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Draco stared at the handsome male in front of him, mouth agape. Neville raised a thin neatly sculpted eyebrow at the blond haired male. Causing him to quickly straighten his back and close his mouth with an audible 'click' .

"W..what happen to you Longbottum" Draco asked with notifiable awe, he cursed himself slightly for the amazement in his voice before setting himself back into his proper pureblood heir mask..Neville smiled slightly to himself at the others momentary slip up.

'It seems Draco's not as much as a snobby brat as he had thought before, Neville thought to himself before filing that away to be later looked back on.

"Please Draco, as I told you before, call me Neville"

Draco looked like he wanted to appose before nodding and sinking back into his seat."So Neville...... what happen to you?" He asked, in an almost hesitant voice.

"Many things." He replied back. "But the most notable thing, is that I realized I am a pureblood heir, and it is my duty to start acting like one." Neville looked into Draco's eyes, seeing something that made him want to head for the hills. 'Hunger, and strange satisfaction.'

"I honestly never thought I would see the day when stuttering, scared-of-his-own-shadow Neville Longbottum would act like a proper pureblood. But I guess I was wrong since right in front of me here you are."

Neville couldn't help but roll his eyes at the snobbishly given compliment, but decided to just except that this was how the malfoy heir spoke. "Well, I guess I should say thank you" He replied with a nod, before tilting his head in thought.

"Not meaning to pry, but where exactly are your little cronies." He said in a slightly snobbish voice, deciding to dish out a little bit of what Draco was giving. As soon as the question came out of his mouth he could already tell it was the wrong one to ask, because Draco immediately tensed and an hard edge came over his features.

"What is it to you Longbottum" He replied with a sneer. "Don't think that because you actually look decent that we're just going to end up being the best of friends, because its not going to happen" He said with a disgusted look before standing to leave.

Neville immediately stood after him "Wait Draco, I'm sorry" He blurted out as he placed a halting hand on the shorter male's shoulder.

Draco flinched notable when the hand was placed on his clothed shoulder. "Don't touch me" He basically snarled out before opening the door and stalking out before closing it behind him with an audible 'snap'.

Neville stood staring att he door that was closed in his face before letting out a deep sigh. He then went back to his seat flopping down on it. "So much for starting new" He mumbled 'And why did he flinch'. He thought to himself before snapping his eyes back to the door that was opening. A hopeful look came over his features before it quickly disappeared, at the sight of Luna Lovegood. Not that he wasn't happy to see his friend and fellow D.A. member, but he had kinda hoped it would be Draco.

Neville tossed that thought out the window before letting a wide smile settle over his face. "Luna!!" He called out in a happy voice. Most didn't know this, but him and the blond Ravenclaw had been very good friends. She had never judged him or thought him to be less of a person since he was shy. And he had never put her down for being different, or talking about many things that most would find strange .

The small blond tilted her head making her raspberry earing jingle as she looked up at the handsome male who spoke to her so uniformly. Regognization immediately came into her eyes."Neville!" She said in a excited yet dazed voice before hopping on his lap and giving him a tight hug.

Neither of them noticed when a slim blonde glanced through the crack in the door, coming back to get his left quill. Narrowed his eyes at the sight of the two, before turning and leaving down the hall a look of annoyance, and hurt in his gaze.

She then smiled a closed lip smile before standing up and sitting opposite of him. "Neville, the snorlocks tell me that you have gotten very powerful over the summer" She said in soft melody filled voice.

Neville smiled at his friend before nodding. "The snorlocks are right" He said softly.

"We will be coming to a stop in a short time, please change into your robes if you haven't already." Said the voice of the train conductor.

Luna stood from her seat and smiled. "See you on the way up" She said before exiting the cabin and heading towards the bathroom.

Neville smiled and nodded before stripping from his form fitting outfit, and putting on his grifindor robes. He then lifted his trunk from above his seat, and left the compartment dragging it behind him. When he got from the train , he quickly monitored his surroundings before making his way up the hill. He smirked slightly when he noticed the appraising looks from both the male and female students. He even heard a few whispering to each other, asking if he was a new student.

When he finally made it to the great hall he had caught many students eyes, and the whispers only increased. Now he could honestly say he knew how Harry felt, even if it was on a smaller level. And he had to say, he didnt like it at all.

Neville sat down at his usual spot at the Grifindor table sighing a breath of relief. Finally he would be able to sit with people he knew wouldn't stare at him like some sort of piece of looked up when he caught a familiar trio. He gave them wide smile as they sat down in front of him.

"Um hello ,I'm Hermione, this is Ronald and this is Harry. Are you some sort of transfer student?" Hermione said with a welcoming smile.

Neville stared at the three with his mouth agape before a huge barking laugh bubbled out of his mouth. It took a few minutes for him to catch his breath but he finally then looked up wiping the tears that had appeared in his eyes. He didn't notice that most of the occupants of the great hall were looking at him like he was loony.

The three opposite looked at him with raised eyebrows and slight frowns.

"O..oh I'm sorry. My name is Neville Longbottum pleasure to meet you." He said with a smirk . He almost started to laugh again at the surprised looks of the three, and unbeknownst to him also the great hall.

Neville:wow,not even my friends recognized me.

Draco:well who would think this new sexy guy,would be the fatty Nevile longbottum?

Neville:hey i want fat,just a little chubby.

Draco:-rolls eyes- yea and im a griffindor.

Neville:oh sod off malfoy,your just jealous im gonna be taking some of your spot light.

Draco:oh please,im the great Draco malfoy,like you could ever do that.

Pika-chan:okay you guys stop arguing,you know it will only end in me writing hot make up smut.

Neville & Draco:okay shutting up