Hugo approached the Quidditch pitch at an ambling pace, trying to walk nonchalantly. He wanted his gait to say, "I am walking because I am bored and have no place in particular to be. I am not walking with a goal in mind." To emphasize the casualness of his walk, he paused and peered at a nearby bush closely, as if examining its fascinating leaf pattern. His eyes were not on the foliage; however, they were scanning the Quidditch pitch. Far across the field, he saw a lone figure travelling at a slow jog.

He straightened, affecting a surprised mien, and casually headed that direction.

Hugo lurked--casually--at the edge of the stands until the jogger approached.

"Oi, James!" he called. "Fancy meeting you here."

James trotted past him. The hood of his sweatshirt bobbed and his trainers kicked up small dust clouds. "Hey, Hugo. Love to stop and chat, but Hooch cast a damned Monitoring Charm."

Hugo sprinted to catch up with him and then jogged next to his cousin. "How long?" he asked.

"Eleven more laps," James replied. His voice was only slightly breathless. "Twenty total."

"Twenty laps! What did you do?"

"Threw a Bludger at that fuckwad Hufflepuff Braddock. Knocked the dumbass off his broom."

Hugo decided that running was evil and he quickly realized how seldom he engaged in any sort of physical exercise. Sauntering was much more his speed.

"I think I'll... um, wait for you," he said and stopped, panting with exertion. James lifted a hand and kept going. Hugo admired his arse--James was not-so-surprisingly clad in Muggle jogging shorts and a Gryffindor red hoodie. Black gloves covered his hands.

Hugo watched him for a bit and then trotted back the way he had come to wait for James on the next pass.

"You don't have to keep me company, you know," James commented when he drew close again. Hugo was impressed--James was barely breathing hard.

"Want me to leave?" Hugo asked casually, trying not to let the words bother him. It was possible James was being nice rather than wanting to be rid of him.

"No," James said simply and turned his head to gift him with a lopsided smile.

Hugo grinned. A burst of energy allowed him to keep up with James for a longer distance. He struggled to speak through the exertion.

"What did Braddock do?" Hugo asked.

"Said something about Albus and Scorpius," James replied shortly.

"Oh." Hugo did not bother to ask what. Any slur against one Potter earned the wrath of them all, even if they acted like they could barely stand one another most of the time.

"He still breathing?" Hugo joked.

"We were only five metres up. He was barely even unconscious."

Hugo grinned and then slowed again, gasping for breath. James spun in place and jogged backward for a bit, watching him. Hugo waved him on, wondering if he looked like a damned fish out of water. Perhaps some exercise once in a while was an idea to be considered.

Hugo gave up on jogging and contented himself by watching James trot past. He had located a trick yo-yo in one pocket and Transfigured it into a comfortable chair.

"Nice arse!" he called during one of James' passes. James flipped him a rude gesture and Hugo grinned.

He frowned when James was a small figure on the other side of the pitch. It had been three weeks since the incident in the Shrieking Shack. Hugo had been avoiding his cousin, not out of shame, but from sheer terror.

The twentieth lap finally ended and James sprawled on the grass, finally breathing heavily.

"Hooch is evil," he said.

"You need to learn subtlety," Hugo suggested.

"We're Gryffindors. We're not supposed to be subtle."


"Speaking of not-subtle, what are you doing here?"

Hugo plucked at the hem of his robe. "I was just out for a walk and spotted you."

"Uh huh." James looked unconvinced. Hugo studied him in what he hoped was a covert manner. James wore nothing beneath the hoodie, which was cruel and unusual punishment in Hugo's opinion. The zipper was open halfway down his chest and his sweaty pecs gleamed.

He wore something around his neck--a dark cord pulled tightly across his throat.

"I need a shower," James said suddenly and pushed to his feet. He headed for the Quidditch locker room and threw a look over his shoulder. "Come on, then. You've kept me company this long. Might as well keep at it."

