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Chapter 16:

Eliot and Madison walked through a large farmers market in the center of the city. He smiled as she leaned down and smelled a crate full of apples. She picked a few of them out of the crate and paid the vendor.

Eliot put all but one into a bag before biting into it. He put his arm around the girls shoulder covered by a red pea coat. The brisk morning air was making her cheeks a delicate shade of pink. He kissed her on the forehead as they walked. She leaned into him as they walked and talked together. Eliot sipped on his coffee and she on a hot chocolate.

"This is nice." He murmured to her as they walked up one of the Boston streets. "I haven't done this in years." She smiled as he stopped and pulled her around by the wrist, kissing her lightly. He put the bag down and wrapped his arms around her waist. "You make me feel so normal." He murmured, pushing a strand of hair out of her face.

Maddy smiled as he pecked her lips, wrapping her arms around his neck. "You make me feel alive." She told him back. And he did. Her life had been spent running from one obstacle to the next, just waiting for something big to come out of it. Being with the team was that thing but being near Eliot made it exciting. She let out a little shiver in the cold air.

Eliot smiled slightly. "You cold?" He asked. Maddy nodded pulling into his frame closer and a gust of cold air blew through. "Let's go back to my place, make some cider and a fire, cuddle up and get you warm. How does that sound?"

Elliot's house was not as surprising as it should have been. The walls were lined with different kinds of swords and weaponry. His kitchen was the most full with a good amount of some of the best knives she had ever seen in her life. Other than that the home was pretty sparse.

After showing her around he led her into the living room and lay out some blankets since there wasn't a sofa, in front of the fireplace.

Eliot started it easily and went into the kitchen, bringing her out a cup of tea a few minutes later. He gave it to her and sat down on the floor with his own mug. She had taken off her own jacket to reveal the black v-neck she wore. "Better?"

"Much." Maddy told him with a smile. She took his much larger hand in hers and weaved her fingers through them.

Eliot lifted her fingers to his lips and kissed each one with a little smile. He let go of her hand and leaned in, cupping her cheek and kissing her. The kiss intensified of its own free will, his hands finding her sides and hers tangling in his hair. Slowly he felt himself moving them both to the ground. He lay over her for a moment, eyes following his hands as they moved down her sides.

Her fingers ran into his hair and she smiled, kissing him again. His strong arms wrapped around her as his hips pressed against hers and she moaned into his mouth. Eliot took the hint and rotated his hips more, causing her to gasp beautifully. Slowly he pushed her skirt up more, large hands covering her thighs.

She pulled at his belt, stripping it out of the loops while still making out with him. Eliot pulled away and looked down at her. "Are you sure?" His gruff voice asked her.

She smiled up at him and kissed him again in answer. He groaned into her mouth and stripped her shirt over her head. The skin under her shirt was soft and warm. There wasn't a blemish or a mark on the creamy flesh and he smiled against her mouth, breaking away and kissing down her neck and chest. He skipped over her black bra and continued kissing down the line of her stomach.

Maddy felt the air catch in in her lungs as his warm lips trailed along her skin. His hands took up almost all of her sides and she tossed her head back against the ground. He maneuvered his hands under her and unclasped her bra. Eliot cupped her breast in his hand, squeezing and massaging . He smiled up at her before taking her nipple in his mouth, sucking and licking as she moaned.

After a few minutes he pulled away, yanking his shirt over his head. He leaned back down and began kissing her again, skin rubbing against skin. Her tiny body squirming under his felt unbelievably erotic. Her fingers gripped into the skin on his shoulders and back.

She could hear and feel his hot breath in her ear and he kissed her neck. "Eliot…" She murmured. "God..." She pulled his face up to kiss his lips again as her hand found the waist band of his pants and slipped under. He was already getting hard, feeling large in her hand as he swore at the sensation of her tiny fingers wrapping around him. Pulling her hand out of his pants he kneeled back, shifting as he carefully pulled her skirt down her legs.

He smiled at the sight of her black lace panties against her olive skin. He stared at her for a moment before a playful smirk graced his lust ridden features. Leaning back down, he ran his fingers along the outside of the crotch of her panties, feeling proud as she tossed her head back.

