It had been a constant companion to him for so long, when it was gone, he missed it. Actually missed it. For years it had always been there, comforting him, hurting him, making him shy and proud and brave. Every time it came around his mind struck inspiration (Which was quite a lot, mind you) but now…

Now it didn't come around as often. For the fourteen years of his life that he actually noticed it, he despised it. Hated it as much as a dragon abhorred eels. Now, there was always someone else to take its place. At first it was Toothless, but that wasn't so bad, because it brought the two of them together. Then came the entire village, Astrid, before it welcomed him with open arms again when he sat in the dark, his father's furious words echoing around his head.

Everyone wanted to talk to him, and he had to escape into the forest just to get away from the overwhelming Vikings, to run back to it. His comfort zone, the only friend he had known since his mother died. Gobber was okay, but even he was no comparison to how many times it had been there to whisper soothing words when he shivered in the dark, feeling the bruises and pain of verbal and physical wounds.

This time, today, he couldn't even call it by its name. It had such a simple name, an easy one, so boring and unoriginal that it never let out the true pain it could cause, the true love. But he always wondered if it was love… or something else. It was a parasite, but one that was addicting.

Hiccup sighed, looking out over the sunset, his body pressed against Toothless' warm body. His eyes were half open, staring at nothing and everything. Times like this is where it sat beside him, but it was less of a longing now, and more like a mother. The teen shook his head at that thought. No, not a mother; mothers are filled with warmth and soft words… it was cold and harsh, but not unkindly. Only in a way that it wanted him to realize something, to point himself a different way and stare down at an object with a completely different view.


And with that, it was gone, but the boy turned to greet Astrid anyway, not trying to grab it back. If he did, someone's feelings would get hurt, and he didn't want to be punched in the shoulder. Again. Slowly, he got up to his feet, well, foot, the left one had been gone for years now.

"Hey," Hiccup answered back, putting on a small smile, just for her. "What are you doing here?"

For a moment, Astrid looked him over before smiling back. "I could ask you the same question."

He shrugged lazily. "Just getting reconnected with an old friend."

Pausing, she stared at him confused. Her eyes flickered to the snoozing Toothless, but he wasn't the answer. Instead, Astrid glanced back into Hiccup's eyes, and her breath caught. Immediately, the young man knew she had figured it out, especially when her face grew saddened. "Oh, Hiccup… I-I'm sorry."

Slowly, eyebrows drawing together, he tilted his head to the side. "Sorry? For what?"

"All those years—"

"But you've already apologized for that!" Hiccup protested, cutting her off gently and cradlingher into a hug.

She laughed softly, wrapping her own arms around him, pulling his scrawny body closer. "I'm not apologizing for that, idiot." Astrid pulled back, her eyes searching his. "I'm sorry for all those years that we made loneliness feel like a friend."

For a moment, Hiccup didn't know what to say, but instead settled on a sigh and burying his face in her sun died locks. "I forgive you but…" he fidgeted slightly before pulling out the same courage that made him approach Toothless so long ago with the cod. "But could you, um, give me some time to get use to all…this?"

And she did.

Every time I read some drabbles (and there are some really good ones out there; I love The Odd Ones) I can't help but notice that the prompts can be, well, similar. "Friendship" seems to focus on actual beings. So, here are drabbles with my twists, and I hope that you guys enjoy them as much as I like writing them.

About this one... well, Hiccup didn't have any friends until he met Toothless and I'm pretty sure he didn't just jump in like he could have. Like all things, it would probably take a while to get use to. I hope I captured that here, because we all know that Hiccup wouldn't really say anything about it unless someone caught him.