Hugo shrugged and got up before turning the chair back into a yo-yo. He played with it as he fell into step next to James. At the apex of the string it would change into various objects--a spiky flower, a puffskein, multi-coloured candyfloss, or a bundle of bubbles that popped on the return trip.

Hugo was glad for the distraction, because conversation seemed to have dried up between them.

James pushed open the heavy door to the Quidditch locker room. Lights immediately came on, which meant the place had been deserted. They were alone. Hugo debated casting a Locking Spell on the door, but that would mean admitting that he expected something to happen.

James unzipped the hoodie and tossed it to Hugo with a smirk. "How are you at Cleaning Charms?"

Hugo wrinkled his nose at the damp cloth, holding it with two fingers. James turned away and Hugo allowed his eyes to slide over James' bare back. A medallion was suspended between his shoulder blades, attached to the cord around his throat.

Bloody hell, the sight was almost too much to bear.

James pushed his shorts down with a quick motion, exposing his bare arse, and Hugo thought he might have to retrieve his eyebrows from the top of his head. He wanted to make a sardonic quip, but the sight of a nude James Potter--even from the back--did things to his ability to process information. Mostly nude, he corrected himself. James still wore his black gloves.

James kicked the trunks toward him with a flick of his foot. "Those, too," he said with a smirk.

"I'm not your house-elf!" Hugo protested.

"Oh? Then perhaps you can make yourself useful in other ways," James called as he disappeared round the corner into the showers.

Other ways? Hugo thought stupidly. What other ways?

Several other ways helpfully provided themselves by way of his overactive imagination and he suddenly needed a drink very badly. Water would do, but many shots of Firewhiskey would be preferable.

The water turned on and he shut his eyes tightly against the knowledge that it was sluicing over James' amazing muscles, cascading from his dark hair down his throat and chest. He pictured James raising his hands and sliding his fingers into his hair, which would darken to almost black and flatten against his head...

Hugo's hand ached and he realized it was clenched too tightly around the hoodie that still dangled from his grip.

Hugo fumbled for his wand, glad to find that he didn't crack apart like a block of concrete when he moved. He thought about casting a Cooling Charm, because it suddenly seemed ridiculously warm in the room. That led to the thought of steam billowing around James Potter's naked body and Hugo resolutely picked up the hoodie and cast a Cleaning Charm instead. He was quite good at them; with Rose as a sister he had been forced to perfect them or be nagged to death about cleaning his room.

A loud cry and the sound of flesh hitting tile--hard--sent Hugo racing frantically around the corner. Fuck, had James hurt himself?

He barrelled straight into a hard, wet form and heard James laugh as arms wrapped around him tightly. "Coming to save me, Hugo?" James asked in a purring tone that held a healthy level of humour.

Hugo glared at him accusingly. "I thought you were hurt!"

"I knew you'd never come in here on your own. You've been so skittish lately, avoiding me like a frightened ghost."

Hugo opened his mouth to deny it, but not only was James naked, he was in Hugo's arms. He found his voice with difficulty. "I thought you might want... some time..."

"Time to go mad with wanting you?" James asked as one hand rose to unbutton Hugo's shirt. He had taken his tie off before his foray to the Quidditch pitch, thankfully, because he wasn't sure James' gloved hands could have managed the knot.

Gloves. James was still wearing his gloves. In the shower.

Hugo could not have processed words if his life depended on it.

Despite the gloves, James' fingers were nimble as they opened all of the buttons on Hugo's shirt.

Hugo found his voice as the last button released and James' hot mouth fastened on his neck like a hungry vampire.

"I thought you didn't want me to--"

"That will teach you to think," James growled and tore the shirt completely away from the waistband of Hugo's trousers. Shirt and robes thumped onto the wet floor.

Hugo huffed a pleased sigh and pulled James closer. His wet body was almost too-warm. Hugo tipped his head and their lips met.

Before Hugo even had time to register the delight of kissing James again, he was spun around until his back pressed against the shower wall.

