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Okay people, I've been distrated lately. I'm trying to find a certain Love hina fanfic, If anyone knows the name of it please e-mail it to me. The discription: Keitaro has a harem, after the chase through gets Su's freshly worn panties on his head as the Molmol proposal Su takles him with a kiss, after waking up she explains things, he goes to Molmol with su where he meets her dad and all his wives and they get attacked by a group of tarriest

Exam day!

Time skip: day of the chunin exam

Naruto entered the chunin exam stamtum after his talk with Hinata. He saw the shear mass of people but what was truly odd was how his fellow gennin reacted to his new look. He guessed everyone expected him to be the same as before but he just shrugged it off. He then noticed Hinata's father in the crowd with her sister, that just made his plan that much sweeter especially with his new 'anti-Hyuga defence' he remembered the day he thought of it...

Flash back:

Naruto was taking a break from training and was deep in thought, 'the plates on my shoes gathers chakra could I do it with something else too?' Naruto was still hard-pressed on finding a way to remove the fear of those blasted eyes the Hyuga had. he then drew back his black sleeve and the weights he wore to look at the bandages, 'What would you have done Zabuza? Haku?' He continued to stare at the bandages for a few minutes then he began to play with a kunai and as he did so he didn't notice when he began pouring out a lot of chakra and it gathered into the bandages of his right arm. When the kunai slipped it came back down the point was facing Naruto's arm and when it hit the tip snapped off. After inspecting what happened he found that he filled the bandages with so much chakra they became ten times stronger than steal.

After getting some 'help' from Jiraya with making seal that would store exseis chakra and would focus it enough to have the same effects. It became his 'ultimate defense.'

flash back: end

"...so you see you have no chance of winning" came Neji's voice. Naruto then came out of his daze.

"hm? You say something?" everyone sweat drops at hearing that, while Neji just gets furious.

"Figures from trash like you, not listing to your superiors" Naruto just reaches into his pouch and pulls out a red book with hearts decorating the cover. Which makes Neji even angrier.

"You DARE disrespect me?" Naruto doesn't bother looking up to look at the branch member.

"It's not smut if that's what your worried about" answered Naruto in earnest, "It's just a romance novel, I for one can't stand smut" at this point Neji is red with rage, and takes the stance for the 8 trigram 64 palms. With his charging using this attack he believes his victory is absolute, until Naruto starts to doge.

"Two palms" Naruto simply stepped back, "four palms" to the right, "eight palms" down, "sixteen palms" back, "thirty-two palm." left, sixty-four palms!" and the last strike was caught by Naruto. Neji was stunned, he didn't believe that he'd need the Byukugan to win, now he did. After activating his bloodline he became scared. To any Hyuuga with their eyes active they would understand Neji's fear, no one had managed to stop the use of the Juken. The look on Neji's face was enough of a concern to get all the Hyuga's enouph to activate their eye and their responses were the same. Over half his body would seem to be on fire with chakra, so much so that the Byukugan couldn't see his chakra network. To say Hinata's father was concerned was like saying Gai liked to train, a big fucking understatement. Hiashi had always believed that the Hyuga were the best, their eyes gave them the unique abilitie of always being able to see chakra ntework and their taijutsu was flawless, the Rotation was the ultimate defense, and no one could stop the 8 trigrams techniques. So far Naruto broke two of those thoughts with utter ease.

"I could have killed you with a single jutsu even if you used Rotation" no one believed it except two people in the Kage's box. "If you don't believe it then I will demonstrate it for you." Naruto said so calmly if unnerved the Hyuuga head. Jumping back Naruto lowers the book but doesn't put it away.

"You may have stopped my attack but no one can get through the Rotation, espically with ninjutsu, which for you scum to even use needs both hands to do." Neji gave Naruto a smug look but Naruto only keeps an 'I'm board' look on. without forming any hand seals Naruto calls his attack.