This was different from how she thought it would be. He seemed like the kind of guy to take what he wanted during sex, not really thinking too hard on it or allowing that much foreplay. Instead he was teasing her. She couldn't take it.

Maddy pulled him down into a deep kiss, slow, impassioned, loving even. "I haven't done this is a while Eliot." She whispered.

Eliot looked down at her beautiful, cute, flushed face. He nodded quickly, considering her. "I'll be gentle." He promised as her fingers teased at the buttons of his jeans.

She got them undone and looked up into his startling blue eyes. "You don't know how to be gentle." She reminded him.

Eliot smiled at her and kissed her again. God she tasted so good! He couldn't get enough of kissing her. "I can try…" He murmured. He smiled as she gasped when he slipped his fingers around the side of her underwear and slid his fingers into her. "Oh god Maddy. You're so tight!" He stroked the inside of her walls until he found the spot that made her tremble. That was where he needed to be, the thought with satisfaction.

"Eliot please!" She begged. "I cant wait anymore."

He let out a little chuckle of satisfaction, with drawing his fingers and pushing his own pants all the way down. He yanked her underwear off and smiled at her. "Me either." He crawled over her and kissed her again. "You ready?"

She nodded quickly, her fingers running though his hair as she looked at him adoringly. He leaned his forehead against hers and rotated his hips, making her squeeze her eyes shut and him let out a gasping breath. Her fingers dug into his shoulder as she hung onto him for dear life, feeling him slowly inching into her. Her legs hiked up around his hips as he finally slid all the way inside of her.

He groaned, kissing her neck. "You okay baby?"

"Yeah," She gasped as he slowly rotated his hips. He smiled at her reaction, slowly moving in and out of her again, sure to hit the spot in her that made her whimper and whisper his name. He groaned, not able to believe that he had waited so long to make a move on her. They could have been doing this for months. Her little fingers gripped his neck, his back, his hair everything, spurring him on. He made sure to stay steady and move slowly. He wanted to be making love to her, not having another one night stand. He kissed her face and neck, murmuring in her ear how much he wanted and was enjoying this.

Maddy felt herself getting close with him, his thrusts becoming faster and more forceful as he neared his peak. She clenched her legs tight to his sides as her hands found his thighs.

Eliot was panting by the end, gripping her tight. Moving slow was harder then he thought. He kissed her hard. "Come with me baby." His deep voice murmured, pulling her over the edge with him.

Eliot smiled as he ran her hands down the curve of her back, relishing the soft skin. He traced her tattoo's before coming to a long scar on her back. He frowned as he traced it gently. "I hate that someone hurt you." He murmured, leaning down and kissing the scar.

Maddy smiled and shivered at the touch of his lips. "It was a long time ago." She reminded him.

"Not long enough." He murmured. "And now that you're with me its not going to happen again for a long time."

The promise was so heartfelt that she couldn't help but turn onto her side and kiss him. "You know for a player you're really, really sweet sometimes." She told him with a hint of humor.

Eliot frowned at her. "I'm not playing you." He reminded her. "I'm going to keep you safe baby." He considered, reaching over and grabbing his shirt and boxers. "Put that on." He told her, tossing her the shirt. He pulled on his own boxers before pulling her, now clad only in his shirt, up to stand.

She stood on wobbly legs for a moment and watched him in only his boxers as he pulled his hair back.

"Okay." He told her. "Come at me." She smiled and lunged but he quickly backed around her and put her into a head lock with a laugh. "Okay, first lesson: You are way too small for this."

"You like me small." She reminded him from under his arm. His body felt warm and good against her, muscles taunt again. This was so much better than pillow talk.

Eliot smiled down at her. "Yeah I do, but it means you are better on defense…so if you are ever held like this you want to take your elbow and strike," He took her elbow in his other hand and showed her where to strike on his own body. "Here, here and here. Try it."

Maddy laughed. "I'm not going to hit you. Not after we just made love."

Eliot smiled. Yeah, that had been making love hadn't it? It had been so long he had forgotten what it felt like. "Then I'm just going to let you go." He muttered sensually in her ear.

"Promises, Promises." She breathed back.