James devoured him hungrily. Their last encounter had been slow and gentle, but this was anything but. James' gloved hands were everywhere, as though trying to touch him through the leather. It should have felt rough, but James could afford the best—his gloves were most likely spelled for extra softness and it was likely that James really could feel through the gloves.

James licked and bit at Hugo's lips, sucking eagerly. Hugo began to feel too passive. That and the desire pounding through his veins made him grab James' naked hips and pull him forward, grinding their erections together. Fuck, he must have wanked a hundred times to the memory of James. This was so much better.

"Clothes. Off." James seemed capable only of speaking in guttural growls, which suited Hugo fine. Despite the near-command, James was the one whose fingers dropped to Hugo's waistband, alternately drawing back to pull at the fastenings and pressing forward sharply to rock with delicious friction. Hugo thought he might come in his pants if James kept that up.

James finally got the damned trousers undone and shoved them down roughly. Hugo kicked off his shoes and stepped out of the trousers and pants when they dropped to his ankles. James had pulled away to allow Hugo's actions; his eyes seemed to burn as his gaze raked over Hugo's nude form. Once more Hugo found breathing difficult. James' intensity had always been a charismatic quality. Hugo knew why Miranda was obsessed--he was rapidly approaching obsession himself.

James dove in again, this time leaning down to lap at Hugo's nipples, first one and then the other. Thankfully, James wasn't touching his cock at all during the suckling process or Hugo would have lost it completely.

James dropped even lower, kneeling on the wet floor, and Hugo quickly grabbed his wet hair. "Don't, James," he said softly.

A pretty pout decorated James' lips and Hugo wondered if it was possible to die from merely looking at someone. James Potter on his knees was the hottest thing he had ever seen. "You don't want me to?" James asked in a petulant tone.

Didn't want him to? The thought alone of James sucking him off forced Hugo to shut his eyes and bite the inside of his cheek to fight his burgeoning orgasm.

"Of course I want you to," Hugo said and moved his hand down to cup James' chin. "I'm just so close... don't want to..."

James grinned in a predatory fashion that left Hugo fully aware that he would never escape his attraction. James moved his gloved hand over Hugo's arse to the back of his thigh and then raised Hugo's leg to hook it over his shoulder.

Hugo watched in bemusement. Even though James hadn't touched his cock, it twitched from the proximity alone. James' hot breath ghosted over his erection and Hugo forced himself to think of something unsexy--like Miranda--which was a lucky thing because James reached up and fondled his testicles, tearing a sound from Hugo that was reminiscent of a squeaky door opening.

James dragged his gloved fingertips over them and then tugged and toyed until Hugo's breath came in rasping gasps... and then one finger slipped into Hugo, just like that.

"Oh Merlin," he breathed and did not even think about tensing up, because whatever James planned to do to him was just fine, was more than fine, and when James started to finger-fuck him he did not even care that they hadn't locked the door and that their wands were Merlin-knew-where, he only wanted, "More."

More was better. Much better. Hugo wasn't sure how many fingers James was using, because he was nearly mindless, half-sobbing with every breath.

"So hot," James breathed. "Can't wait any longer."

His fingers withdrew and then James rose, only to place Hugo's upraised leg over his hipbone. Their naked cocks brushed for a moment and then James fumbled and Hugo felt pressure that turned into a burning sensation as James pushed inside--Merlin, it couldn't possibly fit! He nearly asked James to stop, but then something gave and James was fully sheathed.

James grinned at him when their eyes met and he asked, "Okay?"

Hugo nodded and their lips met in another hungry kiss. Hugo's hands twined in James' thick hair and he braced his arms on James' shoulders as he started to move, thrusting slowly at first, but then with growing momentum.

James' fingers dug almost painfully into Hugo's hips, holding him in place even when Hugo tried to move to facilitate the amazing flutters of sensation generated with each deep thrust. Hugo was completely at his cousin's mercy and he felt a sudden urge to laugh crazily.

"What?" James asked against his lips.