"Secret Uzumaki style: Shikigami chakra needles" Neji's smirk disappeared the instant his eyes picked up the spat out chakra moving toward him and so did every other Hyuga. Neji knowing that he didn't have time to move out of the way knew he had to use the Rotation and so he did. The Hyugas were once again smiling until Neji stopped spinning and saw the holes in his shoulders, thys, and stomach next to the spine. Hiashi looked mortified to see someone pierced the Rotation as yet another rule that supported the pride of being a Hyuga came crashing down. His youngest daughter's reaction was completely different, she was drooling at Naruto. She had a strange upbringing that taught her power was everything, and Naruto was power incarnate. Her father soon caught on to her thought process and began to plot on how to get Naruto to marry Hanabi.

"Do you understand Neji, the Hyuga keep themselves weak." Neji just gave him a hard glare he was too beat up to do anything else. "The branch family is always pissing and moaning but never tries to help themselves. They didn't even try to make a counter seal." then picking up Neji, Naruto right hand glows green and naruto slices Neji's headband and head wrappings showing the Caged Bird Seal and putting more chakra into his hand he declares something on one expected.

"Secret Uzumaki Counter seal: Broken Key" with that Naruto applies two fingers to the center of the original seal. After a few moments of pain a new seal forms at the coners of his forehead each three lines all pointing inward at each other. He drops Neji, "there now the Caged Bird seal won't work." Neji's eyes went wide, Naruto had just told him he was free. The main branch could no longer threaten him with it, he could even see the Hyuga elders trying to use and failing. As he slipped into unconsciousness a smile graced his lips as the new seal on his head stopped those bastards from using his power.

Kage's box:

"Sasuke Uchiha is late, we'll have to disqualify him." said the aged Hokage

"Lord Hokage please, Garra is the pride of the Sand lets postpone his match so the two may fight" said the false Kazekage

"Bullshit Kazekage, the Uchiha are bound by rules like the rest of us, if they can't bother to show up on time they don't deserve to be chunin." the Hokage sighed he was getting to old fot this shit.

"Lady Mizukage is right Lord Kazekage, I can't be giving anyone special treatment" though Orochimaru may have looked calm he was furious, but then another thought hit him, 'Let the nine-tail brat awaken Garra everything will be fine.' He leaned back and got confertable in his chair. After the announcement of Sasuke's disqualification the crowd shouted their disappointment but this continued on.(Kankuro forfeits, same fight between Shika and Temari.)

"Naruto Uzumaki and Garra please report to the arena." Naruto and Garra did just that and as they began their stair down a swirl of leaves appears between them as Kakashi and Susake stand in the middle, Kakashi rubs the back of his head sheepishly.

"Are we late?" the proctor smiled, Kakshi relaxed until...

"By about an hour, Sasuke Uchiha has been disqualified please stand aside" Kakashi paled and Sasuke's anger was growing to dangerous levels Kakashi tried to lighten the mood.

"Well I guess we should wish Neji-san good luck." the proctor laughed and pointed behind Kakashi and when the two sharigan users turned around they were speechless at the sight of a blue and black jumpsuit, the person in it was not suppose to be there.

"Naruto, why are you here?" Naruto didn't show it but he was insulted, but only shrugged

"He was week so I wiped the floor with him" Kakashi was speachless, 'How did Naruto get strong enouph to beat Neji? I only taught him tree walking and in this amount of time Naruto should have only learned walter walking, and not even master it yet. That would not be enouph to make Naruto of that level. Some one must have been training him, but who?'

"He's mine" yelled a crazed Sasuke who began to charge Garra. Before he could anywhere near Garra a foot inplanted itself into his chest sending him flying back spitting blood.

"You've been disqualified, if you try to attack again you will be considered a traitor from attacking a shinobi from an allied village." Naruto told him in a cold tone, "If that happens I will have to kill you" Kakashi gaped at how Naruto was acting, 'what ever happened during training made him much more matrue.' Sasuke shot him a look that promissed him pain.

"How dore you! I'm a Uchiha!" Naruto just sighs and shacks his head, 'Does everyone I fight got huge ego?' The Garra looks at the last Uchiha but doesn't show any intrest in him.

"Beat it" came the cold monotone of the sand nin, and everyone looks surprized at Garra for not wanting to fight Sasuke Uchiha, "Naruto Uzumaki... for some reason" he then suddenly starts to yell, "I feel a thousand times more exicted to fight you!" Naruto gives a ginuine smile at Garra.

