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Future Seen Darkly

Chapter 1


Aro, Caius and Marcus sat impassively upon their thrones, it was 2058 though the passing of years meant little to them. Oddly, Aro had a cat upon his lap, normally animals loathed vampires.

What did mean something to them was when the Oracle entered the room.

"Aro I have fulfilled my part of the contract, have you?" The Oracle asked.

"We did not turn her Oracle." Aro answered.

"Do you know what happened to her? After a few years she...faded from my visions" This seemed very important to the Oracle.

"Actually Dear I do," Aro said smoothly, "I took an interest in her case. it seems her interaction with your family coloured her outlook considerably more than Edward thought it would. She never left Forks, hoping you'd return I'd imagine. She never married, worked as a librarian but never socialized. She invested well I suppose since she was able to retire early. She never left her home again after retirement, she had everything delivered one would think. Her funeral was three days ago. In either case your contract is fulfilled Alice, you may come or go as you wish.'

Alice Cullen fell to her knees and sobbed, face in her hands, crying bloodless tears.


Alice stopped, mid walk into the living room. The vision overwhelmed her.

"Bella dear," Aro said smoothly,"It's obvious they are not returning, we however are not averse to turning you."

Bella looked up tears in her eyes.

"Do it."

"What was it Alice?" Rosealie asked.

"I have to go to Bella!" Alice said.

"Absolutely not!" Edward roared. "You swore along with the family!"

"You don't understand Edward, the Volturi are going to offer to turn her and she's going to accept!"

"If she chooses to align herself with evil so be it, this family will not be part of condemning her to this life and Alice if I have to I will personally keep you away from her. Everyone here swore to that need I remind you of that," Edward thundered.

Alice had another vision.

Soon she was on a plane to Italy.

To make a deal with the Devil.

2058 Three Days Before The Oracle's Contract Expires, Forks Washington

Bella sat in her recliner with her cat, Esme. Days of Our Lives was on and she never missed it. The years hadn't been kind to Bella, but then they are kind to so few of us. There was a polite knock on her door. Who could this be? She had no deliveries scheduled today. Placing Esme gently on the floor she used her walker to go to the door. She opened it with no little trepidation. Her eyes went wide.

"Aro" her voice barely above a whisper.

"Ahhh Hello Bella," Aro said unctuously, "May I come in?"

Bella saw no way Aro could hurt her at this juncture in her life, she was merely waiting to die.

"Sure Come in Aro." She said.

Bella then laboriously made her way back to her recliner.

"I'm here to offer you a chance few get Bella," Aro said.

"What's that Aro? To be the first spinster hag vampire?" Bella laughed bitterly.

"You would die if you were bitten now Bella."

"It would have been a kindness anytime in the last 50 years to die," Bitterness clouded Bella's face.

"You waited 50 years for them and they never came back," Aro seemed the personification of sadness.

"You know I did Aro, though I'm surprised you lot never came for me." Bella snapped.

"We had our reasons which leads to why I am here Bella. I want to offer you something that, to my knowledge, no human being has ever had before...a second chance." Aro was suddenly very intense.

"How do I get that Aro? Click my ruby slippers three times?" Bella's laughter was interrupted by a bout of deep coughing.

"Simply drink this," Aros eyes were agleam as he held up a vial filled with a red fluid, "And you will be as you were when you were 18."

"Riiiigggght." Bella knew better than any such claptrap.

"Marcus would be offended, he's worked to make the contents of this vial for over 300 years."

"Why would Marcus want to offer such a great boon to me Aro, assuming I believe this," Bella asked, she was really incapable of a sneer.

"Frankly Bella, he wants to see if it works."

"So why choose me to be a guinea pig?" Bella asked point blank.

"You are already very talented Bella, if it works we'd require you to stay with us a week and consider letting us turn you. If at that point you decline you may leave, no questions asked, a new life ahead of you." Aro, for once, was being completely honest.

"OK Aro, what have I got to lose, I'll do it under one condition."

"Which is?"

"Someone has to take care of my cat Esme."

Aro threw back his head and laughed. Then handed Bella the vial.

"Esme will be watched over Bella."

Bella looked at the vial then said, "It's been great,"

Uncorked the vial and said, "Skaal!" Then downed it.

Almost immediately everything went black for Bella.

When Bella opened her eyes it was to see a smiling Aro.

"Well I'm not dead." She said but her voice was all wrong. She stood up. Wait a minute she stood up?

She ran to her mirror.

She was 18 again.

"Come Bella, let's go to Volterra." Aro offered his arm.

It would be a while before Bella could speak again.

Alice had packed her things to leave, she'd decided to go to Forks to check Aro's story, she was ready to go.

She walked into the hall and came face to face with a teenage human who...looked...just...like...Bella.

The teenager looked at her with a look of utter hatred turned and walked away.

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