"You're fucking me into the wall."

"Mmmmmm, that I am," James agreed and jerked Hugo's hips down, plunging even deeper and forcing a cry from Hugo. He was dangerously close again and when one of James' hands grabbed the top of his cock in a firm grip and pulled he felt an explosive orgasm rip through him, stronger than anything he'd ever experienced.

His scream was muffled completely by James' possessive kiss.

James continued to thrust, gasping against Hugo's lips, until a shudder rocked through him. After a few more movements, Hugo knew he was spent, in more ways than one. James began to tremble and then he seemed to sag backward. He sprawled on the floor beneath the still running shower, pulling Hugo with him.

"I'll never walk again," James said with a moan.

Hugo shielded James' face from the spray and his own hair was quickly saturated. He supposed they could both use a shower, regardless. He grinned down at James.

"The wall was your idea."

"I didn't hear you complaining."

Hugo rubbed the knuckles of one hand over James' cheek in a gesture that could be construed as something more than a casual touch, so he covered it by tugging on James' lower lip with his teeth and then sucking it into his mouth.

"I'm curious to see what you have planned for next time," Hugo said after they had kissed for a minute or two.

James blinked at him in mock surprise. "Next time? You mean you don't plan to scuttle around and avoid me now?"

Hugo pinched him, but James was too muscular for the gesture to have much effect. "Come on, let's shower and get back before someone comes looking for us."

"Like me, for instance?" asked Scorpius. Hugo's head snapped up and he stared at the Ravenclaw in horror.

Hugo gaped at Scorpius, who smirked. "If you two are quite finished with your... shower... Rose is looking for Hugo."

With that, Scorpius lifted a hand in a mocking salute and sauntered out.

James groaned. "Bloody hell, I never should have made all those cracks about him and Al being poncy. I'll never live it down."

The mention of Albus made Hugo's blood run cold. He sat up and lifted a hand to help James to his feet. "Do you think he'll tell Albus?"

James snorted. "He's no Slytherin, but he might as well be. I'm sure he'll save the information until he's good and ready to spring it--probably at the worst possible time."

"What do you think Albus will do?" Hugo asked and stepped beneath the spray to allow the hot water to sluice over his hair.

"Laugh his arse off. Isn't that bad enough?"


Hugo closed his eyes and sighed when James stepped closer and pushed his fingers roughly into his hair, lifting it to help wet it completely.

"You're pretty hot with straight hair," James commented.

Hugo snickered. "Don't get used to it. The curls start coming back before it even begins to dry."

"I like your curls, too," James said huskily and leaned close in order to reach the shampoo dispenser on the wall. Their torsos pressed together and Hugo gripped James' arse in both hands, feeling a rush of desire even though he should have been completely spent.

James lathered his hair, tugging him partially out of the spray to keep the suds from washing away. Hugo closed his eyes and bit back a moan. He could not remember anyone ever washing his hair before. It felt divine, and even better when James decided to kiss him while rinsing.

To his surprise, James was fully hard again.

"Are you always this insatiable?" Hugo asked when they broke for much needed air.

"How do you think I survived Miranda?"

James was hard again, and washing his hair, and Hugo wanted nothing more than to have another go, but Scorpius had already walked in on them once. Next time it might be someone less willing to look kindly upon them.

"James, stop. We have to go."

"Spoilsport," James muttered against his lips and kissed him again with the determination Potters were famous for. Hugo felt his resolve weaken as his body responded.

"We can go... somewhere else." As soon as he said the words, Hugo realized he really did have good ideas, even when they came from his subconscious, because his rational mind had given up and retired in a haze of lust.

James' hands gripped Hugo's arse and rubbed their groins together. Hugo's cock began to take notice again. "Mmmm, where?" James asked.

Where? Good question. Hugo considered and discarded several options. The Gryffindor dorms were not an option. He and James were in different rooms, both with ever-present occupants. Private rooms were in short supply at Hogwarts. He thought about the varied places Miranda had dragged James for a tryst--abandoned classrooms seemed to be her place of choice, but Hugo had no interest in visting places that already held memories for James, some of them painful.

