Okay, here's the deal.

I know if I continue Fractured and Broken in m state of mind, I will only tear down what I have strived to create.

I love this story, and have carefully moulded it into what it is now.

My mind is in a dark place, it always has been really, but right now i'm so emo that I can hardly think straight. I've already ruined a few of my stories, and I can't forgive myself for that.

So I want to hold a contest.

Is anyone interested in writing the sequel to Fractured and Broken?

If so, I ask that you write a small one-shot, just so I can see your writing, I will not be handing the responsibility to just anyone. I have found with past experience, to look before you leap.

I am not trying to sound cold-hearted, I just really want my story to be looked after and continued with care and pride.

Details of the Competition:

It must be a one-shot.

It can be any pairing. Bella/Leah, Bella/Paul, Leah/Jared, any pairing you like.

It can have lemons/lime if you wish. Swearing is also accepted. Nothing is ruled out.

Any genre is welcome.

If you are interested, leave a review and show me your one-shot.

NOTE: It can be a one-shot that you have had on your profile for a year, as long as it is proof of your writing.

Thank you,