"It's cause I'm stronger" no one makes a sound thinking about the match aganist Neji they thought maybe he was telling the truth.

"Come on Sasuke lets go" and the two shunshew into the stands with the ruckies and the near by Hyuga. "Hello everyone, hey Lee how are you doing?"

"Alright I guess but I heard about Naruto's victory against Neji, I guess taijutsu really cant beat the juken" he looked down sadly to Naruto, 'Naruto even you are a genius, to use jutsu without hand signs when I cant even mold chakra'

"I deadicat this match to the Strongest leaf genin I know: Rock Lee" called Naruto causeing everyone to give the Yellow haired nin an odd look, while Guy began to scream things about 'THE FLAME OF YOUTH' and Rock Lee was overjoyed by Naruto's kind words "So I will only use my taijutsu" this caused a few to go pale namely Naruto's real friends and the Hyuga head and his daughter who knew what happened to the last person to use only taijutsu. Lee was about to call out to Naruto telling him not to that untill he was interupted by a clone of the Mizukage.

"Don't worry he'll be fine" the other turned to the new comer in blue. Kakashi grunted.

"He'll die, his taijutsu is abysmal. Lee over there was an expert on taijutsu and lost the ability to be a ninja because of it"

"Yeah, Naruto baka may have gotten better but theres no way he can win only Sasuke-kun would stand a chance." replied the pink haired fan girl.

"Please Naruto could lose his dream over this" begged Lee.

"Just watch his 'dance of death'" answered Mei's clone, Kakashi and Sasuke were actually scared by the glint in her eye, but turned to the match anyway. Sasuke activated his sharigan intrested in what may or may not happen. The Hyuga heiress begins to pry. Naruto slips into his taijutsu stance with to everyone else looked like he was dancing. This started an uproar of laughter from the crowd. Kakashi turned to the clone with a smile,

"Don't tell me you taught him that"

"No, its his invention" this had caused a bit of dispeair from the head Hyuga

"Of course the 'dead-last' would make something so useless" chocked out a blond haired fan girl. The clone only smiled as the match began and Garra had tried to crush him off the bat and crowd watching and hoping it would happen. As the sand was apon him he jump and backfliped on some sand and with one hand began a car wheal followed by a serias of twiraling leaps and ducking while spining around the sands attempts to grab him. On the final leap he landed on his hands with his legs doing a split and was finaly in range as he begon to spin. Garra saw the kick coming but paid it no mind expecting his sand to stop the kick. It tares right through it and smashes into his face, and sends his flying across the area into a wall making a large crator. Everyone in the area jaw drops at this simultaneously. Hanabi began to drool again earning a few questioning looks from the others.

Kakashi turns toward the Mizukage's clone, "O.K. where did Naruto learn that" his voice laced with anger.

"I told you it's his invention"

"Theres no way, Naruto baka doesn't have the brain capasity to make anything." Sakura said camley

"When he first showed me he warned me about it, and I if I hadn't actually listened to him I would be dead" Only five people in the stand believed her. The brouding Uchiha who was mad that Naruto now had a taijutsu that even the sharigan was hard pressed to keep up with, the two Hyuga who were simply enjoying the fight and Lee/Gai dou who were cry with joy.

Naruto charged avoiding the sand the same way as before his left hand swung down smashing over half of Garra's sand armour and forceing him body to start falling forward, followed by a right knee to his forehead countering the previous attack, and ended with another open hand chop with his right forcing Garra to hit the ground leaveing a large crator. The sand tried to wrap around his legs a second after Garra was hit but Naruto backfiped out of range. He once again took up his starting stance.

"If you want to see my full power, let me meet your 'mother'" the hearts of Garra's siblings had stopped for a second, he wanted to meet Garra's 'mother'? No one with a brain wanted do that! Then again someone with a brain would've avoided Garra completely. Garra gave Naruto a sadistic smile.

"You...want to meet mother..." again begins to shout "She wants to meet you too" then his dome of sand begins to form and the fake Kazekage got ready to sound the invasion, until Naruto pushed his sleave back showing his tatoo. 'That's not the snake tatoo, so what is it?' Garra saw Naruto's movement but paid them no mind as his dome sealed up.

Naruto bite his thumb and smiled.

End of chapter 4