Unfortunately, that left out most of the school.

"Rmmfrkrmmnt," Hugo said, but his words were muffled against James' lips, because James could not seem to stop kissing him.

Hugo broke the kiss. "James!"

His... boyfriend? seemed to be in a daze. Hugo nearly spiralled into one himself, considering the word. Was it even possible for them to be more than cousins and... whatever they were? He shook himself. Bloody hell, of course not. Their families would destroy them. It was hard enough for Al and Scorpius, and they were not even related.

"Hugo," James said and tried to kiss him again. Hugo avoided his lips.

"The Room of Requirement. We need to go there."

"Is there a bed?" James asked.

Hugo gave him a slap on the shoulder. "It's the Room of Requirement! It provides whatever we need!"

"Including lube?"

Hugo tried not to laugh, and failed. He snickered into James' wet shoulder.

"You're impossible."

James let him go and shut off the water. "All right. We'll do this your way. Shall we skulk our way there in secret and meet inside? Will there be a secret password so you know it's me?"

Hugo frowned, wondering at his sudden turn of mood. James seemed almost annoyed as he cast a Drying Charm and walked to his clothing. Hugo felt suddenly uncertain.

"James," he began, but the dark-haired boy waved at him.

"Never mind," he said. "I'll be there. In fact, I'll race you."

He quirked a grin at Hugo and winked at him before yanking on his clothing. Hugo yelped and hurried for his own clothes.

"Last one there gets a spanking," James called.

Hugo paced the hallway before the invisible door to the Room of Requirement, hoping it was not already occupied. Luckily, not many students knew about it. The Room was privileged information passed down from the parents who had been members of Dumbledore's Army in the days of Voldemort.

He breathed a sigh of relief when the door opened. He slipped inside, knowing James would be along any moment. Hugo had totally cheated. His possession of the Marauders Map had allowed him to memorize every secret passage in Hogwarts. He thought he could get just about anywhere faster than anyone else in the castle.

Sure enough, the door opened and James stood there, panting, and threw him a glare. "How did you beat me?"

Hugo grinned. "Just faster, I guess."

James snorted. "Faster. Right." He glanced around the room, which was completely empty. "I see you went all out with the furnishings."

"I couldn't decide," Hugo said lamely. Spontaneously pouncing on James in the Quidditch showers was one thing; intentionally setting up a romantic tryst was another. Hugo didn't want to question it; he wanted it to remain something that had "just happened." But now that Scorpius knew...

James stepped forward and cupped his jaw with a hand, forcing their eyes to meet. "Hey. What's wrong? You don't want to do this?"

Hugo swallowed and shut his eyes before moving closer to wrap his arms around James' neck. Fuck it. He would deal with tomorrow and tomorrow's bloody tomorrows when they came. For now he just wanted anything James could give him.

He pulled James into a kiss and concentrated. When they pulled apart, he saw James take in the room and laugh. "Hugo, sometimes I think you are completely mental."

Hugo turned around and smirked when he surveyed his handiwork. "That's Sultan Hugo to you, slave boy," he replied and strode into his pillow-bedecked Arabian boudoir. "You lost the race, remember?"

Hugo sprawled on the large pile of pillows. They were surprisingly uncomfortable, so he asked the room for a nice, cozy mattress instead of the ridiculous squares of fluffy material, although he kept a dozen or so for effect. He beckoned to James, who watched him with a bemused smile.

"Come hither, o slave," Hugo said imperiously.

James took a step forward, but Hugo held up one finger sharply.

"Not like that!" he snapped. "On your knees, boy."

James stopped as if struck and his features tightened. Hugo stopped breathing, worried he had gone too far, but then, to his utter amazement, James sank slowly to his knees. He leaned forward and placed his hands on the stone floor, never taking his eyes from Hugo's.

