Fairy Tale: Cinderella

Rating: T (for a sprinkle of cursing sauce :p)

Characters: Robin, Franky, Bits of Zoro, Chopper, Nami and Vivi

A/N: Thanks for coming to check this out! Only the Strawhats could possibly make a fairy tale rated T. ON WITH THE SHOW!

Once Upon A Time…

A poor young woman knelt on her hands and knees, scrubbing the linoleum floors with distaste.

"These floors are so filthy, how is it possible that my step sisters get it dirty so quickly?" She asked herself.

"Robella, Get your ass in here!" One of her stepsisters called. Robella sighed and left her sponge and bucket of soapy water on the damp floor. She walked up two elegant flights of stairs and entered a large room, filled with the smell of mikans. There, on her bed was one of her wretched stepsisters.

"You are so slow, Robella, I want you to take my tray and wash it. You can eat the scraps of mikan peels," She ordered. Robella sighed and took the tray. She was just about to leave when her sister called again. "Oh, and Robella?"

"Yes Namizella?" She replied.

"You look quite disgusting today, be sure to wash up before seeing me again."

"Yes sister dear," Robella said with a harsh tone. She swiftly left the room and walked back downstairs into the kitchen. She dumped the scraps in the garbage and set the tray in hot soapy water.

"Robella," The other stepsister called.

Robella groaned and trotted back up the stairs and into another large room which smelled of a very strong perfume.

"Yes, Vivistasia?" Robin choked on the perfume.

"Here is my lunch tray, leave swiftly, I'm preparing myself for the ball this evening," She said and began applying makeup.

"Yes sister dear" She picked up the tray and promptly left. On the way back down the stairs, her evil stepmother stopped her.

"Robella, I and my daughters are going to the ball this evening, so while we're gone, clean up the girls' rooms and freshen up their bed sheets, they will be tired once they get home."

"Yes milady," She replied disappointedly.

Once Robella had set the other tray in the sink, she resumed scrubbing the floors.

'What did I do to deserve this neglect? It would be nice to go to a ball, maybe not to dance or anything, but to eat the food there and communicate with other, nicer people.' She thought to herself.

A few hours pass, and the sun was beginning to set. The sisters and their stepmother began departing in their beautiful carriage.

When they were gone, Robella went to sit in the kitchen and do the thing she loved most, read.

Despite the fact that she never had a proper education, Robella was taught by her now deceased mother how to read at an early age.

When Robella was about finished with her book, a bright light came from outside and shone through the window.

"Now what could that be?" Robella wondered aloud and closed her book. She walked out the kitchen door and shielded her eyes from the blinding greenish light.

When it began dimming, a silhouette of a person appeared.

"Who's there?" Robella called.

The person walked toward her and appeared out of the light.

Robella stared at the man before her.

"What, why are you staring at me?" The green haired man asked. He promptly looked down at what he was wearing: A light blue gown, and the small wand in his hand. "What the hell?"

"Are you some sort of magical being, okama-san?"

"I am not an Okama! I'm your fairy god… no… I'm Zoro," He growled. "I came here to help you,"

"Help me with what?"

Zoro raised his wand, "Bippity Boppity…." He caught himself before he said the last part of the line. He groaned and cast the spell without saying another word.

Robella gasped as a green light surrounded her and changed her dirty rag clothing into a beautiful purple dress.

Zoro's eyes widened a bit. "Whoa, I didn't know I could make someone look like that."

Robella looked herself over with amazement. "Now I can go to the ball?" She asked Zoro.

"Ya, hang on, I need to get you a carriage," He said and raised his wand again. Instead of casting a spell, he turned away from Robella and threw the wand into the darkness.

The wand made contact with something and someone yelped.

"Oi Chopper! Come here!" Zoro yelled. Robella sweat dropped.

Chopper, in walk point, trotted over pulling a small carriage behind him. "You didn't need to throw that at me bastard!"

"I had to use my wand, it's in the magical fairy person hand book. Now take Robella to the ball," He ordered. Chopper sighed and waited for Robella to board.

"Before you go Robella, I must warn you that my powers will wear off at the stroke of midnight," He informed.

"Your pathetic, you can't keep your powers up past midnight," Chopper teased, receiving a swift kick in the stomach.

"I'll remember, thank you Zoro," She said and rode the carriage away.

At the ball, Robella entered the large mansion and looked around. There were hundreds of people, several of them gawking at her beauty. One man smiled and confidently approached Robella.

"I am Prince Franky, will you honor me with a supah dance?" He bowed deeply.

Robella paused, but took his hand and the two walked in the middle of the dance floor.

"What's your name?" Prince Franky asked.

"It doesn't matter, you won't see me again after this," She replied solemnly.

The two danced until a large clock tower chimed at midnight. Robella gasped and quickly ran from the mansion. While she rushed down the stairs, a glass slipper fell off her foot. She looked back, but left the shoe, since it hurt her feet and she would most likely never wear it again.

Prince Franky ran after Robella, but she disappeared into the night. He looked down at the purple glass slipper that was left on the steps.

"I need to find that woman, I won't be happy again until I find her."

So many days passed as Prince Franky tried to fit the glass slipper on every woman's foot in the kingdom.

One day, he came by Robella's home.

"Prince Franky, what are you doing here?" Robella's stepmother curtsied to him.

"I'm here to try and find the woman I danced with at the ball. This is her glass slipper. May I try to fit it on your daughter's feet?" He asked.

"Well of course you can. Namizella, Vivistasia, Come down here!" She called.

The two sisters trotted down the stairs and looked flustered when they saw Prince Franky.

He tried to fit the glass slipper on each of their feet, but it simply wouldn't fit.

"There aren't any other women in this estate?" Franky asked disappointedly.

"Yes there is," Robella answered, coming out from the kitchen.

The stepsisters gasped and Robella's Step mother protested, "Robella, this is none of your business! Go back in the kitchen and clean the dishes!"

"She should have a chance," Prince Franky defended her. He placed the glass slipper over Robella's foot, and it was a perfect fit.

"You were the lady I danced with?" Prince Franky gasped.

"No." She answered.

Prince Franky paused, dumbfounded. "But the slipper fits you perfectly,"
"Perhaps it was a coincidence, because I wouldn't wear a shoe made of glass, that would hurt, and the shoe would have broken," Robella explained.

Suddenly a wand flew across the room and hit Robella upside the head. A greenish light surrounded her and the same purple dress covered her, along with a sign board in her arms that said "Yes she is!"

Prince Franky laughed and proposed to Robella.

"Sorry, I don't want to settle down right now." She declined.

"Then you can come live in my castle," He offered.

"Does it have books?" Robella asked. Prince Franky nodded.

"Okay," She accepted and they went off in the Prince Franky's carriage to live happily ever after.

The end.

Hehe Nice twist at the end huh? I couldn't picture either Franky or Robin getting married, so roomates is a good step ;3

I couldn't think of any decent way a character could fit as the step mother, so I just called her a stepmother. Good enough?

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