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Kota sighed. His father stood next to him, continuing on and on for what seemed like forever. To Tama, his sister, all it was, "Kings must do this, they can't do that, blah, blah, blah..." and it looked like Kota was getting pretty sick of it.

Her brother glanced over at her. Tama equally annoyed with the bath Kiara was giving her. It wasn't as bad as the 'studies' about her 'responsibility' as future queen.

She scowled, watching as her best friend Sekani chased a little field mouse down at the bottom of Pride Rock. She wanted to join him, but she was currently preoccupied as Kiara washed her face and back with her tongue.

Tama hoped she would hurry up so she and Kota could go down to play with Sekani and his sister Zamani. Well, maybe just Sekani, she thought, snickering. She didn't really mean it in an ugly manner, but Zamani did get on her nerves sometimes. She's too much of a chicken, she thought, rolling her eyes. She's afraid to do anything!

Tama sighed. "Mom, can I go now? Please?" she asked.

Kiara sighed. "I don't know Tama... I was thinking you and I could work on your studies again today. I need to teach you how to—" she began, but she was cut off by a huff from Tama.

"Mo-om! You make me work on them every day!" She scowled. "I don't want to do them... I want to have fun."

"Come on, little princess, work on your girly duties!" Kota sneered, drawing an attempted roar from Tama. It came out sounding more like a meow. Kota snickered.

"I'd like to see you try better, princely-paws!"

"Kota...Tama..." Kiara attempted a scold, but it came out more as a plead. "Don't tease your sister." Kiara turned back to Tama. "Tama, I know you want to play, but it's your duty as a princess to train, so that one day, when I'm not around anymore, you can take over as queen." She sighed. "I wish I could let you go play, but it's my duty to make sure you are ready to be queen. And it's your duty to embrace that."

Tama grimaced."What if I don't want to be queen? I suppose I'll be made to? Why can't Kota be king?"

Kiara closed her eyes, mumbling softly to herself. "So, Dad, guess this is my payback?" She opened her eyes, focusing them back on Tama and replying, "That's... like saying you don't want to be a lion... It's in your blood..." I suppose I deserve it, she thought, almost smiling at the memory.

Tama scrunched her face up. "I do want to be a lion... I just don't want to be queen."

"What do you want to do then? Run around and play for the rest of your life? You won't be a cub forever, Tama..."

"I don't want to run around and play for the rest of my life, Mom..." She said, as though her mom should already know the answer. "I want to have fun, though... Not just sit around all day 'ruling'...You know?" She searched Kiara's face for an answer.

"I know you do, but you can't. It's your queenly dut-"

"I know, I know!" Tama cut her off. "You just... don't understand." she scowled, before sprinting down Pride Rock.

"Tama...!" It came out more as a beg than a command, but either way Tama didn't hear her, and if she had it wasn't likely she would have come back anyway. Kiara just sighed. "What are we gonna do with her, Kovu...?"

"Just give her time to cool down... She'll come around... I know it."

Kiara nodded. "I hope you're right..."

Kovu passed by her into the cave. "Me too..." He muttered to himself.

Tama reached the Watering Hole, panting. She glanced back to Pride Rock, sighing. "I wish I could be what you wanted..." she trailed off. I'm just their... disappointment. I'm no queen, and they know it. To be a queen you have to be "Ladylike" and "Mature" and "Delicate".

She glanced at her worn claws, scratches and bruises, frizzy tangled bang, and dusty brown fur.

Oh yeah - that's me! Miss Delicate! She thought sarcastically, rolling her eyes as she did so.

She glared at the ground.

Maybe I don't want to be queen! I should get to choose for myself, not just do what others tell me to! She huffed, dropping her head onto her paws. I don't even look like a queen... She glanced at her dark colored coat. I look like I'm some sort of exile... not like royalty at all! She growled. Even my great-great grandma Uru had a royal looking chocolate brown coat... not one the color of muddy water, that looked like she'd been rolling in dust!

Of course, Kota came out looking like a king. She thought of her brother, who was the spitting image of Simba at his age. He had inherited Kiara's golden coat and her amber-brown eyes, and looked like a regular king. The only difference between him and the royal family were that he had a brownish-red mane, instead of a bright red.

Tama however had gotten her father's dusty-brown coat, and a slight variation of his emerald green eyes. Hers were olive-colored. I bet they wish they could get another chance... maybe then they'd get a daughter they actually were happy with. But nope; they're stuck with me. If I wasn't royalty, I wouldn't
have to care about how I look... I don't really care at all, except for that.

"Hey, Tama!"

She jumped, before quickly regaining her composure and turning to Sekani. "Hey Sekani!" she blurted out enthusiastically. A little too enthusiastically.

Sekani didn't seem to notice. "Hey, I found some warthogs!" He grinned evilly. "Wanna join me?"

Tama brightened. She thought of how funny it was to see them running around in circles. "Definitely!" she agreed. But as she stood to follow Sekani, she couldn't ditch her bad mood... or her troublesome thoughts.

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