the Paddrean Capital had a chance of surviving.

A l'Cie sprang up from the floor, a white streak of lightning, and crashed into the glider I had momentarily stunned. The ship spiralled away, hitting the ground somewhere in the Yaschas Massif. The l'Cie seemingly paused in midair and, noticing my falling frame, she fell towards me, picking me up before landing smoothly on the ground with the aid of her magic.

"Thanks Mirena" I smiled, getting back to my feet.

"Leave, ok?" she sounded annoyed; "We're evacuating the cities to a camp near the base of the Vallis Media valley" she seemed somewhat irked.

Looking around, I noted the lack of life. Even Shoran had gone.

"On my way" I nodded, starting to run, keeping under the cover of the wrecked stone arches. I sprinted, leaping from block to block and, when the situation demanded it, knocking the Sanctum soldiers out. I was just leaping down the steps when I heard a screech.

Spinning around, I saw a black silhouette fall violently from the sky, struck by a Sanctum l'Cie. I saw a small red light glowing on it, but that only lasted a split second. It hit the ground, cracking the stone floor. Mirena, my l'Cie rescuer, shrieked, now the last l'Cie protecting the Paddrean Capital.

The only l'Cie. That had to hurt; and she was close to that other l'Cie. Very close. No. I knew what was going to happen; I've studied l'Cie, trying to find some way to resurrect them from crystal, or to remove the brands, even to save a Cie'th. No success, but I and every other Gran Pulsian knew what would happen if you hurt a l'Cie's mind, like the loss of a partner would.

Mirena shouted, agony ripping through her as the impassive red eye on her shoulder opened. The light turned brighter, blinding, before she was engulfed in a white light. Jagged crystal shards came out of the light and, as the energy dimmed, Mirena was unrecognizable. A vaguely humanoid form, with thin, decaying arms and legs, pieces of crystal stuck over it. Her face was the most recognizable thing about her; shouting, screaming even, on the grey carcass. Where her heart should be, there was a red circle, shining, and two jagged wings sprouted from her back. A Cie'th.

Now the Paddrean Capital was unprotected.

I watched the Cie'th Mirena soar, cutting down the few remaining Paddrean soldiers in the same spell with which she destroyed Sanctum velocycles. I watched the last Cocoon craft fall, attacked by the mindless Cie'th, as a great arch crushed more Paddrean soldiers.

I turned and ran.

The last l'Cie in the Paddrean Capital had gone. Those who stayed on Gran Pulse faced damnation as it was, as a Cie'th. Every Focus given out was to attack Cocoon. The few with the courage to wait and defend their home either died by the Sanctum's hand, warped to Cocoon after a few days, or turned to a Cie'th.

I doubted there was a single l'Cie on Gran Pulse that wasn't heading for Cocoon. Not one.

I continue sprinting away, avoiding the pursuing velocycles and soldiers. But still they came; still the velocycles followed. But I had one thing they didn't; I knew Gran Pulse. I knew my home.

I entered Yaschas Massif. It was a huge valley, covered with trees and flora of all varieties; even if a lot of the flora turned out to be disguised insects.

I gave a loud, piercing whistle, three beats, each getting higher pitched. Each beat of the whistle lasting less than a second, and no gap between them; just major pitch increases. I whistled again, the exact same manner. A huge Svarog flew towards me, the titanic, scaled bird spreading vicious talons and shrieking, while gliding, blisteringly fast, through the sky, towards my rough approximation of a whistled Svarog call. I ducked, flattening myself onto the ground, still, as the unpredictable force of nature had its effect. The Svarog tackled the speeding velocycles, knocking the first off the cliff and clawing the next into the wall. The few soldiers that had decided to follow me turned and ran, and the ferocious Svarog gave chase.

Don't tangle with Gran Pulse.

I leapt across a few more rocks, clambering over moss covered stones until I reached a new plateau. A hybrid flora, some huge, tomato like blob with extraordinary magical capabilities, was sitting in the middle of the field.

Never a dull moment. That's what I loved about Gran Pulse.

I edged around the side of the earth platform. The flan could detect the heat of a life form if you got too close: I had to keep my distance. I had no weapon on me, and really didn't fancy tangling with a spell casting vegetable. Or fruit. A tomato was a fruit, wasn't it? Oh well.

It turned and looked at me.

Sighing, I turned and quickly ran back over a fallen tree; it continued to the other side of the valley.

The flan waved its stubby arms, conjuring a ball of water out of thin air above my head. I stepped back, ducking out of the downpour, gasping suddenly as the water struck my feet. The high speed of the spell made me stagger back, slightly stunned, straight into another piece of magic. The barrage caught me by surprise, and I slipped sideways. And fell.

I fell.

Yaschas Massif; a huge valley, a fallen tree connecting both sides. The valley was deep; no one had measured the depth precisely; but anyone who fell wouldn't survive. The last thing they'd ever see would be the blur of the stone walls.

I saw the ground. It came closer.

I felt the air around me suddenly start moving quickly. The air current blew me up, incredible air resistance forming out of nowhere. I was forced up a few centimetre s before falling again, at a much slower pace. I landed softly, face down, on the floor of the Yaschas Massif.

I quickly got to my feet, brushing myself down, as I saw two people; presumably, the people who saved me.

One had long, unkempt dark hair, and she wore strips of blue fabric in a kind of toga. A l'Cie brand was resplendent on her shoulder, while the other shoulder has a triangle based, slightly gothic black tattoo.

The beautiful woman next to her had bouncy red hair tied in two pigtails near the base. She wore a pink piece of fabric around her torso, and fur around her waist, and was adorned with a series of beads, necklaces and bracelets.

"Thanks" I smiled, still slightly disorientated by my fall.

Don't mention it" the dark haired one said dismissively, "Say, where'd you come from?"

"The Paddrean Capital" I pointed up the valley walls, "Been destroyed by Cocoon"

The redhead inhaled deeply, shocked. "Who are you then?" she changed the subject, bouncing closer to me.

"I'm Vercin" I responded, smiling at her odd behaviour.

"Nice to meet ya" the dark haired l'Cie said, spinning her red spear and strapping it across her back. "I'm Fang"

The redhead smiled, leaning towards me; "and I'm Vanille."

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