this is in Tiffany's pov, I think most of the story will be in her point of view so only when I say it's in someone else's it's in someone else's

The Plan Continues

The next morning, came, we got ready and I packed some of my things in a spare suitcase, with the help of some of Tom's magic of course. After having some cereal for breakfast, we set a plan in place.

"okay, so Tom is going to put an enchantment on you, so that people can see you but they don't ask you any questions, and don't become suspicious, ask questions etc," Abby told me.

"Okay what about my parents?"

"Hmm I'll tell him to put some sort of enchantment or spell that makes them think you're still their."

"Sounds like a plan."

"yep, now only if my brother would hurry up," she said with an eye roll. "TOMMY! GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE!"

"Did someone call?" he asked popping up next to me. I tried not to blush, just because I didn't have a crush on him didn't mean I didn't think he was cute.

"Okay, okay stop trying to be smooth, you're wasting time, I need you to do the enchantment on Tiffany, and her parents."

"Okay," he pointed his wand at me and said another word this time I think it was in Romanian.

"Now for her parents, what is it that I am supposed to do?" Abby explained the plan to her brother. "Oh I see be right back." and he apparated out of the house and I think into mine. About two minutes later he came back. He brushed off his hands and said. "Done piece of cake."

"Is everyone ready to go?" Stella Abby's mom asked.

"Yep," Abby answered.

"Okay then come to the kitchen."

"Coming." we all headed into the kitchen.

"Now Abby you grab hold of your brothers hand.."

"Eww no can't I hold onto Dad's or something?"

"Sure sweetie," Arnold her dad said. She grabbed hold of her dad's hand, and I grabbed hold of Tom's and we all aparated into some sort of brick paved alley.

"Welcome to Diagon Alley Tiffany," Tom said.

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