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Favor of the Water Kage:

Right after the plimanarys Leaf hospital:

"Kakashi-sensei!" yelled a hyper-active orange ninja to one that looked like a scarecrow.

"Forget it Naruto"

"But I haven't even asked yet" whined Naruto

"I already know what you want but I need to train Sasuke so just go work on Chakra control" said Kakashi before disappearing in swirl of leave. Naruto leaves the hospital to find some way to train even if it's by himself… as usual but says one last thing under his breath with his head hung low.

"*sigh* Easy for you to say, your always helping just him and telling me to work on my Chakra control without giving me any clue as how to do it." Naruto was sure that no one had heard him and even if someone did they wouldn't care. No one had noticed the red-headed woman with green eyes, with blue eyeliner and lipstick, wearing blue garments that stopped above her knees. She heard him, and it made her wonder.

'Why wouldn't someone train him? Sure orange is a bad color for ninja to wear, but to abandon a student giving they no help at all was inexcusable, and from what I felt the boy had more chakra than that Jounin…(smirk crosses her face) why not? Could be fun even! With his reserves he could at lest some what entertaining' with that she disappeared in swirl of mist.

Training Field 7:

Naruto stared at the log that he was once tied to, even though he kept crying for help that day they continued to walk away as if they thought it was funny and they probably did. Then a swirl of mist appears in front of him a woman who was the epitome of beauty and sex appeal.

"Hi there" came her gentle voice tat made Naruto think he was in a dream, "I heard your conversation with your sensei" Naruto looked to the ground at this as he felt ashamed at the idea that not even his sensei didn't want to train him.

"Mine if I teach you instead?" Naruto looked at her like she grow another head before breaking out is famous grin.

"Really? You want to teach me? Thank You!" Naruto in all of his excitement hugged his new sensei not realizing where the height difference would put him, in her breast. She on other hand knew that the boy would probably get overexcited and she decided to have a little fun with him.

"I wasn't going to teach you that so soon" she said in husky voice. Naruto then being confused now took the time to realize where he is now and to drew back while wearing a blush that could rival Hinata's

"I…I… I'm sorry I didn't mean to he continued to spurt nonsense after a minute she began to laugh at Naruto's behavior, he stopped and she explained.

"Don't worry I know you aren't a pervert, I have a sixth sense for that." Naruto let out a large sigh of relief at the knowledge that she wasn't going to change her mind because of that.

"Now what are your abilities?" She asked I much harder tone to show she was in sensei mode.

"Huh? Should we know each other first?"

"Alright, I'll start. My name is Mei Terumi, My likes are fighting, training, and good natured people. My dislikes are perverts, having to cook, paperwork, and condescending people. My dream is to find a good husband, your go"

"My name is Naruto Uzuamaki, My likes are training, all kinds of ramen, and those I consider precious to me. My dislikes are people who abandon their comrades, the wait for instant ramen, and my 'team.'" Mei was pleasantly surprised, he had a good heart, but she couldn't help notice the sarcasm when he used the word 'team'

"Your abilities?" she asked again, returning to the hard tone.

"Academy jutsu, tree climbing…" Mei was annoyed 'that's it? This is going to be difficult even with his high level of chakra' "… and Kage bushin" that caused the young kage's eyes to snap open.

"Naruto that's a high jounin technique, do you know the applications it gives?" the look on Naruto's face told her he didn't "It means we can do much more training, didn't your sensei tell you anything?" at that moment Naruto's face darkened and she fully understood.

"Well, we start with water walking" Naruto looked happy to get started, and just like that she walked out onto the water, "focus chakra into our feet but you need to fluctuate it in order to stay afloat" without another word from each Naruto tried and of course failed, after getting out he took off his cloths and began to build chakra and his seal appeared with the one he got from Orochimaru.

'Well that's not something you see every day, a five prong seal interfering with someone's chakra control. Looks like all I got to do to release it is hit all five points with chakra, hard. But what's that other one? It looks really complicated but it appears to be there to hold something, but what? I'll have to find out later.'



"Someone put a five prong seal on you and it's messing with your control. I can remove it if you want" Naruto eagerly nodded his head, and with with so much speed that it would be impossible for a genin to see she struck him releasing the seal, he doubled over in pain clenching his stomach. After which she had him try the exercise again getting it perfectly.

"Alright Naruto how many kage bushins can you in a day?"

"Not sure, I've never exhausted my chakra by making them before" the one phase to describe her response to this was an ever so simple 'Holy Shit!' she began to rub her hands in a almost greedy manor.

"Good now make 300" Naruto did as he was told, then they broke into three groups on Mei's orders and gave each group a scroll and making three muzi-clones and each went their own way.

"What are we going to do?" asked Naruto

"Work on your taijutsu, show me you stance" he did then she got mad… at Konaha, this boy was the diamond in the rough while they pampered the manure, his stance was wrong in every sense of the word his weight was shifted forward. After five hours of her drilling the basic taijutsus into him to prepare for the next step.

"Aright that's enough for today"

"What? Aww" she was glad she got such an eager student

"We'll do more tomorrow, now slowly dispel your clones" Naruto did as he was told. At the end his eyes went wide at what learned from them suddenly.

"Go ahead try it out, I know you want to." Naruto waked up to the river and in a speed that even Kakashi could only dream of having went through all the hand signs for the Mizu doragon (water dragon jutsu) and the biggest surprise was that instead of one dragon forming four did. Mei let out a whistle.

"See? It's enough for today" Naruto nodded as the memory of ten clones working solely on increasing his hand sign speed for this jutsu, each one getting a decent level by themselves and the two other jutsu came to his, the hitoshirezu kiri (hidden mist jutsu) and the Mizu bushin jutsu. "See you tomorrow Naruto" and she disappeared in a swirl of mist while Naruto walked home.

'I have to get her to teach me that'

Meanwhile at a bar in Konoha:

The Mizukage was having a drink while planning the next step of Naruto's training.

"Well Kakashi how the training going?" asked a bearded jounin while he puffed down his cigarette, Mei was now paying attention to the other table.

"Good! Sasuke will be ready"

"And Naruto" asked a red eyed jounin

"Who cares about him, Sasuke is the only one on the team who has what it takes to be a real ninja and I won't waste my time with someone who can't even control his own chakra. He has no talent, nor dose he deserve to be a ninja." This disturbed his two companions.

That pissed Mei off. After she paid for her drink she left and had figured out Naruto's training and a little something else. Her laughter sent chills all though the hidden leaf even Garra and his prisoner, despite her laughing only being in her head.

Chapter one end

Revised, I made it clear why she wanted to train him. All fixed the senses mistake I was rushing through it. And yes the plot is suppose to be fast moving, after another chapter or two I'm going to skip straight to the chunin exam. Oh and Tryan If the clones transfer all experience and knowledge gained in the effect of photographic memory of course with a few clones practicing just gaining experience with the seal sequice and over fifty other actually doing the jutsu he got months of experince in just that one jutsu.