James began to crawl forward, not moving like an abject slave, but rather like a hunting cat preparing to pounce. Hugo's breathing restarted with a sharp inhalation.

James drew closer and closer, pausing only to bat aside a straggler pillow from his path. Hugo had to remember to keep his lungs functional--the sight of the crawling dark-haired man was erotic beyond reason.

"What is your bidding, Master?" James asked breathily, stopping by Hugo's feet. His voice held only a hint of amusement beneath the husky timbre.

"Take off your clothes," Hugo whispered.

James smirked and began to disrobe, pulling his clothing off with slow, enticing movements. Hugo watched avidly, letting his eyes slide over every bit of flesh as it was revealed. James really was lovely; his body was Quidditch-fit and Potter-lean.

James never bothered to get to his feet, simply shrugging out of his clothing and kicking it away. Once nude, he began to crawl forward again, but Hugo held up a warning finger and sat up straight.

"I believe the wager required the loser to be spanked," he said imperiously, adopting the same tone Scorpius Malfoy used on a regular basis.

James glowered, suddenly looking more dangerous than adorable. Hugo grinned at him and the glare turned into an irritated pout. Hugo got to his knees and walked on them awkwardly until he stood next to James with a fine view of his broad back and curving arse.

"You are very spankable, slave," Hugo said with a chuckle.

James growled. "You had best get on with it or you'll have a full-fledged slave revolt on your hands, Sultan."

Hugo swatted James on the arse, hard. James jumped and inhaled sharply. "Insolence will be punished," Hugo said in a purring tone. He had been half-erect just from watching James disrobe, but the illusion of submission suddenly seemed insanely hot.

Hugo struck again, not quite so hard, more of a teasing spank on one cheek. He repeated it on the other side and then allowed his hand to glide over James' tantalizing buttocks. James hissed at the blows and then moaned at the caress. Hugo noted with pleased surprise that James was just as hard.

"You seem to be enjoying your punishment," Hugo said and was surprised at the husky tone of his voice. "Do you want more, pretty slave boy?" Hugo's fingers trailed down to stroke James' dangling testicles. He nearly gasped as James quickly opened his legs to allow him access. He gripped the soft orbs completely and squeezed lightly, feeling an erotic rush when James moaned again.

"More," James said throatily.

Hugo closed his eyes as all thought of spanking and teasing disappeared with an influx of pure need. He ripped at the fastenings of his trousers and positioned himself behind James, slipping between his open legs.

He cast a quick Lubrication Charm and pushed the head of his cock against James' willing hole.

"Now," James said. "Now, now, now."

No time for niceties, apparently. Hugo thrust forward, gripping James' hips tightly for balance. James spread his hands flat against the floor and pushed back at the same time, driving Hugo deeper. Despite the fact that they had already spent themselves earlier, Hugo knew he wouldn't last long—it was just too much. Naked James on his hands and knees, arching his back and wheezing as he thrust himself back onto Hugo's cock, clenching tightly around him, it was unreal.

Hugo reached down quickly and grabbed James' prick, thankful that his hands were slick with lube. He managed to find an awkward rhythm—it was hard to concentrate on stroking James off when his own orgasm was rushing at him like the Hogwarts Express. Hugo screamed aloud, unable to hold back. He came, shuddering over James and making his thrusts even slicker.

Thankfully, it only took a few more pulls on James' hard cock before he was coming also, spilling himself onto the room-provided mattress. James sprawled over the mess, taking Hugo with him. Hugo panted against the back of his neck and pressed a kiss into the salty sweat, chuckling when he realized they both needed to shower again.

"You have talent, slave," Hugo said teasingly. "I think I'll keep you."

"Good, because I'm not going anywhere," James replied. He rolled over and looked at Hugo with a serious expression before cupping Hugo's face in both hands. "I'm not going anywhere."

Hugo pulled him closer and kissed him. Tomorrow suddenly seemed very far away.

~I love these two. I'll write more, eventually, so I won't mark this Complete...~